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Scalable Food Ordering App Development Solutions

eBizneeds, as a leader in the food ordering app development market, can turn your food delivery idea into a real-life app where your existing business will be shaped into a result-oriented company. We have a talented team of food delivery app developers who can help you to boost business growth via their app development skills. Here, we categorize some of the food delivery solutions. Which are:-

Uber-Like Food Delivery App

The Uber-like app solution has changed the market perspective. The core concept of these types of app is based on aggregators. By following this model, you can connect the customers with restaurants and delivery partners of different platforms. There is no need to arrange the resources. Once the app is developed, you only need to do marketing to onboard all the stakeholders.

New Delivery Apps

As its name implies, these apps remain freshly built for food makers or restaurants. We can develop a unique app for your restaurant based on specific requirements. You can leverage these apps for your business by delivering food items or products to your customers.

Food Delivery Chain Apps

If you own a food chain business serving from multiple locations, the food delivery chain app can help you best cater to customers' demands. This app solution will help you implement seamless business operations, create the best user experience, and boost business growth.

Order Only Apps

If you have limited business, there are still chances of good growth with the help of order-only apps. This business solution works like the customer booking the food order, and the restaurant will be notified. Once the order is prepared, customers will get a notification about it, and then they will pick it up from the location.

Food Delivery App Development Company

Develop your next food delivery app with the help of certified app developers and boost your business growth.

Food ordering apps are in trend, and these apps have respective fanbases. The reason is that most people remain busy in their professional life, so sometimes it is tough to prepare food. Due to it, these apps became a trend where users can order their favorite food with a single click using a smartphone. Not only for personal reasons, but the food delivery apps also work tremendously from the business point of view.

eBizneeds is a leading food ordering app development company that turns your food business idea into a great mobile application.

The subsequent you will find in your food app:

  • Smooth Interface
  • User-Friendly Features
  • Eye-catching Graphics
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 100% User Security

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Our Food Delivery App Development Process


An in-depth analysis of your target market

The question "How do I develop my food delivery app?" may be answered by first investigating and understanding the current market. Analyse your rivals and learn from their successes and failures. Please take note of the blunders they made. Thorough market research may create a better, faster, smarter app. Find a group of experts to help you if you don't feel confident analyzing independently.


Monetize your app

Some startups are unable to generate revenue and eventually fail. Hence, carefully consider how you may make money off of your content. Let's revisit the fantastic illustration of Uber Eats. The firm uses three primary methods to monetize apps:- Revenue Sharing, Advertising and Delivery Fee.


Select the app’s functionality

It would be best to fully grasp the features and application programming interfaces (APIs) before developing an on-demand food delivery software. To get started, ask yourself what core features you'd want to be added to services like Glovo, Uber, or Postmate. Then, you may go even more specific by considering the following three primary agents in completing an order:- The customer, The restaurant and The courier.


Begin food delivery app development

Once the app's needs have been defined, development may begin. You better use a professional app development firm to aid food delivery. In addition, keep in mind the standard steps involved in creating an app:- Prototyping, User interface and experience design, Development and Release after testing.


Choose an appropriate technology stack

What features your app needs to have will determine the stack you require. Still, it helps to have a basic familiarity with the subject.


Compute Projection Costs for Development

Estimating your app's final price tag is difficult. The cost is often determined by the business that undertakes development. It may be more economical and less expensive to outsource your product development to a third party.


Food Delivery App Features

On-demand food ordering App Development: Take Your Food Business to The Next Level


Users will use their phone number and email id to signup & login into the food ordering app. They can also use their social media login for it.

Quick ordering

The quick ordering option allows users to order their favorite food quickly. When the users log in to the app, they will see the food combos in the app, like the Zomato showcase.

Restaurant Searching

The app will be equipped with a powerful geolocation feature that allows them to search for the restaurants in their nearby location to order the food.


It is one of the exciting features of the food delivery app and works in collaboration with the ordering function. The users need to tick the box on their favorite food items, including the quantity of the food.

Order Tracking

It works in real-time, where users can track their orders with an estimated time to react their location. It works especially even in low network conditions.

