What are the Latest Trends in E-store Development for 2021

What are the Latest Trends in E-store Development for 2021

As a result of the effects of Covid 2020, the year 2021 brought drastic change in the consumer habits as well as in the ecommerce industry. These changes forced a lot of ecommerce businesses to find new way of doing business. An apt example for this the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon when  couldn’t serve the one-day delivery and same-day delivery as it promised to its Prime customers, Amazon introduced “Amazon Scout” to fix this. Amazon Scout is an advanced, fully electric autonomous-delivery system which helps deliver right to its customers timely.

With the emergence of advanced technology, there are remarkable changes are seen in the ecommerce industry as well. Business owners improving their ecommerce businesses to meet the new emerged needs of their customers. It is always good to incorporate the latest eCommerce development trends on your business website to make certain that it is completely updated.

We can say that there is a lot of changes took place in ecommerce industry, however, below some of the biggest trends that will impact businesses are:

Augmented reality enhances the reality of online shopping

Augmented reality (AR) has impacted ecommerce greatly; enabling shoppers to see the product in real and helping them make a smart buying decision. Online shopping trend is already growing more each day; it provides a comfortable, quick and easy way to shop any product of your choice. But, sometimes it may happen that the product which you ordered online looks somewhat different when it is being delivered. Here comes the advanced technology augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) which will help fill this gap by showing you what the product looks like in real life and how it will work for your everyday lifestyle. AR and VR technologies have helped users to make smart buying decisions, improving shopping experience for customers.

Many survey results and polls say that 35% users prefer shopping from AR enabled stores instead of other online store or brick-and-mortar store. AR technology provides a 3D model of a product and also allows a user to see how it looks if they were actually wearing it.

It seems that number of businesses who use the AR technology for their products will increase. As of now it is mostly used by large businesses, but in the coming years perhaps it will become common for businesses of all sizes.

Voice search for shopping

It makes things easy to speak up on any of your voice-enabled gadgets no matter you are at home, in the office or anywhere. This is why voice-search AIs such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant became popular.

According to statics, the voice-assistant-speaker market is expected to hit around $4 billion in 2022. Voice shoppers are estimated to increase by 55% and voice shopping hitting $40 billion by 2022.

Since it’s a new trend, it gives an opportunity to ecommerce business owners to use voice-search-optimization strategies which will help answer voice-search queries effectively and quickly. Hiring ecommerce web developers can help you build an incredible and eye-catching online store with voice search tool for your business.

Demand for personalized products

The success of any business very much depends on the customer satisfaction. Every brand makes great efforts to satisfy their customers. Nowadays, consumers tend to share their data, so personalizing the product is possible. Personalized products and services enhance customer satisfaction greatly. Various businesses are adopting this practice in order to make consumers’ shopping experience joyful and easier, enhancing the brand loyalty.

Customer-service management with chatbots

Whether it is small, mid or large-sized ecommerce businesses, customer service is an important aspect. For a great customer satisfaction handling and resolving customer queries instantly is significantly essential. And to do so, perhaps you need to hire thousands of customer-service representatives to do that; however, few businesses can afford to hire these many customer care managers and executives.

In the recent years, the development of chatbots makes the customer services a lot easier. Chatbots are highly advanced and can perform a wide variety of tasks. It is certainly great to incorporate chatbots into your customer service to make it fast, effective and outstanding. Chatbots can:

  • Collect feedback from surveys.
  • Answer users’ queries.
  • Recommend the product.
  • Tell users’ about current sale offerings.

Chatbots have the ability to perform above tasks faster, and can handle thousands of customers easily.

AI helps shops learn about shoppers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning helping consumers have an automated and personalized shopping experience. AI can track customers shopping behaviour like what they are looking to buy, how and when they shop? It can take care all the needs of a customer and most users feels good on knowing that brands care about them.

Most buyers enjoy personalized and custom online shopping experience. The data stored by AI is being used to offer personalized product recommendations and customized customer service. This certainly have a strong impact on revenue, as per the findings of some studies; it had a 25% revenue boost for retailers with its advanced personalization features.

AI-powered personalization increasingly growing, as brands can access and make use of more data. So, the businesses can provide the most relevant experiences to their shoppers.

Big data plays a role in creating personalized experiences.

Today, many consumers are more aware that ecommerce sites are collecting personal data, which puts them at risk. Because of this, experts have mixed feelings about the benefits of big data and how it affects the personalized shopping experience. With the help of big data, tech giants can provide ultra-personalized experiences to their users and can reach to their new users.

Mobile shopping is still on the move

Your online store must be fully supported to all the mobile devices. Nowadays, a majority of people shops using their mobile, as they can do it from anywhere they want to. Therefore, if your ecommerce store does not run well on mobile devices, you may miss out on big opportunities. According to Statista, 73% of ecommerce sales will occur through the mobile devices by the year of 2021.

