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Since IoT is acquiring popularity, the ideal opportunity for your organization to hold on to this trend right now. Most of enterprises and associations are now inclining towards custom IoT solutions for renovating the way in which their services connect with individuals, machines, and frameworks. So if you don’t want to stay behind of your competitors, it's the right time that you consider hiring a custom IoT development company, for your next dream project.

Working with eBizneeds in your IoT project is the perfect method to start with this latest technology-enabled network. We offer professional IoT application development for organizations of all sizes and types. We can also develop personalized IoT application as per your business needs and goals.

We have solid experience in Internet of Things Software development. Our developers constantly focus on innovation and trends. We also consider the latest frameworks and platforms for IoT development and can always choose the most reasonable and cost-effective techniques for clients

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Our IoT services assist in developing smart solutions for popular brands from education to the healthcare sector.


IoT Application Development Services Offered by eBizneeds

Better information helps you with bettering changes, settle on more informational choices and consistently stay ahead front of your competitors. That is why the modern age devices can send information to the new algorithms for business. From wearable gadgets to vehicles, IoT assists you with getting important information from all that is connected.

Development Consultancy

We offer Internet of Things consulting and management services through our accomplished IoT application professionals. Looking for your free meeting today? Get in touch with us now.

Backend And API Development

Our team of professional internet of things software engineers and coders offer robust backend and API development solutions for business of all types and sizes.

Gateway Development

We are one stop IoT Development company for all your IoT development and improvement requirements. We also offer IoT gateway development services for your IoT development.

IoT Application Development Services

Implementation And Support

We not only offer IoT app development solutions but we also offer total support and maintenance to our potential clients.

Wearable Devices

As renowned IoT Development Company offer rich domain services in creating applications for a wide range of wearable gadgets and interface with it.

Application Development

Our IoT application development group assists you with creating personalized application for various gadgets, helping you with achieving your business objective through IoT application development.

Our IoT App Development Process

We develop customer-centric, client-focused, world class apps that deliver tangible results for businesses. We help global businesses attain a leading edge in today’s highly competitive, digital landscape.



  • It all begins with an impeccable strategy. During this phase, we identify the users of the app, research your competition, set up objectives & goals, and recommend the best platform for your mobile app, so you get the desired outcome from your app.


  • During the analysis & planning phase, your app idea begins taking real shape. This phase involves critical tasks such as creating product map, defining MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and identifying the skills required for app development.


  • Designing the app is not just about how amazing its user interface looks and feels. Rather it is pivotal to ensuring seamless user experience and make way for the app’s massive adoption and success by the targeted users. The process involves wireframing, mockups, style guide preparation, prototyping, etc.


  • This is when the actual coding begins. The process involves everything about development – right from defining the technical architecture, and picking the suitable technology stack to defining the milestones of development.


  • This is highly important for any app because if not tested beforehand, the app may start unfolding several unpleasant surprises post launch. Testing involves performance testing, security testing, functional testing, platform and device testing, etc.


  • The most awaited moment throughout the app development life-cycle is that of the app’s deployment or launch. The app is released on the app stores – Apple App Store (iOS apps), and Google Play Store (Android apps).


Techstack for IoT Development

Collaborate with Our Dedicated Developers Focused on Diverse Technology Stack

  • Intel
  • Particle
  • Wifi
  • HTTP
  • XMPP
  • COAP

Our Projects


The virtual reality firm Rouvr enlisted our assistance in creating an innovative VR platform that enabled real-time user interaction with 3D objects. The app we built for Rouvr was a major factor in the company receiving numerous important collaborations and funding.


Digital Sathi

Our group collaborated with Digital Sathi, a social media marketing business, to design a dashboard for them to use in monitoring important indicators and producing reports for their customers. It allowed them to better serve their customers and streamline their operations.


Marwari Horse Society

Use our mobile app to learn about the rich history of Marwari horses. For the Marwari Horse Society, our team created an interactive platform to exhibit the breed's distinctive qualities, connect breeders, and educate aficionados.



Wetruck, a logistics company, contacted us to create a mobile app to help truck drivers locate and book available cargo. Wetruck was able to streamline and improve upon many of their core operations thanks to the aid of our software.