Multi Payment Option

The food ordering app users can pay for their orders by choosing their preferred methods, which can be paid via credit card, debit card, net banking, or e-wallet.

Driver Signup

The delivery staff can sign up or login into the app with ease. First, you need to follow simple steps for signup. Once an account is created, they can stay login without any interruption.

Profile Creation

It is such an easy task to create a profile on the food delivery app. The drivers can add their profile details in a single click.

Driver Dashboard

The dashboard works as a control panel for drivers to manage overall activities and see all information related to their accounts.

Powerful Navigation

It is one of the most powerful features of the driver panel. It facilitates the drivers to reach their destination without any delay. It also showcases the real-traffic status.

In-App Chat

In-app chat allows delivery staff to communicate with customers while on route or when they get order status from the restaurant for any inquiry.


A driver or a delivery boy can see and calculate their overall earnings for a day, week, or month. Whenever a delivery occurs, there will be a notification of the earning.

Admin Dashboard

It works like the home screen where an admin can navigate any app section for app management, user account management, etc.

Cost Control

This feature remains associated with the food menu. An admin can increase or decrease the cost at their convenience.

Menu Management

An admin can easily add or remove the food items, including their price, from the menu. Once the update is done, it will reflect immediately.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics facilitates the admin or app owner to take care of their overall sales, orders, and delivery status data. It works superbly for strategy purposes.

Push Notifications

The push notification feature works tremendously where an admin can send instant messages to the delivery personnel or the customers anytime.

Payment Management

An admin can manage ongoing payments and payments like a refund, cashback, etc. They can also generate discount codes and coupons to engage the customers better.


Permit restaurant owners to register and develop the profile, such as restaurant address, contact details, and a complete menu with delivery and prices.

Menu Management

Restaurants can develop a new menu or customize the menus according to customer food preferences and availability.

Manage Orders

Restaurants can manage all the orders using one place and get a complete insight into the order, such as dispatched pickups, ongoing, and scheduled ones.

Manage Offers & Discounts

Restaurants can create new discount deals and offer or customize the current ones to benefit from food ordering.

Real-time Tracking of Driver

Restaurants can access the real-time driver’s location and assess delivery times and routes.

Push Notifications

Restaurants get notifications regarding the status of received or shipped orders, new orders, online received payments, and other significant updates.

Benefits of Hiring Food Ordering App Developers From eBizneeds

Best User Experience

For business growth, mobile app development is the best way. With eBizneeds, you will get a full-fledged food ordering app that you can leverage to create the best user experience.


Customization is always required for future growth, and you can’t believe that we are the best at it. Our talented food app developers can customize the app based on your specific requirements.

Real-time Analytics

For strategic purposes, real-time analytics is a must. So, we will implement it for you. The real-time analytics will help you to make a strategic decision regarding your food delivery business app.

Order Management

You will have an advanced order management system that will help you manage the orders smoothly. It will be fast & accurate so the orders must be prepared and delivered on time.

Interactive User Interface

The first component of an app by which a user interacts first is the user interface. Our UI/UX designers are experienced in creating the magic with the help of their extreme UI designing & development skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to develop a food delivery app depends on the features, functionalities, UI/UX components, team of developers, and location of developers. Although, if we go with the basic version of the app for a single platform can cost you around $30,000- $50,000. If there is any extension in developing an app like Grubhub or any food delivery app, it may cost you more than mentioned.

The time to develop a food delivery app depends on the app's complexity and variety of features. However, a simple food delivery app takes approx 3-6 months. The development time increase when its size is large and more complex. Implementing the features & functionalities, developing the front-end, and developing is time-consuming.

When developing a food delivery app, key features to consider include user registration and profiles, menu browsing and customization, real-time order tracking, secure payment options, and ratings/reviews for restaurants and delivery services.

Popular technology stacks for food delivery app development include React Native or Flutter for cross-platform compatibility, Node.js or Django for the backend, and a database system like MySQL or MongoDB. Additionally, APIs for geolocation, payment gateways, and push notifications are often integrated.

To ensure data security, use encryption techniques for sensitive user information, implement secure authentication and authorization protocols, regularly update the app with security patches, and comply with data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA.


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