Overview of eWallet App Statistics 2024, In Depth: Market Insight

Overview of eWallet App Statistics 2024, In Depth: Market Insight

The year 2024 started, and the eWallet market is incredibly booming. Today, everyone is using digital eWallet apps. E-wallet apps are the most popular type of fintech solution millions or trillions worldwide use. Many apps like PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, and Cash have earned billions of profit. Isn’t that amazing? Over the years, e-wallet apps have come a long way. A few years back, sending money remotely was lengthy, but digital apps have revolutionized this.

Cash is no longer the main way to pay with eWallet apps taking over. These digital e-wallet apps are secure and easy to use for everyone. Undoubtedly, due to high growth in this field, many entrepreneurs and current eWallet companies are aiming to become market leaders.

The eWallet market is constantly evolving. To succeed, staying updated with the latest eWallet app trends is crucial.

In this detailed article, we’ll look into the world of eWallets in 2024. We’ll reveal important market statistics, user trends, and exciting future predictions that show how fast this industry is growing. We’ll explain why eWallets are becoming so popular, top trends, examine, and learn about the most popular digital wallet apps, and highlight the benefits of creating e-wallet apps.

The Rise of eWallet App Market Insight

The Rise of eWallet App Market Insight

Have you ever thought about why big businesses are crazy about the eWallet app? Fintech statistics answers. The rise in eWallet use is driven by convenience, security, and speed. More than 90% of smartphone users now use eWallet regularly. Unlike, cash or credit cards, eWallet provides a quick, easy, and secure way to pay with just a tap or scan.

According to statistics, the global digital payments market was worth $4 trillion in 2020 and is expected to rise by $10 trillion in 2026. By 2030, the US market alone is projected to be over $607.9 billion.

Check out some key points:-

  • By the end of 2024 year, over half of the world’s popular will use digital wallets.
  • The global digital wallet market will be worth $14.78 trillion by 2027 year.
  • As per Jupiter Research, this large user base will lead to a global transaction value which is exceeding $9 trillion annually with an 80% growth rate.
  • The eWallet app market will hit $607 billion in 2030. A Forbes study shows that over 50% of US citizens use eWallet more often than traditional methods like debit cards and credit cards.
  • These statistics highlight the massive financial potential in this fintech niche and how leading digital wallet apps are making billions in profit.

To achieve this success, eWallet companies must do several things like stay updated with trends. Let’s discuss this in-depth in the upcoming paragraphs.

Why consider Future Trends in eWallet App Development?

Why consider Future Trends in eWallet App Development?

In mobile app development, viewing the proper market insight of every business is very important.

Trends can boost industries and also help businesses make billions in profit. Even they can cause million-dollar companies to fail. That’s why, businesses hire eWallet app Development Company that can create engagement, attract millions of users, and generate lots of profit. You can’t avoid the digital wallet app trends and their positive market insights. But why these trends are important for eWallet apps? There are several reasons behind this.

  • Focusing on trends gives businesses a competitive edge.
  • Trends help digital wallets meet changing user expectations.
  • Trends boost user engagement and also help the platform to grow.
  • Trends are the key way to introduce new advancements to the platform.
  • Staying updated with the trend keeps the app market relevant.

These are the main reasons behind the importance of future eWallet development trends for app developers and eWallet service providers.  Now, let’s discuss how these ever-changing eWallet trends affect existing apps and new app solutions.

For Existing eWallet Apps

Enhanced Competition

It’s crucial to prioritize user security, user experience, and building strong loyalty to keep your place in the market.

Incorporation of Technology

Make sure to use AI, Blockchain, and biometrics to enable transactions faster, improve security, and create personalized financial tools.

Targeting Specific Market

Use your recent users and brand recognition to serve particular groups or financial needs like gaming and international payments.

Adherence to Changing Rules

You need to update rules and systems to follow data privacy laws and rules for digital currency.

Establishing Trust and Security

Keep your focus on security measures, transparency, and data privacy policy.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Look into teaming up with others to expand your influence and build trust.

For New eWallet Apps

  • To make your new business shine in the eWallet market, it’s important to keep getting better all the time.
  • At the forefront of using new technologies to create a unique and improved experience for users.
  • You need to search for the special reason why your app is valuable. It includes superior features and is perfect for specific types of users.
  • Focus on prioritizing security and privacy, using strong measures, and having clear policies to build trust with users.
  • Leading the way in using advanced technology to create flawless user experience.
  • Always look for strong partnerships with well-known companies in finance and other industries.
  • Focus on security and protecting data privacy should be a top priority.

