How to Create a Stock Trading App Guide with Costs and Timeframe

How to Create a Stock Trading App Guide with Costs and Timeframe

The finance world is going online. Remember the time, when investors had to call the stock exchange, get put on hold, and then be connected to a stockbroker who charged them to invest in the stock market. All thanks to technology those days are over. Now, people don’t have to visit brokers to manage investments. Today, it is easy to track the market, buy and sell stocks, and manage portfolios right from your smart devices. This shift has led to the rise of stock trading apps. Also, this leads to changing how we used to engage with financial markets. Here is a complete guide to you about all the necessary points of Stock Trading App development in 2024.

If you have an idea for a better app then maybe you see a market app, missing features, and needs a user-friendly interface. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or developer interested in FinTech or want to create your own stock trading app then can get a great opportunity ahead.

This trading app allows investors to buy and sell shares right from their mobile phones whenever they want without taking any guidance.

This guidance will give you the proper knowledge and steps you need to take to turn your vision into reality. We’ll discuss everything from market research and planning to development, launch, and beyond. You’ll also find information regarding cost breakdowns and realistic timelines that help you understand the financial aspects of building your trading app.

Understanding Who Uses A Stock Trading App

Understanding Who Uses A Stock Trading App

Stock trading app usage is growing steadily. Surprisingly, Robinhood is a popular commission-free trading app that has been gaining users since 2014. Even though the app is officially introduced in mid-2015. By 2022, Robinhood has reached 20.9 million users globally and came to a valuation of $91 billion. 4 main user categories are driving the adoption of stock trading apps that should be the focus of your design, development, and promotional efforts.

  • First-time traders with less experience but eager to start a career in trading.
  • Young individuals want to explore whether stock investing is right for them.
  • Tech-savvy users who prefer having comprehensive financial information and statistics in one place.
  • Professionals who value efficiency and look for quick trading experience.

Now, let’s discuss how stock trading apps work and who else is on the market.

How do stock trading apps work?

How do stock trading apps work?

To know simply, a stock trading app is a platform where users can buy and sell stocks. These apps help in money management and handle other things like borrowing, leading, storing, spending, investing, and protecting funds. The developers use tech stack to help people manage their finances more efficiently. Investment and stock trading app offers full access to the market that allows users to track market activities, get real-time stock quotes, and more. These apps attract young people to invest money and earn profits without paying high commissions.

Unlike traditional brokerages that charge high fees, these stock trading apps let users trade and invest money. Such platforms encourage more customer-driven investments.

The app shows your account details like current holdings, transaction history, and total portfolio value. Even you can track specific stocks with watchlists and set up alerts with the trade hits a specific price. Moreover, many other

Who else is on the market?

In recent times, trading apps offer a convenient want to earn side profits. Many applications arrived in the market that don’t charge extra fees or commissions from their users. Now people can freely trade anywhere & anywhere. But, among these applications, many are not considered safe. Here, we’re going to share information about some platforms that are currently leading in trading marketing.



E-Trade is the first company in the market that offers online investing. The company is based in Silicon Valley and began online trading services through America Online (AOL) and Compuserve. It has an easy-to-use interface. Eventually, the app is a well-known online brokerage with a secure mobile app. With this E-Trade app, you can see your investments or trade ETFs stocks, mutual funds, and many more.

The app was launched with the main goal that you aimed for entering the stock market app space. The complete list of all the available trading apps is much larger. The app is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. It also offers detailed charting tools and extensive research features.



Robinhood has become famous for offering free stock trades. Today, the app is the number one stock trading app. The main features of the app include tracking your owned stock, finding new stocks, and trading. Robinhood changed the game with the no-commission trading model. There are lots of features the app offers which make it unique and stand out. The free version enables you to invest money in stocks, Bitcoin, 4x, and ETFs. However, if want to trade in mutual funds you’ll need the paid version.

  • You can trade stock and ETF without paying any commission.
  • The app is simple to use and has a user-friendly design.
  • You can buy a small portion of shared that allows beginners to invest without fear of high loss.


Stash is also a popular trading app that aims to make trading or investing money in stocks easy for beginners. The app uses a thematic investing approach which lets users invest in on-demand platforms based on their interests like technology or clean energy.

It also offers educational resources and guidance for new investors. Those beginners who want to make their own investment decisions cautiously. It allows investments starting from just $5-$10 and provides ongoing education about how investment works.

