Developing Apps like Yubo in 2024 – Statistics, Features, Cost, and Alternatives

Developing Apps like Yubo in 2024 – Statistics, Features, Cost, and Alternatives

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 07:08 am

Nowadays, the world is connected with so many social networking platforms. They are becoming an integral part of daily life among youngsters and older ones. So, there are so many social networking platforms available on the internet where you can chat, call, or text each other. However, among all the social platforms, Yubo is a popular social networking application. It has been gaining a lot of attraction from users because it offers a unique combination of features. Such features are great and are customizable according to the needs of GenZ users. Moreover, this blog will discuss statistics, features, Social Media App Development costs, and alternatives to Yubo. However, we will also provide insights into the amazing apps like Yubo in the market.

Statistics of Yubo

Yubo was formerly known as Yellow, a companion of Snapchat before making its platform. At that time it was mainly popular among teenagers and young adults. The latest statistics show that Yubo has over 10 million global downloads and a user base mainly concentrated in the United States.

The user engagement of Yubo is based on daily active users and time spent per session. It also has an average rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store. However, most users are between the ages of 13 to 25 years.

Amazing Features in Yubo

Amazing Features in Yubo

To copy Yubo’s achievements or create apps like Yubo, you need to know its main features. Yubo helps people connect through live streaming, group chats, and user-created content. The app has new features like Swipe and Chat. Users can find and connect with others who like the same things. Additionally, Yubo focuses on keeping users safe online. It uses strong tools to monitor, check ages, and report any issues for a secure experience.

1.    Live Streaming

Yubo lets users stream live videos to chat instantly with their followers. Live streaming lets users share their moments, talents, or interests with their audience. Hence, this enables authentic connections and meaningful interactions. Users can engage with broadcasters through likes, comments, and virtual gifts. This enhances the sense of community within the app.

2.    Group Chats

Yubo and other apps like Yubo have a special feature for group chats. You can make or join chat groups with people who like the same things or are nearby. Group chats let users talk, share, and plan with similar people. Group chats enable communication and assist collaboration in various ways, such as discussing trending topics. Organizing meetups and chatting with friends are other benefits.

3.    Swipe and Chat

Yubo has a fun way to meet new people on its app by swiping through profiles. This allows users to discover and connect with new people in a fun and intuitive way. However, just like on popular dating apps, users can look at profiles and show interest by swiping right or left. When two users swipe right on each other’s profiles, they can begin a conversation. Hence, it enables new connections and friendships based on mutual interests and compatibility.

4.    Safety Measures

Yubo focuses on keeping users safe and private. So, they use strong tools and rules to watch for and reduce dangers or bad actions on the app. The app checks the ages to make sure users are old enough. Also, users can report bad content. Additionally, it helps the community keep everyone safe and supported.

5.    User-Generated Content

Yubo lets users be creative by sharing photos, videos, and text. The app lets users share their experiences, thoughts, and talents. This fosters a sense of belonging and self-expression. User-generated content contributes to the vibrant and diverse nature of the platform. However, it enriches the user experience. It facilitates connections through shared interests.

Development Costs of Building Apps Like Yubo


The cost of developing apps like Yubo varies based on features and platforms. It depends on complexity, design, and team location. A simple social app may cost around $15,000. A more advanced one can cost even more. Allocate resources for maintenance, updates, and security to ensure app success long-term.

List of Alternatives – Apps like Yubo

Are you still searching for the content of apps like Yuho? Haven’t you found one yet? So, here is a list of the best Yubo alternatives that can provide you with a great experience. Independent of the use case of social networking sites and apps, you can pick according to your choice. However, without further delay, let us discuss some of the top alternatives to apps like Yubo.

1.    Twitch

Twitch is more than just a platform for gamers. However, it now has creators covering many topics. From art and cooking to music and travel, Twitch offers something for everyone. Twitch offers interactive features like live chat and emotes. So, viewers can connect with streamers instantly, building a community.

Twitch offers subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue to help creators earn a living. These monetization options support creators in pursuing their passion. Twitch encourages loyalty by offering Twitch Prime and affiliate programs. Hence, this helps creators expand their channels and reach a wider audience.

2.    Discord

Nowadays many people like Discord for regular chats and group interactions. It offers different ways to communicate such as text, voice, and video calls. However, this helps people connect easily and work together smoothly. Discord servers offer customization with roles, permissions, and bots. This helps communities personalize their experience to suit their needs.

Furthermore, Discord connects with other sites and services to make it work better. It helps communities make fun places for their interests. However, it has tools like music and games to create exciting environments.

3.    Bumble

Bumble is dedicated to helping women in online dating. On BFF, women start conversations with new friends. However, this approach gives users a feeling of power and independence. It’s especially helpful for those looking for meaningful connections outside of romantic relationships.

Additionally, bumble puts safety first. It checks photos and lets you block and report users, so everyone feels safe and respected. Additionally, Bumble shows inclusivity with Bumble Bizz, a networking platform for work connections. This expands its usefulness beyond dating.

4.    MeetMe

MeetMe combines finding friends and live videos for users to enjoy. Individuals can show who they are and what they like through live streaming. However, this helps them connect with others who share their interests. The platform’s chat features help with private and group conversations. Thus, this brings people with similar interests together.

MeetMe focuses on building a community by using virtual gifts. So, these gifts help users support their favorite streamers and connect with the community. Moreover, MeetMe lets users find and join online events. This helps users feel connected and unified.

5.    Snapchat

Snapchat’s innovative features continually redefine digital communication and storytelling. Moreover, it adds fun filters to messages so users can be creative. Snapchat’s Discover section offers a feed from publishers, influencers, and creators. So, it provides a diverse range of entertainment and information.

