On-demand In-Store Laundry App

If you own a laundry business and don't offer delivery services, then an in-store laundry application might be perfect for you! With this app, your customers can book laundry services and drop off and pick up their clothes from your store location. It's a convenient and easy way to manage your laundry business.

On-Site Laundry App

If you're someone who needs to have your laundry picked up and delivered back to you, then these laundry apps are perfect for you. They make it simple for you to give your laundry to a delivery person who will then take care of washing it and delivering it back to you at your address.

Uber-Like Laundry App

If you're thinking about starting an online laundry business where you make money by taking a commission, then you might want to consider using an app similar to Uber. With this app, you won't need to worry about finding users or service providers because the app will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is manage the resources and let the app handle the rest!

Commercial Laundry App

If you are a service provider for big companies like hotels, you might find commercial laundry apps very helpful. These apps are designed to make it easier for you to provide laundry service app to large businesses.

On-Demand Laundry App Development Solutions From eBizneeds

eBizneeds is a well-known company to help you create a special app for the laundry business. Our team of skilled app developers always works hard to come up with an exclusive solution. We promise to provide you with the best experience when it comes to developing your laundry app.

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What Are The Reasons That Make eBizneeds Best For Laundry App Development?

We are a company that specializes in developing laundry apps, and we believe we are the best in the business. Our team has the skills and experience to create high-quality laundry software that can make doing laundry easier and more efficient for you.

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Many people, who are not necessarily technology experts, use laundry app like cleanly to manage their laundry-related tasks. Therefore, these apps must be easy to use and provide a great user experience. Our team of skilled laundry app developers can create user-friendly apps that anyone can use with ease.

We have a great ability to turn any idea for an app into a successful app. Our taxi booking app development services have a major advantage: we can customize them to fit your needs perfectly. You can trust us completely!

We can create laundry apps that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. If you want something specific in your app, just let us know and we'll make it happen. We've already done this for many of our clients, so you can trust that we'll be able to create an app that's just right for you.

Our focus is on creating easy-to-use solutions that have great functionality. Our laundry app, for example, is designed to make ordering laundry services a breeze. With just one tap, you can place an order in real time and be pleasantly surprised by how fast and convenient it is.

After you place an order for laundry services, you can easily track the status of your order in real time, from the moment the delivery person picks it up until it is delivered back to you. Our team of skilled developers has created this feature to make your laundry experience more convenient and hassle-free.

We have been in the industry for a long time and can help big companies with their mobile app development needs. This sets us apart from other companies that focus only on laundry services.

Our Awards & Certifications As A Web & Software Development Company

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Price Comparison App Development Features

At eBizneeds, our developers comprehend the significance and value of updated and accurate information before buying and providing its services for developing and designing personalized and integrated price comparison portals. Let's take a closer look at price comparison portal development features.


The end users can register with their email id, phone number, or social media id. Once the signup process is complete, they can easily log in to the app with their username and password.

Profile Creation

Profile creation feature allows the customers to add their details such as phone number, address, email, alternative contact, and service preference. When they need to book laundry services, details will be automatically fetched.

Location-Based Search

The location-based laundry search helps users find the best laundry services in their area or nearby. This feature is empowered by ultra-modern map API.

Service Browsing

The service browsing feature allows the users to find the services and their providers with a click. Once the user selects the service provider, they can also see other services available.

Multi-payment System

The multi-payment system allows users to pay for the services via their preferred methods. The users can also set payment gateway preferences such as net banking, debit card, crest card, and mobile wallet.

Rate & Review

The rate and review feature is useful for users and laundry business owners. The users can share their experiences with the laundry services, and the service providers can use the feedback to improve the service quality.

Delivery Boy Signup

Laundry delivery app agents must register using their social media account logins and legal identity details. It is for their authenticity. Once they register, they will have an identity on the app to show to the customers.

Profile Creation

Creating a delivery agent's profile is an easy task. Employees can provide their information with no difficulty. However, they may need to spend time updating this information after any changes in status or address.

Delivery Boy's Dashboard

The dashboard that serves as a complete command center for delivery personnel lets them manage all their activities, from navigating to specific addresses to estimating how long it will take to reach destinations.

Powerful Navigation

Real-time map API enables the navigation feature, enabling the driver to deliver groceries at the correct location. The real-time map API also allows drivers to find more efficient routes.

In-App Chat

While delivering goods to the desired location, the delivery agent can chat and message the customers whenever possible. The driver then tracks the customer's feedback and feeds it to the company for consideration.


This app allows them to monitor their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings easily. They are helped to manage & monitor their earnings with the help of this app. It also shows the statistical representation of earnings.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin home page offers many features, more than just a simple dashboard. The admin can overlook all the ongoing activities or activities done so far with the help of the admin's home page. They can also take necessary actions to ensure everything is running smoothly.