Note: – By knowing about this popular trading app like E-Trade, Stash, and Robinhood, you can spot important trends and gaps in the market. This analysis should help you define your app’s unique selling points.

Will it cater to experienced traders with advanced tools or focus on educational tools and small investments for beginners? Building a successful trading app needs expertise in stock trading app development.

The success of your stock trading app depends on understanding your target audience and offering a solution that stands out from the competitors.

stock trading app development

How does a stock trading app make money?

Want to enter to trading app and make money? Creating a user-friendly and feature-packed app is essential but long-term success depends on focusing on a reliable way to earn money. Here’s how popular trading apps generate their income:-

Subscription Model: –

Many reliable trading platforms offer a premium membership that includes advanced features such as detailed chart tools, personalized research reports, or priority customers. Users pay a monthly or yearly fee to access these premium features.

Transaction Fee: –

This traditional method charges users a small fee for each trade executed. Even though some apps like Robinhood offer commission-free trading, transaction fees remain a significant source of income for many platforms.

Freemium Model: –

This strategy offers basic features for free to attract a large number of user base. However, users must upgrade to a premium plan or make in-app purchases to unlock advanced features or investment options.

Interest on Uninvested Funds: –

A lot of apps allow users to keep cash in their account that isn’t currently invested. The app can earn interest on this cash by investing it in financial instruments. It’s important to comply with regulations and clearly explain how any interest earned is handled.

Note: – Choosing the right revenue model depends on your target users and what your app offers. Consider these factors carefully to select a model that supports the sustainable growth of your stock trading app.

Key Features For a Stock Trading App

Key Features For a Stock Trading App

Have you ever tried to know the features that make a trading app a successful application? With the huge options available in the market, which features and functionality make your app stand out and attract a huge user base? Here’s a breakdown of key features to consider for building a trading app.

Simple Check In

The registration procedure for users should be easy and effortless for users. Offer multiple check-in options such as PIN codes and biometrics to ensure your user’s safety and convenience. Adding this feature will attract a number of users and let them use your app safely.

Stock Trading

It is an essential feature that should be included in your stock market app development. This feature enables users to place orders and track their funds movements.

User Profile

Adding this feature in your trading app allows users the choice to save their details and preferences for notifications and also sets the frequency of account details.

Real-Time Market Updates

This feature enables users to get proper information regarding current stock prices, market indices, and relevant financial new updates.

Order Management

It is also an important feature that provides an opportunity for users to place various types of orders (market, limit, stop loss) and track status.

Portfolio Management

A quick view of holdings, transaction history, and metrics is allowed by adding this feature. It’s critical to any fintech app development and real-time updates are invaluable for users to monitor their investment portfolios promptly. Implementing AI can significantly enhance these capabilities.


This feature enables investors to monitor their deposit statuses in real-time with minimal effort.


Often overlooked but essential, a newsfeed keeps users informed about recent developments in the stock market. This can include winners and losers, IPO details, mergers and acquisitions.

Research and Analysis Tools

Technical charts with indicators and fundamental data like earning reports company profiles and analyst ratings. It’s crucial to provide stock market participants with access to analyze their trades and transactions.

Push Notifications

Including push notifications into your online trading app to inform users about stock movements. This ensures notifications are at times to avoid disrupting busy investors.

Customer Support

Accessible customer support to your online trading app like live chat, email, or a comprehensive FAQ section.

Whether these features are outlined for fintech app development focused on trading, you’re ready to plan the technical aspects of your stock trading app. Consider the following tools and techniques to confidently move forward in developing a finance-focused mobile app.

What legal issues to consider when creating a stock trading app

Developing or designing a stock trading app includes navigating strict financial regulations. Here’s a breakdown of important legal considerations to keep in mind during the trading app development process.

Securities Regulations

On the basis of what your app does and who uses it, you may need to register with regulatory agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US or similar organizations in your location. These rules are specially designed to safeguard investors and promote fair practices in the market.

Data Privacy and Security

Considering data Privacy and Security data protection is important during the app development procedure. Make sure to follow data privacy laws and regulations and also implement strong security measures to keep user’s information safe and secure.

Investment Disclaimers and Risk Disclosures

Users must be informed about the risks involved in stock market investment. Disclaimers should be noticeable and simple to understand.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC)

To prevent money laundering and funding of terrorism, it’s essential to implement strong Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures. This includes verifying user identities and closely monitoring transactions for any suspicious activity.

Note: – Following legal compliance is an ongoing procedure. Keep yourself informed about changing regulations and adjust your app as required. It’s highly recommended to work closely with a knowledgeable financial law expert during development to handle legal requirements and reduce risks properly.