Key Note: – Now that we have a simple understanding of why trends in the eWallet app matter!

How to Develop an eWallet App: A Complete Guide

Leading Digital Wallet App in the Market & its Statistics

Here we’ll learn about the top digital wallet apps in the market and how they affect the other app’s revenue.

Apple Pay


Apple Pay is top of the list of famous digital apps. This app is a famous eWallet app in terms of making revenue. Apple Pay handles many transactions of any mobile payment app except in China.


PayPal Ewallet app

Many entrepreneurs need to create a digital wallet app like PayPal. The app is ranking highly in terms of both security and revenue.

Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is the best, easy to use, and most secure platform for transferring money. Over 25.2 million app users and more than 1,281,838 transactions have been recorded.

Cash App

Cash App ewallet

Cash app is one of the popular platforms right from square skyrocketing. It is said that this platform offers a quick way to send money through mobile phones.


It’s a leading platform for online payments in the US. Before Venmo, there were not any mobile payment apps. This app is considered a secure and top platform available today.


This online payment app stands out in its business approach by uniting major US banks to challenge other top apps like Cash App and Venmo.

WeChat Pay

This is a leading payment force in China! WeChat stands out as the second-largest payment platform in the country. Users can smoothly transfer money in the country via WeChat.

Samsung Pay

It’s a digital payment option for Samsung users. It’s the other best eWallet app after Apple Pay and Google Pay.


It’s well-known as the world’s largest mobile payment app platform. In 2023, this app had over 10 million visits and 2.2 million users. In China alone, more than 900 million users visited Alipay.

Why invest in eWallet App Development?

After viewing the eWallet app stats in-depth, everyone has one question in mind why should create an eWallet app? Let’s understand the key benefits of investing in the eWallet app:-

  • Convenience for customers: – If you decided to create an eWallet app then it enables an easy payment procedure for customers. That means it offers a fast and secure way to transfer money digitally.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: – Using the reward programs in your eWallet app can encourage repeat business and build stronger customer relationships.
  • Faster Transaction: – With eWallets, customers can pay quickly. They don’t wait for longer to checkout line which improves their shopping experience.
  • Reduce Transaction Cost: – Using eWallet often costs less than traditional credit card processing leading to saving money in the long term.
  • Increased Security: – Digital eWallet apps use strong security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication that offer flawless experience to users.
  • Access to Customer Data: – eWallet provides insight into customer spending habits that help you increase your marketing and improve your product.
  • Reduced Cash Handling: – Using the eWallet app cuts down on cash handling. This reduces the risk of handling physical money and improves efficiency.
  • Offline Transaction: – Some eWallets even allow transactions without internet which is beneficial and offers flexibility in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Adaptation to Market Trends: – Developing eWallet app shows you’re innovative and keeps you ahead in the evolving payment industry.

Why choose eBizneeds for eWallet App Development?

With the increasing market trend of the eWallet app, if you also want to start your digital wallet app then we are here to help you! Our developers have a strong history of creating secure and easy-to-use eWallet apps.

We tailor our app development services to meet your specific needs that ensure your eWallet app fits your vision perfectly. Our skilled developers prioritize an intuitive interface to enhance the user experience.

Also, they help to make your eWallet app easily accessible to every user. We keep our client updated with the latest eWallet trends and technologies to make their app competitive and cutting-edge.

At Bizneeds, we have an experienced team of developers that offers you the best eWallet app solutions.


As the eWallet app trend is increasing in the market all around the world. In the above-mentioned paragraphs, we mentioned the depth of market insight of the eWallet app. In today’s market, it’s a golden opportunity for you to develop, design, and launch your own eWallet app platform and grab maximum user engagement with your amazing app.

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FAQs For eWallet App Statistics

What is the future scope of eWallet?

It is expected that the eWallet app market size will be raised to multimillion USD by the year 2031.

What is the market size of eWallet?

The eWallet market is expected to increase from $124.6 billion in 2024 to $590.2 by 2032. This shows a significant annual growth rate of 22.10% from 2024 to 2032. If we talk about the previous year, the market size for eWallet was valued at $103.2 billion.

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