User Management

An app admin's main responsibility is to manage users and their requests. Users' profiles will be accessible to manage things like password resets and profile deletions. In case of any issue, an admin can help the users regarding their accounts.

Service Listing Management

The admin can add or remove the laundry services listing from the app anytime. If needed, they can modify the listings and make changes if necessary. They can change prices, offer ongoing offers, discounts, and more.

Offer Management

For the best user engagement and customer retention, it is necessary to provide offers or coupons, so the users must find them exciting. On the other hand, it will generate trust and loyalty to the brand.

Payment Management

The payment management feature helps the admin keep track of the overall earnings and cashback to the customers. From the analysis point of view, they can generate the reports.


The push notification feature allows the admin to communicate with their users instantly and reach them before opening their app, whether a message about an update or an app policy change.


The dashboard is highly accessible by the laundryman or admin only. The service providers can review the data about their orders, customers, deletions, lists of orders and executives lists, pending orders, and so on. The dashboard provides clear insights into what is running in the app.

Log-In & Register

The laundry service providers must register and log in to their business on the app. Develop a business profile and fill in the required data to let the customers understand the required details regarding your business.

Customers Data & Database Analytics

Under the customer data, the app demonstrates how many possible customers are sustained. Moreover, the admin will identify the order history, service usage, refunds, cancellations, and other details using the data analytics feature.

Order Management

This feature permits the service providers to manage their orders, such as order acceptance, rejection, and handling the pending ones.

Push Notification

The laundry service provider can update the customer regarding whether the order has been accepted, rejected, or delayed in the services, offers running, app updates, or anything associated with services and app functionalities. Push notifications are a direct communication approach with the customers.

Support System

In the support feature, the laundry service provider can link with the assigned customer support system wherein he can put his queries, issues, and other concerns for resolving accordingly.

Checkout Our On-Demand Laundry App Development Process

At eBizneeds, we create apps that allow you to book laundry services easily. We make sure that our development process is clear and open so that you can trust us with your app. Our team uses agile methodology, which means we work quickly and efficiently to create a great app for you. If you're interested in learning more on developing an on demand laundry app development, take a look at our development process!

Step 1

Consultation & Planning

We take the time to have meaningful conversations with you to fully comprehend your requirements, objectives, and aspirations. Based on this understanding, we create personalized laundry mobile app development solutions.

Step 2

UI/UX Designing

Our team of designers focuses on creating interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also easy to use and navigate. We make sure that the user experience is seamless so that people can engage more effectively with the product or service.

Step 3

Development Phase

At our app development company, we have a special way of doing things called the agile method. It helps our skilled developers create apps that work really well and have all the latest things people like to use. So if you have an idea for an app, we can help make it happen!

Step 4

QA Testing Phase

We make sure to check for any errors or problems on our platform to make it easy and dependable for your company to use.

Step 5

Deployment Phase

Our team of experts can integrate software seamlessly into your platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch that you can use right away.

Step 6

Maintenance & Support

We offer continuous support and regular updates even after your platform is launched. This ensures that your platform will keep running smoothly and stay up-to-date with the changing needs of your business.

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Why Hire Laundry App Developers From Us?

Are you looking to turn your digital ideas into reality, or streamline your business with the latest technology? Look no further! Our team of skilled developers can help you do just that. With eBizneeds, we understand the significance of user-friendly and innovative applications, so we work closely with our experts to bring success and growth to your business. It's easy to get started - simply hire our team today and let's kick off your project together!

Our team of experts has a lot of experience in developing laundry booking apps. But, if you need to add any specific features to your website or mobile app, we can help you with that too. We will work with you to understand your needs and come up with solutions that fit your requirements.

At our company, we understand that sometimes the needs of a project can change. That's why we offer flexible options for hiring developers. Our team of dedicated developers is highly skilled and can easily work with your existing team to help complete your project. By partnering with us, you can save money on hiring, training, and other expenses, while still getting access to the best talent available. If you need help with creating a laundry app, our team is here to help you achieve your goals and make your business more successful.

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Our Clients


The cost of making a laundry app depends on a few things like what the app can do, how complicated it is, if it's made for iPhones, Androids, or both, how it looks, and how long it takes to make. If you want a special app, it can cost from $10,000 to $50,000 or even more. To get a good idea of how much your app will cost, it's best to talk to a company that can make apps and tell them what you need.