Which Tools and Technologies Should Your Stock Trading App Use?

If you’ve decided to launch your own trading app in the market, then it’s time to choose the right tech stack for developing an app. A standard web-based platform includes a front-end, a back-end, and a developer’s interface. In front-end development, React JS and Angular are widely used and favored.

Particularly, for large-scale projects such as stock market app development front end and React JS is preferred. For backend technologies, DotNet and Java are highly recommended. These technologies are perfect and well-fitted for building mobile apps for stock trading because they can handle multiple processes and support complex functionalities effectively.

Our Reliable Solutions for Stock Trading App Development

At eBizneeds, we know the challenges and great opportunities in the stock trading app market. Our team of dedicated developers has a lot of experience in creating secure, easy-to-use, and feature-packed stock trading apps that offer a flawless user experience.

Why Hire Us?

We offer a complete range of services to bring your stock app idea to life!

Expert Development

Our team uses the latest technologies and follows best practices to create strong and scalable app solutions.

User-Focused Design

We put user experience first, designing easy-to-use and attractive interfaces that help investors of all levels.

Security is Key

We prioritize strong security measures to protect user data and handle financial transactions with the highest level of care.

Navigating Compliance

Our team stays current with financial regulations and can help you manage the legal complexities of launching a stock trading app.

Customizable Solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We work closely with you to understand your unique vision and create an app tailored to your target audience and their specific needs.

Note: –Ready to Develop Your App?

Reach out to our expert services. Let’s talk about your stock trading app idea and see if our experts help you launch your app in the market. By putting efforts together, we can develop a safe and secure platform that allows users to trade confidently without any fear of loss in the financial market.

Contact for stock trading app development

What Makes Our Stock Trading App Development Services Stand Out?

In the competitive market of trading app development, we at eBizneeds offer you a budget-friendly app development solution that helps you to make huge money in the trading market. Here we’re going to share why our services are unique and what makes us the perfect partner for your innovative app idea.

High Financial Knowledge

We offer beyond coding skills. Our team has a thorough understanding of the financial market, investor behavior, and regulations. Our skilled developers help to build an app that not only works well but also meets the needs of your users.

Agile Development Methodology

We use agile development methods which involve ongoing adjustments and enhancements based on your feedback and user testing. This approach keeps your app updated and adaptable to changes as per the market trends and user requirements.

Security is Priority

We prioritize security above all else when handling user finances. During the development process, we focus on implementing strong security measures, using advanced encryption methods, and complying with the highest standards of financial data protection regulations.

Focus on User Experience

We consider a user-friendly interface essential for ensuring that your trading app is widely adopted. Our design team will create an intuitive and attractive interface that helps users of all skill levels navigate the app effortlessly.

Smooth Communication

Clear and regular communication is our priority throughout the entire development journey. Starting from initial planning through to the launch and beyond of trading app development, you’ll be kept informed by our expert development at every Stock Trading App Development Business model.

Note: – Choose the expert app developers who truly understand your needs and audience’s preferences.

Creating a stock trading app goes beyond technical skills. The development procedure required a deep knowledge and understanding of the financial market, user needs, behavior, and a steadfast commitment to safety. At eBizneeds, we offer outstanding development services that help you realize your vision. We can build a secure, easy-to-use platform that allows investors to invest in the stock market and shapes the future of financial technology.

Benefits of Developing a Stock Trading App

The financial sector is experiencing a digital revolution as several users knowing about trading are attracted to reliable trading apps. Besides, serving a growing number of users, developing a stock trading app offers several benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Financial Opportunity

Stock trading apps have various ways to earn revenue that also includes transaction fees, subscription services, and interest earned on unused funds. By developing a valuable platform that attracts users, you can establish reliable income streams.

The mobile app industry is booming and stock trading apps have a broad appeal globally. Creating a well-designed app can lead to opportunities in international markets that lead to increasing your number of users and potential earnings as well.

Brand Recognition and Authority

A stock trading app that succeeds can establish itself as a trustworthy name in the FinTech industry. Satisfied users will become loyal supporters and spread positive feedback and recommendations.

By developing an advanced stock trading app, you can position yourself as a leader in FinTech. This attracts skilled developers and potential investors who share your vision for the future of mobile investing.

