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How is an AI Applications Different from Traditional Applications?

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 09:07 am

Today, Artificial Intelligence is a hit and plays a major role in dealing with complex issues and performing tasks just as humans. Traditional applications are built to perform some specific task whereas AI applications just work like humans, they do not just do the task but they learn to do the task. This technology makes machines learn and perform things just like humans.

Artificial intelligence includes huge data and intelligent algorithms which help applications to learn and recognize patterns without human intervention. The basic aim of AI is to make such a machine that can perform smartly and automatically just like human brains.

However, when we talk about traditional applications, it is not automated, the developer writes a code to create software to perform a specific task, and logic is not being programmed, so it is entirely a manual process. Developer creates code rules, and in Machine learning solutions the programming creates the rules from the data.

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In today’s, where advancements and technology are growing rapidly, it becomes essential to stay updated with the latest market trends. In this article, we will discuss what artificial intelligence development companies and applications can perform that traditional software cannot perform. You will further learn that why AI technology is a sensation today.

Artificial Intelligence works with a variety of advanced algorithms and techniques which helps machines to perform the task just as human performs. It certainly makes AI a pretty interesting topic that it is being compared with humans, the primary aim is now to understand that how do machines do that after all. Artificial Intelligence technology can be divided into four categories to understand it well.


This kind of machine predicts based on the parameters as they cannot make any decision due to the absence of memories.

Short-term memory

This type of AI application has memories for a shorter period, therefore they can use the recent experience to make the decision. Since they cannot store memories for long periods of time, they cannot make the decision based on the past things always.


The idea behind Artificial Intelligence is to make certain that machines can do the task the same way humans do without any human intervention. These types of machines are high-tech and can even predict and control behavior.


This machine is the most advanced version of Artificial Intelligence. These machines are much capable, can identify their state, feel the environment and predict emotions.

Artificial Intelligence is introduced to help humans with almost every possible task including their routine work. The scope of work of Artificial Intelligence is vast; you can see artificial intelligence software development companies have made things easier with this technology in providing customer service online, virtual assistance, cyber safety. Moreover, you can see it amazingly working in mobile phones, the latest video games, banks, advanced cars, social media marketing, and many more.  


Today, AI is becoming the fastest growing industry, whereas it was with us for more than 60 years already. So after all why it is rising so high today? Why not in the past years, it is simply because it is growing along with the technology, we see advancement in every sector today and this is growing along with the advancement.

The availability of big data, advanced programming, and algorithms, collectively made it grow widely and faster. Artificial intelligence development company created a great team of experts in this field to serve the demand in the market.

Since AI is an advanced technology, developing an AI system takes much intelligence and effort along with computational power and logical algorithms. However, this is also true that once you have created an AI system, it makes the task highly easy.

It makes all the tasks, even though, all automated, saving you great time, power, energy, resources, and much more. Artificial Intelligence has the capability to manage and process huge data, giving accurate, arranged, and beneficial results. On the other hand, traditional software can perform a set defined task only.

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SO, if we talk about the tasks which AI applications can do but traditional applications cannot do, the list is long. We have listed down most of such tasks below and that is what makes AI apps different from traditional apps.

1. Data Analysis

AI apps have the ability to analyze huge data within seconds and can understand and handle all the inputs just as human brains, they even can respond to that automatically. Traditional cannot perform such tasks.

It can classify a variety of data in minutes, for instance, if there are millions of medical images which you need to separate them category wise or disease wise – corona positive, corona negative, fever, cough – all can be done easily and quickly. And if we think of doing this task using a traditional app, you need to wait for much long to prepare the report and extra efforts are also needed.

2. Prediction

AI further has the capability to predict what is going to happen in near future. For example, if you are planning to invest in the stock market, you can get the help of the predictions of AI for that stock company, ensuring profits.

3. Multimedia processing and analysis

AI helps you process and analyze multimedia elements including photos, graphics, videos, etc. Using traditional technology is pretty difficult, whereas AI makes it simple and fast. And Chatbot Development is also possible with an AI system only.

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4. In manufacturing industries

AI can build robots like humans, which can be greatly useful in manufacturing units and big organizations.

 5. Cognitive science

AI works with cognitive science as well which is basically a study of the mind and how it works. The right use of both can prove a great blessing whereas if something goes wrong, it can also be a great disaster.

Not just these tasks, the list goes on and on. These are the major tasks that are performed using AI. The scope is wide, it still has great possibilities in a wide variety of fields. The base of functioning of Artificial Intelligence applications is machine learning or you can say neural networks, depending upon the kind of work. These machines are all automated, they learn themselves.

Traditional applications are basically designed to perform a specific task and they depend on the code written by the programmer.

Artificial intelligence mostly includes algorithms to make software intelligent. AI enables the software to take decisions and do the prediction mostly by using data, algorithms, computation, and methods. These algorithms are created by experts using their coding knowledge. Therefore, for traditional apps, one needs to know the programming language and for AI apps, one needs to be an expert in programming and algorithm.

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