If you're someone who dislikes doing laundry, you'd probably appreciate a laundry app that makes the process easy for you. Such an app should allow you to register and log in, choose the laundry service you want, set a time for pickup and delivery, track your order in real time, pay for the service, and get notifications about the progress of your order. You should also be able to see your order history, rate and review the laundry service, and get help if you need it. Some other useful features that such an app can have are support for promo codes, multiple payment options, the ability to specify your laundry preferences, and loyalty programs that reward you for using the app regularly.

When developers create an app that helps you with your laundry, they use different tools and technologies to make it work. They might use programming languages like JavaScript or Swift for iPhones, and Kotlin or Java for Android phones. For the parts of the app that do things behind the scenes, they might use frameworks like Node.js or Django. To help you keep track of where your laundry is and when it will be done, they might use GPS, Firebase, or Socket.io. And to make sure you can pay for your laundry easily and securely, they might use services like Stripe or Braintree.

The time it takes to create a laundry app depends on how complicated it is, how it looks, and how many people are working on it. It can take several months to create a good laundry app. It's important to talk with the company making the app and agree on how long it will take to finish.

Yes, a professional laundry app development company can customize the app to align with your specific business needs. They can tailor the app's design, features, branding, and workflows to reflect your brand identity and enhance user experience. Discuss your customization requirements with the development team to ensure a tailored solution for your laundry business.

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Words From Clients

Here are some appreciations from our clients to ensure why we are loved globally.

Forget off-the-shelf solutions! We needed a custom test management app, and the eBizneeds team built it from scratch. Building everything from the ground up wasn't easy, but these rockstars took every challenge, from defining requirements to offering great UI/UX. The result? A flawless launch, right on time and within budget. Our product wouldn't exist without them. A+ for skill, A+ for dedication, A++ for exceeding expectations! If you need tech magic, they're your wizards.


David Muxworthy

We have been a customer of eBizneeds Magento Development Services for nearly a decade with great success. The service is very friendly and responsive to needs. They show proper attention to detail in a very appropriate manner along with a high level of expertise. The timely attention to urgent issues is great, as is the communication of issue finding and error removal. Moreover, we have complete trust in their work and work ask others to also connect with eBizneeds.


Melanie Cramond
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I'm so glad to have the support of the capable staff at eBizneeds. If you are having technical issues, looking to refresh your design or need business consulting & training, you should connect to their experts. In fact, I am constantly impressed with the level of service we receive. What I appreciate most is that Naveen and the team actively find solutions, which often require thinking outside of the box. Additionally, the whole team is quite good with the development and error finding.


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We have been working with eBizneeds for over a year for the development and support of our Magento website. The entire team is professional, helpful, and well aware-of every single detail. If we face any issue in working, then the team provide a quick solution to it and helps us continue our tasks. Their support has been quick to respond and has managed to remove technically difficult from our site in less time. However, I would highly recommend them to others for any project or betterment of their platforms.


Glenn Cook
FX Web Creation

I owned an e-commerce business with a large product range of nearly 1200 SKUs. eBizNeeds team & Naveen Khanna supported me with all levels of troubleshooting and guidance ranging from web development (changes to the website), integration with third-party tools (accounting, shipping & tracking customer notifications, chatbot), resolving errors listed within Google Analytics, hardening the website to make it more secure.


Francis Philomenraj

Naveen and the eBizneeds team have been with our online garden accessories business for over 15 years. However, it is fair to say that the team has seen the ups and downs alongside us throughout with their unflinching technical guidance. Naveen has been our go-to person for every IT-related query, and we are very happy to confirm that we have never been let down by Naveen & his team. During our interactions, we described our proposal to Naveen in simple user experience terms and Naveen solved them for us to his development team.


R. Francis
Rock Around

I've been a client and fan of eBizneeds for over 20 years I first used them way back when websites were a thing of wonder and apps didn't exist! I always refer them to my friends, colleagues, and clients, as I know they are still going strong after all these years. We thank Naveen and the eBizneeds team for their dedication, expert advice, and customer centricity It certainly wouldn't have been such a smooth ride without you all. Thank you very much.


David Windsor

eBizneeds did our real estate portal for us. We were looking around for good companies to handle our project. We considered a shortlist of potential companies where eBizneeds came up as the most suitable company to carry out the implementation of the project for us. From start to finish the process was very smooth and the staff were attentive to revisions or changes in requirements. However, the project was finished on time and under budget and we are satisfied with the system.


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The team of eBizneeds actively handles the project as they properly watch our IT department for better brand value. For the past five years, we have never had a single reason for the problem with the eBizneeds. In fact, our online portfolio stands where it is today only and only because of the support we have received from this highly trained and efficient team. We are highly satisfied with their support and will recommend eBizneeds services. So, if you are new in your industry and want good results, then you must connect to them soon.



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