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Our Story

One of the top firms for web & mobile app development, eBizneeds was founded in 2002. We work with multinational corporations and international start-ups to meet their business needs. Our goal is to uphold the most crucial moral principles of obligation, accountability, and customer service. We place a strong emphasis on offering cutting-edge technological solutions and supporting company growth. We are digital natives that believe in providing unique and imaginative IT solutions. We provide CMS Ecommerce, Microsoft, Mobile Development, Web Development, Software Development, and Emerging Technologies services.

Our objective is to assist you in developing your ideas into marketable goods and services. Here is a quick snapshot of the business:

  • Started in 2002
  • A committed core provider of wholesale and offshore development services
  • A mixed method for offshore and onshore work
  • A focus on long-term service and teamwork
  • Experience in product and start-up development
  • Silver Partners of Microsoft
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification



Our Vision is to be a true partner to our clients and support them now and in the future.



To provide strategic and technical expertise and makes digital tools ease to use.



Adhering to the highest standards of accountability, responsibility and customer service.


Why Choose Us

Rapid Responses

As said, emergencies will be taken care of in an hour or less. When you call, Our live person will answer the phone, or you can use our easier-to-use online help ticket system. We can connect straight to your computer or server and fix many problems right away without having to wait for a developer to come.

Customers Priority

People are always the most important part for our business. As one of the best places to get online and mobile apps, our idea goes beyond just the clients we have now. We always start where you are with your ideas and think about the pain points of your end users before coming up with a solution that solves the big problems and helps your business. We ensure every piece of software we make is safe, and none of our work has ever been hacked or leaked. Our top priorities are to keep the system safe, make sure your information is true, and keep it private.

Advanced Technology

Our internal IT and development team lets us offer tech-enabled solutions that may improve speed and efficiency and help your business to stay competitive in a world where technology keeps getting better and better.

A Strong Skill Set

Our dedicated developers are always work on the cutting edge of the most recent and successful technical developments and the most popular apps. Ruby on Rails, Angular, and React are more important areas of expertise for us. So, you can expect a higher level of ownership, promises, and results in less time and with better quality because we stick to the best web and mobile app development processes. It gives the most value to our clients. Quality is always more important than quantity, and "value" is a term that is highly regarded.

Quality Assurance

We want to give you good service because we care about it. Our company pays close attention to what our customers want and then tell them when, where, and what they need for the job. We're proud of our technical and artistic skills, which we got by taking the time to do things right. Our Quality Assurance Department checks each step to make sure that the project will work.

All in one spot

Our Company takes care of your IT infrastructure, which includes website administration, website management, maintenance renewals, vendor links for your internet access, hardware and software control, and any other IT needs. We handle your IT so you can focus on running your business.

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