The platform values privacy and ephemerality. It promotes authentic communication that stands out. Additionally, Snapchat offers features such as Snap Map and public Stories. Users can discover events and trends nearby, feeling connected to their communities.

6.    Instagram

Instagram’s visual-first approach makes it a powerful platform for storytelling and self-expression. The platform offers many types of content like photos, videos, and Stories. These suit different creative styles and ways of communicating. Instagram’s Explore page uses AI to curate content based on users’ interests. Algorithms boost discoverability and engagement.

However, the platform focuses on aesthetics and visual coherence. It has led to trends like curated feeds and influencer marketing. It shapes digital culture and consumer behavior. Instagram allows private chats and group talks, helping users connect more deeply.

7.    TikTok

TikTok’s fun experience comes from its smart feed that shows you stuff you like. It has cool stuff like duets, stitches, and reactions. They help people work together and be creative. TikTok has lots of music and sounds for users.

They can make fun videos that lots of people see and like. The platform is committed to diversity and inclusion. It amplifies underrepresented voices. It addresses social issues through campaigns and challenges. TikTok makes it easy for everyone to create and share content on the app.

8.    Omegle

Omegle is easy to use and lets you talk openly with strangers. Users can chat via text or video with people worldwide. This helps share cultures and creates unexpected connections. Omegle’s unpredictability and raw authenticity attract users seeking genuine human interaction. Its lack of moderation may pose risks. The platform’s anonymity allows users to express themselves freely.

Moreover, users can communicate without the pressure of social norms or identity disclosure. So, it creates a space for candid conversations. Despite its challenges, Omegle is popular. Many use it to escape echo chambers. They expand social circles through shared experiences.

9.    Whisper

Whisper users feel free and vulnerable sharing innermost thoughts, fears, and desires privately. The anonymity boosts a judgment-free environment. The platform lets users interact with content by liking, commenting, and sharing. It creates a friendly and engaging atmosphere. Whisper has many different categories and tags for different interests and experiences.

Furthermore, this helps people connect and talk about common topics. The platform focuses on keeping users safe by using tools that handle bad content. Whisper’s rules encourage caring, respect, and including everyone. However, this makes a happy place for users to be real and connect with others who think alike.

10. Houseparty

Houseparty is popular because it’s relaxed and unplanned. You can easily join video calls with friends, making it feel like you’re together in person. The app’s popularity surged during social distancing and offered a virtual alternative.

Houseparty offers fun games that help users enjoy interacting more. The games act as icebreakers during virtual hangouts. From quick rounds of Heads Up! Houseparty’s games offer collaborative drawing sessions in games like Chips and Guac. This allows different tastes and group interactions to be accommodated.


Creating a social app like Yubo is a great way to join the trend of online socializing for GenZ users. Entrepreneurs can use data to plan how their apps will succeed. Prioritizing user needs is crucial for creating a popular app.


What is the use of the Yubo app?

Yubo is a social networking site that helps youngsters and GenZ to expand their social circle. They use Yubo in their routine to become popular make good relations and chat with friends. It also enables users to go deep in relation with their friends where they feel like staying for long. Moreover, Yubo does all this in real-time so you can see when your friend is active. Yubo does not have any approval metrics like follow and likes to help make genuine friendships but it might be on other apps like Yubo.

How does Yubo work?

Yubo is a social media platform. Users make profiles, connect with friends by swiping, and do live streaming. Users can customize their profiles, add photos, and provide information about their interests. The app algorithm suggests potential matches based on shared interests and geographical proximity. Users can go live to show themselves and chat with people who watch and respond. Yubo’s setup helps users connect easily, creating a lively social atmosphere.

How can you chat on Yubo?

Chatting on Yubo is straightforward and so is on apps like Yubo. Once users find a match, they can start talking in the app. Users can read their messages in the chat section. They can send texts, photos, and videos there. The app lets several people talk together at the same time in group chats. Yubo’s messaging is easy to use and friendly, helping users talk and connect easily.

Is Yubo still connected to Snapchat?

Yubo used to link with Snapchat for easy signup, but now it works on its own. In the past, users linked Yubo with Snapchat for easy registration. Now, Yubo and many other apps like Yubo works on its own and no longer stays connected to Snapchat. Users now sign up for Yubo directly on the app, without any connection to Snapchat. Yubo has evolved into its platform. It now focuses on helping users connect directly.

Is Yubo free to use?

Yes, Yubo is free to use. Users can download the app and create an account without any upfront costs. The app gives you extra things to buy, but you can make a profile, connect with others, and chat for free. Yubo lets people use the app for free. You can join without paying anything. You can swipe, chat, and make a profile at no cost. This makes it easy for everyone to use the app.

Do people still use Yubo?

Yes, many people still use Yubo, particularly younger demographics. The app still draws users who want more friends, meet new people, and watch live streams. Yubo has interactive options like live streams and group chats. These features make it popular with its users. Yubo is a popular platform for socializing online. Users can connect with others and join social activities.

What are the safety measures associated with Yubo use?

Yubo implements several safety measures to ensure a secure and positive user experience. Yubo uses methods like checking ages, monitoring content, and letting users report issues. The app also lets users adjust who can talk to them and what others can see on their profiles. Yubo provides help with online safety and encourages responsible behavior among its members.

What are the features of Yubo for customers?

Yubo offers various features to enhance the social experience for its users. Yubo has features like live streaming. Users can show themselves live and chat with viewers instantly. They can comment and react on the live stream. The app allows many people to chat together at the same time.

Users can personalize their profiles with photos and details about their interests. This helps connect people with similar hobbies and preferences. Additionally, Yubo has the tools to find new friends. It hosts fun games and challenges to involve its community.

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