Agriculture Software Development Services We Offer

Agriculture Farm Management Software

With flexible and highly scalable agriculture farm management software solutions, users can handle the entire farming scope on one platform. It will incorporate mobile apps for in-field inspections, automated crop planning, and trending, farm accounting, farm inventory management, and labour management.

Food Safety & Compliance Software

Our Food Safety & Compliance Software conforms to all the governing standards such as USDA, FDA, FSMA, FSIS, EPA, and others related to food safety, health, and environmental areas. We also provide food safety hazard planning and traceability solutions for monitoring food safety.

Farm Accounting Software

Our AgriTech specialists build scalable accounting software solutions by which you can develop cost centres to track profit and loss. Our customized agriculture software solution permits you to track personal experience and fixed assets activities, manage your inventories, and get entire financial prominence for your Agribusiness.

Livestock Management Software

The Livestock Management Software solutions permit livestock farmers to assess data, manage their finances, maintain records, and manage inventory. This software solution considers livestock tracking software, livestock breeding, cattle management and animal husbandry software, and livestock inventory.

Drone Automation

Farmers can easily use drone tech and other automated field management and monitoring solutions. We build custom agriculture drone software that makes competent farmers for field mapping and assessment technology. Our developers can develop a quality, innovative farming software solution for you that makes possible to aerial field management.

Smart Agriculture Software

Smart Agriculture Software using AI empowers farmers to execute the automation power in their manual agriculture operations. Moreover, they can increase the complete transparency at each phase of their crop production and ensure the origin products' traceability. These also consider GIS and mapping agriculture solutions with irrigation and sensor systems.

Dispensary Software

The Dispensary Software Solutions consider reordering point (ROP) procedures, waste management assessment, material requirement planning (MRP), checking economic order quality (EOQ), and also other solution that intends to modernize the handling of a dispensary or seed-to-sale agricultural services.

Agriculture Custom Software Development For Competitive Farming

Traceability and Automation in Agriculture

Innovative agriculture software with AI provides farmers with inclusive automation of manual functions. For example, the navigation system can automatically monitor machinery to gather crops after getting notifications from farm management systems as per weather and soil conditions. Farmers are already implementing drones to pick field images. They can automatically check, irrigate, and fertilize the crops with minimum human effort and inaccuracy.

Blockchain tech provides security to the agriculture supply chain and agricultural software. eBizneeds can aid an AgriTech software company in executing the distributed ledger tech to increase visibility at each stage of product transportation and ensure the origin product's traceability. Agriculture software development company uses blockchain technology to address fraud and offer healthy products to customers, while smart contracts can streamline the equipment purchase process.

Mapping and GIS Agriculture Solutions

Today, farming depends on data based on geographical areas. GIS application in agriculture helps AgriTech software companies to conduct a longitudinal analysis of farmlands and develops depth visual representations for data-driven decisions and other analytics on crop management. GIS helps address early signs of soil erosion, create detailed crop yield estimations, and conduct depth risk evaluations to secure farms against wildfires, floods, and droughts. eBizneeds agriculture software developers to provide development services and emphasize navigation and mapping solutions. We can assist an AgriTech software company in building feasible maps for farming areas, soil moisturizing, and crop yielding.

AgriTech businesses may create technology to assist farmers in overcoming the difficulties of climate change and rising demand for food by using our competence in software for agriculture and developing knowledge in expanding engineering capability.

Agriculture Sensors and Irrigation Systems

Without sufficient field data, innovations in agriculture will not be feasible. Due to IoT agricultural software solutions, there are many options to gather data on crops, soil, and weather changes. Nearly every AgriTech software business wants to be a leader in creating agriculture-specific software and is working to become proficient in remote sensors to give farmers accurate digital models of their farms.

IoT sensors and agricultural software might assist farmers in overcoming obstacles in a variety of economic sectors. IoT sensors' measurements of the soil are used by watering devices to manage field irrigation and efficiently utilize resources. Our experience in agricultural software development enables customers to install soil surveillance systems for sophisticated irrigation driven by machine learning, IoT, and location-based services, which lowers operating costs and improves yields.

Why Choose eBizneeds As Your Farming Software Company?

eBizneeds and other Agtech software providers assist you in incorporating automated technological services into your agribusiness. Here are some reasons why you should choose us to design your farm software.