Meeting Evolving User Needs

Nowadays beginner and professional investors depend on the online trading app. If you build an app then it offers them convenience and flexibility to trade anywhere anytime and generate revenue. Stock trading apps are easy to use and attract a huge audience with their perks. By offering educational material and simplifying complicated financial ideals, your app can empower novice investors to join the market.

Note: – Creating a stock trading app goes beyond technology. It’s all about creating a platform that enables user engagement, promotes financial inclusions, and sets up your leadership in the constantly changing FinTech market. By taking this advantage, you can decide confidently to enter this promising market.

Robust Suite of Stock Trading App Services

At eBizneeds, we recognize the complexities of creating a thriving stock trading app. We just don’t only focus on app development, but also provide after-development services like ongoing support and maintenance. Also, we offer a complete range of services and turn your business idea into a secure and easy-to-access platform. Here’s how we support your journey in developing a stock trading app.

Expert Development

Our team of experienced developers uses high stack like cloud infrastructure and strong APIs to create stock trading apps that can grow with your needs and preferences. We focus on using clean code architecture and industry best practices to ensure your app is not only functional but also easy to maintain and ready for future expansion.

Compliance Navigation

Verifying users thoroughly helps prevent fraud and builds trust. It’s crucial for detecting and stopping suspicious activities that protect both users and your business. We also follow data privacy laws strictly to build user confidence and keep their information safe. At eBizneeds, working with experts ensures your app follows regulations, fostering trust and avoiding legal problems.

User –Centric Design

Providing a user-friendly experience is essential to attract users or grab the attention of users. We help design a clean & simple interface with clear menus, well-defined buttons, and easy-to-read fonts to make navigation effortless. You should show important information like portfolio performance, market trends, and relevant data clearly and concisely. Let users personalize their experience by creating watchlists, adjusting chart layouts, and choosing preferred news feeds. By focusing on user experience, your app will become more user-friendly, encouraging engagement and loyalty.

Security at the Forefront

Create a secure platform beyond just passwords. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which requires an extra verification step like a fingerprint scan or a code. Our team of experts ensures to use of strong encryption methods to protect user data both when it’s stored on servers and when it’s being transferred between devices and servers.

Investing in strong security displays your commitment to protecting user information and enables you to build the trust of the audience and confidence in your app. It is highly recommended to use secure protocols like HTTPS to encrypt communication between the app and servers. Also, put measures in place to prevent unauthorized login attempts.

Customizable Solution

Through your trading app, let users create custom lists to track specific stocks, ETFs, or other instruments that match their investment strategies. Even make sure to use AI or machine learning to provide news feeds tailored to user’s interests and investment goals. Our skilled developers enable users to change chart layouts and indicators to suit their preferred methods of technical analysis.

Indulge with Stock Trading App System Design Architecture

Indulge strives for a stock trading app that is both easy to use and powerful and serves a wide variety of investors. To achieve this goal, making a planned system design architecture is essential. Here’s a detailed look at its main elements:

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

This is where users interact with the trading app. It should be easy to use, neat, and attract a huge user base. Whereas UX involves how users move through the application. This ensures a smooth transition between tasks such as making trades, managing accounts, and checking portfolio performance.

API Gateway

It works as the single-entry point for incoming requests from the mobile app. This directs requests to the correct backend services based on their function (like placing orders or retrieving data.

Mobile App Frontend

This layer manages how users interact with the app, shows real-time data, and communicates with the backend to achieve orders and retrieve information. Frameworks such as Flutter App Development & React Native App Development are commonly used to build mobile apps that work across different platforms saving both time and money during the development process.

Backend Services

This layer manages essential tasks such as executing orders, managing data, and authenticating users. It includes several sub-services like

  • Handling buying and selling orders, connects with stock exchanges or brokers for execution, and updating user portfolios.
  • Retrieves real-time and past market data from financial data providers via APIs.
  • This manages user registration, login, account details, and security measures.
  • Computes portfolio performance metrics, produces reports, and offers insights to users.


This helps to manage user information like account, transaction history, profile and market data references to speed up data retrieval. A flexible & strong database such as NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB) enables to management of large amounts of data and user interfaces effectively.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Implementing this design ensures strong security measures. This includes verifying user identities, using data to detect illegal access, and encrypting data. While creating a trading app meeting financial regulations in the target market becomes essential. This includes the data privacy laws and acquiring needful documents like licenses and so on.

Scalability and Performance

The design must allow for horizontal scaling which means implementing more servers to manage higher user traffic and data volume. Moreover, adding a catching mechanism to speed up responses and lessen the load on backend services.