Multiple Payment Methods

Allowing various types of payment mode is always recommended. It will certainly help you boost your conversion rates on mobile devices. Moreover, when you provide the choice to save their payment information on your website safely, it will make them place orders more comfortably, conveniently and faster the next time when they make a purchase.

Each user is different and they may have their own way to pay bills or shopping, if on your website they don’t find the payment mode which they use, they might cancel the order.

Customers respond to video.

Videos seems to be more engaging, making videos for your website is a perfect way to quickly grab and engage a customer and tell them about your product or service.

Videos provide you a simple, effective and fun way to showcase and explain your product details which you cannot do using an image or just content. Therefore, it is recommended to add your product or service videos on your website.

Subscriptions keep customers coming back

Offering subscription services or monthly payment choices enhance larger purchases. There are a variety of subscriptions which you can offer to attract your customers and shop them conveniently. This is beneficially for both customers and businesses as well. Customers can place orders for their desired services and businesses also get a consistent pay and increased sales.   

Sustainability is becoming more important.

Nowadays, both businesses and customers are becoming more aware of the environment. Users are pretty conscious about the place they shop and its impact on environment. They want less packaging and eco-friendly packaging. On the other side, many businesses are also trying to become more eco-friendly by using no paper when possible, choosing biodegradable packaging, and using recyclable supplies.

Businesses should optimize digital strategy for conversion

Attracting huge customer or a great number of traffic on your website is just not enough, how many potential customers converts – all that matters. Businesses are focusing on optimizing their product page to improve their conversion rates. To increase the conversion rate, multi-channel selling is also a good option. Studies shows that users tend to buy when they see the product at multiple places.

Moreover, with the availability of many options, customers are getting more demanding, eager and inquisitive than ever before. Using Facebook and Google ads smartly you can make your brand stand ahead of the competition and drive conversion.

Progressive Web App

One of the most popular trends that are widely used in the eCommerce industry is the utilization of PWA or Progressive Web Apps. Every business owners constantly look out for new ways to increase their sales and improve the customer experience in their online stores. A progressive web app is a perfect way to serve both the purpose.

PWA is kind of mobile application; it is something like a substitute of native mobile apps. With PWA, you do not need to build high-cost native mobile apps, saving time, effort and money. You can get benefits of PWAs to offer a better mobile experience. If you are choosing Magento development services, then building PWA  can bring amazing benefits for your businesses.

Weighing your Choices: Deciding if a trend is a right fit for your business

Now when you know that there are many latest trends dominating the market, it doesn’t mean at all that following all of them will bring you the success. But, how to figure out that which trend is the most beneficial? As some of it will add a huge value to your business, others may be does not match to your specific audience or may be expensive enough to implement for your business.

Knowing your own potential buyers, customers and competitors well will help you know what trends will be a good fit for your business. There are a variety of things you can do to assess market trends and chose the right ones for your business.

1. Follow market influencers and publications

Staying updated with the latest information and news in the market is an essential thing to keep your product and services updated. You can follow various blogs of your industry and related news in order to keep an eye on what’s happening.

2. Stay updated with industry trends and research reports

Changes take place at a fast pace in every market and industry. And staying updated is the key to success. You can keep an eye on the reports and data to know the latest trends in the market. Studying research and having a good knowledge of latest market will help you implement the right strategy and update the products and services.

3. Use the advance digital tools and analytics to assess your customers’ behaviour

You can go through the research reports and data to know if a trend is right for you. There are several trends which are bringing benefits to other businesses, but it is a right fit for you or not, all it depends on your customers behaviour. You can choose a good digital tool to collect data of your customers’ buying behaviour.

4. Get feedback from your customers

You can always ask their preferences and choices and having feedback from your customers assist you with making a selection of a trend. Feedback always helps you make your services and products better.

 5. Watch your competitors

You can track your competitors, what they are offering and which trend they have chosen. Furthermore, if they have chosen a specific trend, how it is working for them? It will give you some idea to make a selection. However, certainly you don’t have to follow your competitors blindly. Having an idea about the latest trends and which trend your competitors have adopted, helps you measure a trend.


It is true that there are a wide variety of new trends appeared in the ecommerce industry. Technology is always developing; staying updated with the latest technology is a key to success of your ecommerce store. Certainly, it is never too late to choose, learn something and assess, which is right for your business. All you need to take care of your customers, their needs, and their convenience, and customize your ecommerce businesses accordingly.

Online stores are growing popular as it facilitates users to shop at their comfort. You can choose the best eCommerce development company to craft an advanced online store for your brand. Online presence of your brand can enhance your brand awareness and increase your sale and conversion. You can implement the top eCommerce development trends to create a powerful website that includes all high-performance tools and outstanding functionalities.

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