Custom Software Development Services

We provide you with the best-in-class agricultural technology advice and customized solutions as one of the top farming software businesses. We first comprehend your company's needs before adding our knowledge and abilities to create a scalable, superior solution for you. Our team offers a wide range of solutions, including desktop, online, and mobile apps and back-end systems.

Automated and Integrated Solutions

Our agricultural software development services are designed to streamline your IT infrastructure and assist you in identifying significant communication gaps or other activities that might impede productivity. You may provide smooth data transmission and communication between your devices using bespoke software development services or pre-developed innovative agriculture software.

Modern analytics and large-scale data

With the help of our flexible data science capacity, you can thoroughly evaluate your data and use powerful predictive modelling techniques to determine the effects of climate change or forecast agricultural production. In the coming years, you may focus on your regular agricultural operations and come to better farming decisions.

Our Agriculture Custom Software Development Process

eBizneeds uses an agile bespoke software development methodology to provide you with the finest farm software quickly. Our approach is rapid because we often test and ensure total openness.

Success-Oriented Strategy

We begin by developing a plan focused on your software product's success. As an AgriTech IT consulting company, we start the process of creating an agricultural software solution with thorough market research and business planning.

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Intuitive Design

We don't think making a farm management system with attractive user interfaces is a good idea. To provide you with an easily navigable, scalable, and intelligent digital product, we believe in using the strength of simple design and leveraging all of the UI and UX components.

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We choose the best technological setup to develop our agricultural software. With our extensive technical knowledge, we develop scalable and reliable software solutions by integrating the most cutting-edge features and seamless capabilities across all platforms.

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Proper Optimization

Our QA and testing services guarantee that the new software solution will seamlessly fit into your company's operational procedures. Our skilled QA staff keeps an eye on the functionality of your software solution and optimizes it as needed.

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Tech Stack We Use for Agriculture Software Development

For the creation of distinctive and durable agricultural or Agtech solutions, our team employs the most reliable and cutting-edge technology.

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With our years of experience as a trustworthy service provider, we have been offering our services and products to wide range of industries including real estate, healthcare, eCommerce, and so on.

Have a top-notch entertainment app and engage your audience with fascinating content. You will get the finest help possible from our mobile app developers.

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Anything from complex e-commerce applications to graphically appealing games may be created with our assistance. One of the areas of expertise is creating educational apps, which you may use for business.

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The most expensive applications on the market are those for healthcare. Therefore, with the assistance of our healthcare app developers, you can also publish your app following certain specifications.

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Launching an engaging eCommerce app can help you to grow your company. We can assist you with e-commerce website creation and app development for Android and iOS.

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With the help of skilled developers, we transform your concept for a travel and tourist app into an attractive app. You can expect the most significant support from our experienced on-demand application developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your company's needs, the top agricultural software providers, like eBizneeds, provide a variety of agriculture software solutions:

  • Livestock management software solution- This agricultural consulting software solution provides cutting-edge recommendations and analytics to breed, herd monitoring, and financial management.
  • Precision agriculture software solution- It aids in the research and management of your farmland via the use of soil sensors, intelligent farming applications, and precise land management.
  • Aquaculture software solution- This software development for agriculture makes it simple to monitor the population of fish you are producing and harvesting. This comprises fish farm monitoring systems, sensor technologies, data analysis, aquaculture processes, and ERP connections.
  • Agriculture farm management software- It may assist you with crop planning, monitoring, inventory, budgeting, and equipment upkeep.

The following are some of the most popular technologies used in creating farm software solutions:

  • Internet of Things
  • AI & ML
  • Location-based services
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Big data and analytics

Agriculture startups and businesses may build a whole ecosystem of technology around their agribusiness with the aid of Agtech software providers like eBizneeds. Our professionals strengthen user-centric and scalable digital solutions by integrating their sector experience with high-quality farm software services.

Integrating location intellect, big data, AI robotics, and cloud services into agriculture software development makes innovation more accessible and convenient for farmers.

The cost of creating agricultural software services primarily relies on the features and functions you want to include in your application. An entry-level agriculture app typically costs between $25,000 and $50,000. On the other hand, a sophisticated agricultural app with complicated functionality might cost even up to $150,000 or more. Contact our specialists to determine how much your agriculture project will cost to design an app.

A typical farm app takes around two to three weeks to design. The complexity of the program, meanwhile, primarily determines the precise timetable. A customized agricultural app with specialized features and complex designs often takes longer to build. Contact our team right now for further information to have a better idea of the custom app development timeline.

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