What factors do I have to consider before choosing the right magento development service

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Magento Development service

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 06:03 am

Magento is a powerful platform which offers a great variety of features such as security, adaptability, development design, and scalability and so on. Magento helps you design your e-commerce store as per your specific needs. It is an incredible platform which can help you build excellent, customized and outstanding online store for your business, considering all your needs perfectly.

The important thing that it offers you the latest tools and functionalities and always scalable to meet future needs. For any business, it is significantly essential to adapt to new changes and implement the latest trends to ensure the best results. Another feature of Magento is that it can help users make informed purchasing decisions, boosting your online sales. Hire Magento developers to innovate a solution for you which will meet all your needs, expectations and improve user engagement and experience.

What Makes it the Best Framework?

Magento platform offers you a wide variety of powerful features, infinite hosting control, unmatched customization tools, many extensions, top security features, and much more. Since it supports several B2B features, it is adopted by a huge number of businesses, approx 320,000 online websites are already registered under Magento and a lot many B2B distributors and manufacturers are shifting to the platform with each passing day.

With such a huge community of Magento ecommerce development, it has become one of the most feasible and proven eCommerce platforms that you can go for.

Magento’s Market Share

There are some popular brands that are running their Magento ecommerce store successfully. A few of them are:

Coca-Cola Company – It is one of the most popular and widely used soft drink brands around the world. Magento is running its online marketplace greatly and successfully, it offers gift boxes, personalized bottlers, and more.

Ford – Ford is another most renowned organization which has magento CMS to offer Ford Accessories to its online consumers.

Warby Parker – This multibillion-dollar corporation exclusively deals in sunglass lenses and prescription eyewear. It has its Magento eCommerce store with a market domination of over 85 % in the United States.

Olympus – It is Japanese corporation, which is famous for its excellent optics and computing precision technology, it uses Magento platform to run its website.

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Why Should You Choose Magento Development Services?

Open Source Platform

Magento is an open-source platform which makes it a preferred platform. It has simple customization tools and can be easily be adjusted to fit the specification of particular businesses. Moreover, it is a great choice for startups as Magento Community Edition (CE) is a free alternative.

Not just it offers a powerful set of features; this open-source e-commerce platform provides businesses supreme flexibility for handling their online store’s data, various functions and design. It allows you to incorporate outstanding scalable designs with a strong support system; offering you an ultimate Magento e-commerce solution.

Magento’s Community and Ecosystem

Magento’s great community and Forum has played a great role in its success. Its amazing community is made up of passionate designers, dedicated programmers, many editors, consultants, and project managers and more which provides an instant support if any beginner or developer stuck anywhere.

The community has a network of around 400,000 members and it offers true help and quick responses to specific situations. Furthermore, it updates the businesses about upcoming technologies and advances.

Outstanding Performance

Another great feature of Magento is its performance. It has a super page load speed, takes relatively less processing time, and quickly performs other dynamic or static operations. It boosts your website and makes use of minimal server resources. Magento allows each e-commerce brand to choose a hosting provider that serves their precise needs. This helps you choose the perfect hosting option for your online marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is as essential today as it was earlier, for Magento as well. Magento is an SEO-friendly platform and assists you to rank top in search engine results pages. This simply means that your online store can attract to an increased number of users. More users mean more sales. The platform has SEO tools like backlinks, positioning layer, Link building, keywords, and titles, bringing your e-commerce website on top.

Simple Integration

The platform is comprehensive, includes superb features, still it needs add-ons and plugins to run your website smoothly and flawlessly. Magento facilitates you to integrate a diverse range of third-party plugins seamlessly. Plugins may include various web services, shipping techniques, different payment systems, and stock management.

In addition, the Magento framework integrates Google technologies like Base, and Analytics to assist you in measuring the usefulness and performance of your online store.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive  

A wide majority of online buyers shop using their mobile devices. Therefore, it is very essential to build a mobile-friendly e-commerce store. Magento is mobile-friendly framework which can support you to innovate a responsive e-commerce website that works across all devices and provide an outstanding online experience to your users.


Magento allows professionals to change the back-end of your online store to suit your specific needs. The framework can be deployed the e-commerce website in a different ways. You can select the one which fits your needs perfectly. Also, Magento let you entirely rebuild the store if any need arises.

Factors to be Considered before Choosing the Right Magento Development Service

Determine Your Needs

The first important step is to have a thorough understanding of your needs. It is better to write all your needs down from the scratch. The needs can be basis on the basic idea of the product range, market insights, users’ needs and competitors. These pointers can help you shape the scope of website and analyze your business needs easily and quickly.

Estimate your Budget

Another imperative factor is your budget. You need to figure it out the fund you need to create your online store and how much business you can expect from it. It is not appropriate to go ahead if the expenses are more and expected revenue is quite less. You need to calculate the entire budget including the cost of licensing and hosting fee. A planned and well estimation will help you get a budget-friendly solution.

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Scout Magento Agencies Carefully

Next step is to explore various service providers in the market for your needs and budget. The few categories of Magento development communities can be classified as below:

  • Global Elite Solution Partner

These agencies basically work on Magento Commerce with large teams of certified developers, managers, and consultants. These agencies are popular worldwide and run in different continents. They have full-service system integrators, and consultancies, and works with a lot of popular brands across the world.

  • Enterprise Solution Partner

These are primarily consulting agencies and provide full-service offerings such as strategy, design, development, implementation, optimization, etc. It is perfect for large investment in the Magento platform. The team of experts of these firms are certified of Magento Credential Programs.

  • Professional Solution Partner

They are small in size, specific to geographic area and have a focused and skilled team. They take up Magento as a main technology offering and keep themselves updated with the latest innovations by Magento. You are allowed to interact with the development team in-person which cannot happen in bigger agencies. There are a lot of Magento agencies you can find in this category, so the market is competitive as well.

  • Business Solution Partner

Business solution partners generally work with businesses that have recently developed their Magento websites and those that already have Magento Commerce websites. They want to improve their Magento Commerce skills.

  • Technology Partners

It is a good to go for a single Magento developer when you have a few requirements and budgets is relatively low. While examining for an individual developer, it is important to check their skills and certifications. The best thing is that they can provide you a personalized service for all your needs.

Once you are done with inquiring, give your requirements to the shortlisted agencies/developers and request an estimate. After you check the estimates, try figure out their capabilities and get an idea of what they can do. You can check out the following details:

  • Clientele:  You can go through their portfolio, the existing projects or clients that they are dealing with in the same industry. For example, if the project is of footwear, check how many same industry projects the shortlisted development team has handled. Checking their previous work will give you an idea of how your end product would be.
  • Workforce:  Know the entire team thoroughly. You must ask their expertise, certification details and if possible conduct a meeting with them.
  • Certifications: You can go through the number of certifications that they posses. It is good to choose an agency that is officially a Magento Solution Partner and also check out if they are Magento certified.
  • Testimonials and Reviews: You must not forget to take a look at what their previous or existing clients have to say about their services.
  • Cost:  You need to figure it out that what it would cost you when you hire their services and how profitable this partnership would be for the business.
  • References:  To be safer side, always ask for references, this would assist you collect unknown details about them.

Decide as a Team

Before reaching to a decision, you should take proper time and always reflect upon the aim of your online store and the potential of the development agency to accomplish it. This will help you greatly to choose a right agency for your project.


Hiring a Magento developer or firm is not an easy task because Magento is a comprehensive framework, and only a skilled Magento developer can build a perfect solution. Perhaps, the provided information and factors to make a decision can help you in choose the right Magento development company for your project.

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