Magento Shipping

Grow sales and your business with advanced Magento shipping methods

Using Magento for e-commerce? Then you need the right shipping extension. Not only do consumers want to buy goods, but they want them delivered in the most convenient and cost-effective way. How many abandoned carts have you left because the shipping seemed incorrect or extreme? Imagine the extra custom you could make by providing accurate shipping calculators, prices based on location, combined shipping rates and numerous other tools outside of the standard shipping plugin restrictions. Not only does the right extension allow you to provide a better business service and greater value to your consumers, but it can also make packing and processing your orders much easier, efficient and cost effective.

Improve your customers shopping experience with Magento custom shipping options

Magento supports a wide range of shipping extensions to enable you to grow your business and reach more customers. Some of these extensions include:

  • Magento shipping restrictions based on product attributes of your choice. Select custom Magento shipping methods and rules per product.
  • Magento dimensional shipping (live shipping rates based on how products are actually packed). This is important when you’re selling products that are large but lightweight.
  • Magento international shipping (international shipping tables and integrations with delivery companies of choice).
  • Magento shipping estimate & calculators, which allows prospective customers to preview shipping costs before purchasing.
  • Magento multi shipping extensions, which offers the possibility of ordering products to ship to multiple addresses within the same order.
  • Magento tracking extensions. This enables you to provide your customers with a Magento tracking number to track their order in real time. You can send shipment updates via email.
  • Magento dropshipping extensions. Don’t store your own inventory? Sell products from Magento that are dropshipped via a 3rd party to your customer.
  • Magento order status and order fulfilment
  • Magento delivery date or estimated delivery date extensions
  • Magento delivery date and store pickup extensions
  • Magento weight based shipping and free shipping rules

Our team of experts at eBizneeds can professionally install and offer support and maintenance of your shipping extensions, or we can create a custom extension perfectly suited to your businesses requirements.

Custom shipping methods to suit
your business

When your shipping process is cost-effective and delivery is smooth, your customers will trust your brand and return to purchase from you again.

Sometimes, you may need to create custom shipping restrictions and methods by country, product names, brands, dangerous goods or any other product attributes.

eBizneeds can assist with the installation and integration of Magento extensions for:

  • Custom table rate shipping
  • Custom shipping modules and 3rd party shipping integrations
  • Shipping rules, including when a discount code is used to reduce the price of shipping
  • Store pickup options
  • Other custom Magento shipping methods and delivery options – call us to discuss your requirements!

Make the entire sales process flawless with Magento shipping settings and effective order management

From shipping table rates to Magento order fulfilment and dropshipping, our Magento experts have assisted hundreds of businesses Australia wide with their shipping configurations. Don’t run the risk of losing customers to your competitors – the many benefits of installing Magento shipping options tailored for your business far outweigh the cost involved.

Invest in developing the right shipment strategies and watch your sales increase!

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