Rouvr web App - eBizneeds React native App Development case study Rouvr web App - eBizneeds web App Development case study

THE Challenge

Developing Rouvr was never so easy, especially because it is a comprehensive all-in-one system that meets all the requirements of the educational institutes' processes which may differ from one center to another.

From admissions, fees, courses, examinations, student information, transport to teacher/parent login, and result, everything has to be nicely managed from one place, Rouvr.

We also have to enable anytime, anywhere, smooth access of the information to different people and departments.

Should be Our Solution

Our technocrats knew that lack of proper analysis of accurate needs and potential challenges will lead to non-availability of certain critical features and functionalities and could also affect the operational productivity in the long run. Therefore, they grabbed a thorough understanding of the concept first.

After making sure that they have gathered all the minor to major details, they created their development plan accordingly. Though it seemed very complicated initially to get over the endless technical glitches, the strategies they created worked well and Rouvr got developed successfully.

Post-development, the testing phase began and during that everything from features, functionalities, performance to other contents of Rouvr were scrutinized by our testing experts.


Feature Highlights


Unique Identification of user


Robust Support


Digital Content Platform

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Digital admission process sss


Intelligent Reports

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