With Aimeo, an all-in-one platform for employee engagement, transform your workplace. In order to offer customised experiences, surveys, and training programmes for your employees, we developed a mobile app that interfaces with your HR systems.


The Venturis

We worked with The Venturis, a venture capital business, to create a unique CRM system that improved the management of their investment portfolio. The system's sophisticated analytics and reporting features enabled The Venturis to make better investment choices.


Hawk I Track

Our company collaborated with Hawk I Track, a GPS tracking firm, to create a smartphone app that reveals the precise whereabouts of the user's vehicles at any given moment. With the aid of our software, Hawk I Track was able to increase their customer base and provide better service to their existing clientele.


My Pinpad

Protect your transactions with this ground-breaking mobile application that transforms your phone into a secure payment terminal. Our team created a user-friendly interface with market-leading security features that enables retailers to accept payments from any location.



Partnering with eBizneeds for IoT Software Development

The functionality of Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine devices depends on the flexibility and connectivity strength of its network. eBizneeds is a leading IoT Development Company that offers particular M2M/IoT development services, including embedded software, cross-platform applications including database with our years of experience in networking.

Data Analytics

Our customized IoT mobile applications can perform advance level of information analysis that suits best to your business necessities.

Data Analytics

Voice Enabled Technology

eBizneeds is a trustworthy IoT mobile app development company that works to give advance IoT mobile application development services and give Voice Enabled Technology Solutions.

Voice Enabled Technology

API And Backend Development

Our team of professional and skilled Internet of Things software developers and designers offers reliable backend and API development solutions for our potential clients.


IoT Dashboards

We offer robust IoT solutions to help our clients design IoT gadgets, analyse sensor information with devices, monitor IoT frameworks remotely and display them through responsive dashboards.


Edge Computing

We execute edge competing on IoT gadgets rather than traditional cloud computing to guarantee lower inertness rates and faster information offloading time.


Network Solutions

We develop custom Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) tools that permit wireless and smart gadgets to be connected over Wi-Fi connections, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, LAN, Lora WAN, BLE and Bluetooth organizations.


Industries We Cover

We have considered different industries most benefit from executing Internet of Things solutions. Being a leading IoT development company, we mainly emphasize offering IoT services in different industries, but some of them are discussed below:


IoT apps for innovative schools permit educational companies to cut energy consumption, decline operating costs, enhance learning outcomes, and increase school safety using adaptive learning systems and modern techs. Monitor the learning process and status of the student, and offer customized training objectives to scale students' learning skills. Our professional designers and developers know very well about the expectations of students and teachers.

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Using our rich experience in IoT app development, we deliver and design a broader category of digital tools and services linked with healthcare and wellness. We have created healthcare solutions that improve communication between patients, doctors, medical service providers, and medical equipment providers to improve the economy of the healthcare ecosystem.

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We have developed an inventory tracking app to lead an eCommerce brand that will couple with the RFIDs to maintain the complete track of their inventory and support them for readily handling the warehouse facilities. A well-designed IoT Development Service can make it easy for customers to find and purchase products and services. Our years of experience in the market have delivered robust B2B retail solutions to businesses of all sizes and types.

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Reveal the potential of secret income opportunities by communicating with the clients through our real estate software development services. Whether you are a well-settled real estate business or a small start-up, use our custom designed real estate solutions fabricated as per the requirements of your business niche.

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We feel happy for offering our reliable travel software development services that are designed by our professional designers and developers. Choosing the right-technology partner is nothing like a cakewalk, so you must partner with a reliable travel software development service provider with all latest features and functionalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IoT provides different benefits to companies, such as higher productivity, workplace safety, and better customer experience, relevant business insights, less operating cost, optimum asset utilization, and enhanced security.

Choosing eBizneeds as a certified company in IoT app development sector has several benefits. We have a large number of in-house experts in different technologies. Our experts have experience working in different industries vertically and use cases.

Absolutely! You can choose the IoT app developers as per your business requirements.

Yes! We appreciate it. Our IoT app development company develops an app on the server and provides you with an encrypted password and username to sign in and check your website progress.

No! After getting the IoT project order, we check your IoT progress needs and determine the cost accordingly. To estimate the IoT app development cost, we evaluate different factors that can affect it.

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