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We provide B2B e-commerce development services for businesses at all levels. Starting with planning, design, development and expansion. eBizneeds e-commerce website development services are highly regarded by clients for creating websites that provide an easy browsing experience and secure payments for end users. eBizneeds has a pool of professional developers who are eCommerce web designing experts.

In addition to B2B extension development, customization and maintenance, we provide scalable and reliable development services for B2B e-commerce stores and e-commerce development solutions. Stay ahead of your competitors with our industry-driven B2B Ecommerce solutions. We have a team of seasoned B2B ecommerce experts who are proficient in the tools you need to increase conversions, optimize your marketing strategies, and grow your business.

Our B2B Ecommerce Services

By allowing business customers to order online, you can reduce operating costs and free up your employees so they can focus on starting a new business. The eBizneeds B2B e-commerce development can handle unlimited product categories and price fluctuations, making it ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers and large distributors.


Provides online customers with all billing details, including shipping and billing addresses, order details, payment details, order number, details of each item ordered, item balance, total order amount, and more. You can add unpaid invoices to your cart and pay by credit or debit card.

Vendor Inventory

It allows customers to maintain consistent inventory levels at each location and easily replenish if inventory levels fall below agreed thresholds. When a seller performs inventory, a shortage of location and account will be discovered online within an agreed period.

Back Orders

Search by customer, company, order, or product to access all pending order details. Depending on the change in order status, you can take various actions, including Sending an email to a customer when their status changes or when the number of pending items increases or decreases.

Quotation System

Receive offers online and convert your orders individually or with e-commerce skirts. Dealers can make an offer in the call centre, set a specific price, then send it to the customer via my account and email and turn it into an order.

Price List Manager

Retailers can assign a percentage (₊ / -) to a product, product group, and, most important, buyer's price book. The machine automatically compensates for this by calculating the second price. You can also apply cart shipping rates, discounts, offers, gift options, and pricing terms at the price book or currency level.

Quantity Breaks

Encourage your business customers to spend more by offering bulk discounts on every product. It allows the unit price to be reduced depending on the quantity purchased.


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Our Projects


Australian Cruise Group is a leading tourism and hospitality company based on Sydney Harbour. Launching in 1983, with one 100-seater vessel, Australian Cruise Group has expanded over the years to add two authentic paddle wheelers under its ‘Sydney Showboats’ offering and later, Majestic Cruises and Ocean Spirit Cruises. They have now consolidated their cruise operations and offer a range of marketing and tech under the one banner.

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Polofactory is a business inspired by a passion for polo. The company designs and manufactures top quality polo equipment and polo inspired fashion and accessories. Polofactory also organizes bespoke polo holidays in India, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and New Zealand. The company acts as a consultancy through its expertise in team and tournament management, event planning, production and infrastructure development and management. Clients include schools, corporate houses, filmmakers and patrons of the sport.

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Victorian Mortgage Group (VMG)

Victorian Mortgage Group (VMG) is a family-owned and managed business that has been lending to Australian borrowers since 1946. For over 70 years, VMG has consistently applied a flexible approach to the assessment of their clients’ finances, giving new opportunities to borrowers who have been turned away from the major lenders.

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Venturis make FUNDRAISING INTERACTIVE and COMPARABLE for both crypto & traditional. For any development stage and all fundraising types. NO LISTING FEE, NO MONTHLY FEE, NO COMMISSION. Deals are made directly between investors and projects. No advertising – instead you can earn money from sponsoring. The platform has all elements of a modern Social Media platform and combines their benefits with fundraising. Investors can interact and engage with finance projects as they could never do it before.

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Tailored B2B Ecommerce Websites

We design end-to-end B2B ecommerce solutions that can be impressively integrated into your website. We believe in on-time delivery and result-oriented solutions combined with business quality. As leading e-commerce development professionals, we have the experience and market knowledge required to provide a full range of B2B e-commerce development services and B2B e-commerce strategies, integration, migration and support.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can shop with services such as credit or debit cards, bills, prepayments, gift cards/vouchers, subscriptions or Klarna, offering a "bill me later" service.

Customized Design

Stay away from the competition and avoid the look of cookie cutters that are entirely designed for your business or brand.


Customize product offers and pricing for individual customers and restrict access to specific products or product groups as needed.


Real-time integration with the latest ERP, CRM, OMS, accounting and warehouse management software, and personal systems with other tools or third-party plugins.

Multi-Address Delivery

One-time delivery to multiple locations is ideal for remote central purchasing offices.

Individual Credit Limits

Set individual credit limits for your customer accounts so they can shop online through our ecommerce support website.


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Our Testimonial

Here are some appreciations from our clients to ensure why we are loved globally.

We have been working with eBizneeds for over a year for help, development and support of our Magento website. I have found the entire team to be professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Every time we have had an issue they are very quick to resolve. Their support has been quick to respond and have managed to do technically difficult additions to our site with minimal disruption. I would highly recommend them to others.


Glenn Cook (FX Web Creation)

We have been a customer of eBizneeds Magento Development Services for nearly a decade with outstanding success. The service is extremely friendly and responsive to needs. The intuitive attention to detail is shown in a very comprehensive and high level of expertise. The timely attention to urgent issues is impressive, as is the communication of issue identification and resolution. We have complete trust in their work...


Melanie Cramond (Tragic Beautiful)

I'm so glad to have the support of the capable staff at eBizneeds. Whether we're having technical issues, or looking to refresh design, or needing business consulting & training, I am constantly impressed with the level of service we receive. What I appreciate most is that Vipul and the team proactively find solutions, which often require thinking outside of the box. The whole team is quite good with. ...


Helen (Rock Around The Block)

eBizneeds has proactively handled our IT department entirely since our brand’s inception. Past five years, we have never had a single reason for displeasure with the eBizneeds. As a matter of fact our online portfolio stands where it is today only and only because of the support we have received from this highly trained and efficient team. We are highly satisfied with their support and will recommend eBizneeds services. It was a pleasure working ...


Jordan (HAMAG)

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