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With us, you will have experts with a decade of experience in IT consultation to help the brands bloom in their respective industries following high-standard information technology practices. We can equip your organization or business with customized IT strategies to have a competitive edge in the market.

Our experts will not only help you to implement the IT infrastructure for your business, but they can also help with your existing system. Multiple brands are leveraging our IT consultation services for growth.

If you have any query regarding IT Consultation & Services, then discuss it with us. We will be happy to assist you!

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IT Consulting Services By eBIzneeds

Digital Transformation Consulting

Either it is industry 4.0, or you want to implement seamless daily workflow automation. We can help you all. Our digital transformation consulting includes customer experience, supply, chain, and others.

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IT Strategy Consulting

Get the best experience in IT strategy consulting from experienced IT consultants with over a decade of experience to facilitate the brands to meet their business goals and address business needs.

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IT Infrastructure Implementation

To leverage the high standard, IT practices for business; first, you need to implement a robust infra. As a leading IT consulting firm, we have the right team that will implement the IT infra matching your requirements.

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Enterprise Architecture Advisory

Are you facing issues with your existing enterprise IT architecture and want to replace it with modern technology? Here we offer you our expertise, including resources that can help you to overcome all challenges.

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Here's How We Can Help You With IT Consulting

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call and connect with the experts for an initial view of IT consulting services.


Share your requirements with the experts so they can proceed with the further step to help you.


Once requirements are collected, our IT consultation experts will analyze them on the basis of existing system requirements.


The next crucial stage is strategy making, in which experts will prepare an acceptable roadmap to implement the IT strategy.


Now it's time to implement the strategy with the help of experts. It includes optimizing workflows and the addition of crucial components to the system.


Based on the implementation, if some components are missing or there is any scope left for improvement, then our IT consultants are good to add it.

Why Choose IT Consultation From eBizneeds

We have a unique mindset in providing IT consulting to businesses. eBizneeds believes in adding value to the solutions while developing them for clients. With us, you will have high-quality experience in IT consultation and services.

Value-Driven IT Strategies

Our value-oriented approach has made us one of the trusted IT consulting firms.

Cost Effectiveness

Our expertise facilitates businesses to implement the IT strategy in a real sense with low-budget investment.

Quality Assurance

Our focal point is always providing high-quality services, products, and IT consultation.

End-to-end Technical Assistance

While implementing the strategy and IT infra, our experts will provide you with end-to-end assistance.

Diversified Industry Knowledge

We have a team of IT consultants having diverse industry knowledge in implementing IT strategy.

24/7 Support

In any event, if you need additional assistance, you can contact our IT consultants anytime.

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Estimated Software Development Rate Comparison,
in U.S. Dollars

# Services Junior Consultant Intermdeiated Consultant Expert Consultants
1 IT infra $30/hr $45/hr $50+/hr
2 S/W Architecture $30/hr $45/hr $50+/hr
3 Project Management $30/hr $30/hr $50+/hr
4 S/W Development $20/hr $30/hr $50+/hr
5 QA $20/hr $30/hr $50+/hr

Note: if you want to know how much it costs personally to you, then we will first discuss your requirements and try to have an optimized cost.

Industries We Cover

Most businesses and industries are leveraging IT consultation to achieve their futuristic goals due to its several benefits. So, if you are looking for an expert IT consultant for your business, we can help you the best as we have a proven track record in providing IT consultation to different businesses.
Our industries expertise covers the-

The Healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries worldwide. If you own a healthcare brand and need assistance with IT consulting, then we are here to assist you.

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Innovation and education are both related to each other. There is a massive demand for IT solutions in the education sector. We can help you to implement the best IT infra for your education brand.

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Startups can leverage information technology practices to grow better in the upcoming years. Our experienced IT consultants can help you the best. So, here we are to assist you the best.

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Millions of customers are using ecommerce for their shopping needs. It is one of the fastest progressing market segments worldwide and needs new-gen solutions. If you seek it, we are here to assist you the best.

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The service marketplace is the best place where millions of service providers meet their customers. We can help you implement it in the right way to take advantage of it in the real sense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT consultation refers to the services that help companies or businesses to assess and implement IT strategies, develop an IT infra for better operational efficiency, and achieve organizational goals with the help of high-quality information technology practices.

As an IT consulting firm, the following are the services that we provide:

● IT strategy development and implement

● IT assessment

● Governance & Compliance

● Risk Management

● Technical Assistance

And more.

There are ample reasons to hire IT consultants for business. They will help you with your IT needs and ensure your business runs smoothly. Whether you need IT support, IT security, or anything else, they will provide the best service to keep your business up and to run.

The rate of IT consultation depends on the requirements for what purpose you need it. If you need it for security, it may cost high, but if you need a basic consultatIon, that rate will be optimized. Rest of the things we can discuss over a call.

Yes, having years long experience, we provide IT consultation for multiple global brands. It does not matter where you are; we can assist you at our best level for all kinds of IT consultation requirements.

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