External Services

Connecting with third-party services will be helpful for engaging users. This involves linking with financial data providers such as Bloomberg, and Reuters for up-to-date market information and the latest updates. Based on your business model chosen, there’s the option to collaborate with a brokerage platform to execute orders.

Benefits of this Architecture

  • Each service operates independently and is loosely connected. This makes it simpler to maintain and develop in the future.
  • This architecture enables easy integration with upcoming features and services.
  • The system can expand smoothly to handle large users and huge data.
  • Separating responsibilities and using strong security measures enables user data and financial transactions to be well protected.

Note: – By using this architecture, “Indulge” can offer a secure, dependable, and scalable platform for users to enjoy a stock trading app.

How we designed a stock trading app in fintech

A stock trading app is an online platform that lets users buy, sell, and manage stocks efficiently. Let’s understand how to create a stock trading app.

Start the Project

The first step starts your project by selecting a team of stock market app developers with expertise in Custom Software Development Services. With hiring experienced developers, plan your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) through this step.

  • Conduct Market Research
  • Hold sessions to understand the needs of the audience and how your fintech product can resolve their issue.
  • Use tools like pain and gain maps to understand the features of your MVP.

Define Project Scope

The next step is to work with your team to plan the scope of your trading app development. Choose the features and functions you need to implement in your trading app. Discuss the timeframe it will take to develop a trading app. Usually, the project includes the main timeline set by developers with input from the project managers, sales team, and clients.

Secure your Trading App

Security is very important in the development of trading apps because it handles sensitive information. The trading industry is under strict regulations to protect this personal data. To keep your app safe, address security risks like XML external entities, injections, and cross-site scripting. Moreover, updating the security further with features like bank-level encryption, advanced firewalls and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also essential.

Focus on Main Features

For a smooth development procedure, make sure to use cloud services like MBaaS and PaaS. Once this is done then create and develop the APIs for your main features. You can also use third-party APIs for extra features like push notifications and many more to attract huge users. Your main aim is to build a mobile app with flawless user experience, performance, and security.

Hire your Development Team

The main goal of building a stock market app is to have a skilled and experienced development team to enhance user engagement. For building a stock trading mobile app, your team should include JavaScript developers for web development, UI designers, Android developers, Testers, Swift developers for iOS development, and DevOps engineers.

Create APIs for Key and Additional Features

Start by creating the APIs needed for the main trading features of your app.

  • Use tools like Postman to speed up API development and testing.
  • Ensure your API is secure with encryption, authentication, throttling, quotas, and gateways.
  • Host your API on your AWS account.
  • Properly manage your API development and staging environments.
  • Make sure the API works on Android, web, and iOS devices.
  • Design clear URLs for easy requests and responses.

Testing, Delivery, Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Once your stock trading app is successfully launched then it’s important to thoroughly test it on different devices. Our Quality Assistant (QA) team will find and fix any bugs or issues. This testing is done by running the app on mobile devices to check the different problems that arise in using the app and ensure it works well.

During testing, any defects are checked by QA and the app’s functional and non-functional needs are recorded. Additionally, your app will need ongoing maintenance and support to stay up-to-date with the tech stack. After that, we’ll discuss the features needed to design a top stock trading app development like Robinhood and E-Trade. These features are crucial for your app to stand out in the competitive market.

How much does it cost to create a stock trading app?

Developing a stock trading app involves diverse factors that influence its development cost including features, complexities, cloud solutions, operating system, the location of the IT Consulting firm, development timeframe, and many more.

When considering how to create trading software and its total cost, these factors must be considered while developing a trading app. Nowadays, creating a fintech app is challenging but it should prioritize user-friendliness to enhance user engagement.

Creating a trading app typically takes around 6 to 12 months. The total cost of developing a trading app may range between $25000 to $300000 based on different chosen features, complexity, and functionality.

FAQs For Stock Trading App Development

Which Stock Trading app is best?

A huge number of options are available in the market that offer a flawless experience to their users. It is totally up to your experience level. You may either choose the Robinhood app or Stash.

What is the exact cost of developing a stock trading app?

Usually, the cost of developing a stock trading app ranges between $25000 to $300000. However, the exact cost is based on different chosen features, complexity, and functionality.

How to use stock trading apps?

You need to link your bank account. You can make a one-time transfer or set up regular deposits into your Robinhood account. To trade a specific stock and search for options. When the stock appears, you can buy it when takes you to the purchase page. Then, selling a stock works almost the same way as buying it.

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