Rouvr web App - eBizneeds web App Development case study


Here is a list of features that Australian Cruise Group considers:

  • Search For Cruises: Users can search by date, price, and destination. The app permits the users to filter their search results by ship type, cruise line, ship type, and length of cruise.
  • View In-Depth Data Regarding Cruises: The app offers detailed data regarding each cruise, such as amenities, itinerary, and reviews. Users can access the videos and photos of each cruise.
  • Book Cruise Directly Through the App: Users can book cruises directly. The application accepts all the major credit cards.
  • Manage Cruise Bookings: Users can handle their cruise booking by the app. It considers the changing and viewing, printing boarding passes, and adding and removing the passengers.
  • Get Notifications Regarding Upcoming Cruises and Special Offers: The app will notify users regarding special offers and upcoming cruises. It is a sound way to stay up-to-date regarding the latest cruise deals.



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