How To Create A Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge In 2024?

How To Create A Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge In 2024?

Remember the days when you had to switch on the TV to view your favorite team’s game? Have you ever missed an important sports play because you were stuck at work? Luckily these days are becoming a thing of the past. Recently, sports streaming apps have completely modified how fans watch games. These apps offer instant access, live coverage, and convenience you can’t find on television. Here is a complete guide to you about all the necessary points of Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge In 2024.

More than half of fans now prefer streaming games. This trend is set to grow as the global sports streaming market is expected to hit a massive $87.33 billion by 2028. More and more people are turning to sports streaming apps for their daily favorite games. This is because sports streaming apps are convenient for watching games anytime, anywhere.

Platforms like Sportsurge have set a high standard with their advanced features and real-time updates. The app has an easy-to-use interface.  Developing an app like Sportsurge isn’t just a new idea, it’s a smart business move that can lead to significant revenues quickly. With growing demand for live sports content and the shift towards digital streaming, a well-designed sports streaming app can tap into a lucrative market. Keep connected with us to learn more information about the Sports Streaming App, its key features, best ways to develop a sports streaming app.

What Is The Sportsurge App?

Sportsurge is a popular and top-notch streaming app where you can find live sports globally. The app covers a wide variety of sports including motorsports, F1, Cricket, Football, MMA, Hockey, and many more. Moreover, it also focuses on NFL, NBA, and MLB. What makes this app stand out from its rivals? The amazing part about this app is you can access it without signing up or registering. The Sportsurge has an easy-to-use format that allows you to choose a sport click on live matches and opt for a stream effortlessly.

Viewers can easily navigate, select from various live streaming, and enjoy HD content without interruption from ads. This mix of large coverage, easy-to-use, and ad-free viewing has made the Sportsurge the go-to choice for sports fans who want hassle-free streaming and a convenient way to follow their favorite teams and athletes.

The app also works well with VPNs that allow its users to switch between diverse streaming without disturbance. You can quickly access Sportsurge on various devices like IOS, Android, and Firestick simply by using any web browser.

Why To Invest In Sports Streaming App Development Like Sportsurge?

Investing in sports streaming like Sportsurge can be a profitable decision in the era of app development. These apps are important for sports fans. Many sports streaming apps offer a convenient and high-quality viewing experience to their users.

With the increasing demand for quick access to live sports and highlights, these apps have become essential for fans. Here we have shared why investing in this growing market is a great opportunity for investors.

Sportsurge App Statistics In Depth: Market Insight

  • The worldwide sports app market is expected to grow by 10.9% each year. The high growth we will see in the next seven years.
  • In the United States, there is a high demand for budget-friendly digital sports platforms.
  • The growth is driven by high-definition live streaming and interactive software.
  • Back in 2020, the sports streaming app market was valued at $18.11 billion.
  • It’s predicted to grow rapidly at a rate of 21.5% annually which will reach $87.33 billion by 2028.

Key Features To Consider While Developing An App Like Sportsurge

Creating a successful sports streaming app like Sportsurge involves focusing on features that improve the user experience, meet fan’s needs, and ensure smooth performance. Here are some essential features to include:-

Live Sport Coverage

While developing a sports streaming app, it is important to offer a large variety of sports categories such as major leagues NFL, NBA, MLB, and international sports like soccer, cricket, and motorsports.

A good sports streaming app also provides a live streaming option for ongoing games so users can watch the action in real-time. You should also consider features like multi-event views or split functionality for dedicated fans.

User-Friendly Interface 

This is an important feature for a sports streaming app. This includes a simple and user-friendly design so users can easily find the games they want. A sports streaming app with a simple and user-friendly design includes a strong search feature with filters for sports, teams, leagues, or specific events.

Let users customize their experience by marking favorite teams or leagues and setting up notifications for upcoming games.

High-Quality Streaming and Playback Features

Make sure streaming is smooth and reliable with minimal buffering or bugs for users, even when many people are watching. You should provide different video quality options that suit different internet speeds. To offer a great user experience, try to include playback controls so users can pause, rewind, and fast-forward live streams.

In-Depth Sports Data and Statistics

This feature is vital to enhance the viewing experience. This includes live statistics and commentary for ongoing games. Also offers game highlights, post-match analysis, and news feeds to keep users informed and engaged. You should also consider features like historical data, fantasy, player profiles, and fantasy sports integration for dedicated fans.

Social Media Integration

By adding this feature to your sports streaming app, users can connect with their friends, share their favorite moments, and chat about live games while viewing live events or sports games. Use social media logins to make registration easy and create a strong community around your app.

Multi-Platform Support

Develop your app for both IOS and Android to reach more users. You can create a web version for those who like watching on desktops or laptops.

On-Demand Replays and Archived Content

This feature allows users to catch up on missed games or relive their favorite moments with on-demand replays. Adding this feature allows a library of achieved content which includes classic games, documentaries, and interviews for a flawless sports experience.

Monetization Features

Here we have three ways by which different sports streaming services make money.

  • They use a freemium model which means they show ads during breaks or before start streaming.
  • They use a freemium model which means they show ads during breaks or before streams start to generate revenue.
  • They also offer pay-per-view options for big events like championship games or boxing matches.

How To Build A Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge

How To Build A Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge

Market Research

Do detailed market research on the sports streaming market for maximum user engagement. Try to find the audience’s preferences and needs so that your app can perform well where they might be lacking. Find new opportunities where your app can fill a need.

You should know your audience also, understand their age, interests in sports, and how they like to watch games. This survey helps you to customize your app’s features and content to meet their needs.

You can also create a unique selling point (USP). You should know what makes your app special. Whether it’s paying attention to specific sports, offering exclusive content, or having a unique way for users to interact. Make sure to clearly define what makes your app different from your rivals.

Licensing and Rights Acquisition

Developing a sports streaming app required broadcast rights.  You must obtain a license from teams, leagues, and content creators to stream their content legally. Decide on a model like pay-per-view, or free-to-watch and subscriptions that suit your content plans and financial goals.

Technology Stack

You may either choose between back-end infrastructure and front-end development for creating your own sports streaming app. Back-end development involves servers for streaming content, storing user data, and managing platform features.

Whereas, front-end development opts for native app development (IOS and Android) for a tailored experience. You can explore cross-platform frameworks for cost-effective solutions.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

The design of the user interface is another key factor that affects the total cost of developing your sports streaming software. Hiring an expert developer is important for creating a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and attractive features.

Including the strong search capabilities with filters for sports, teams, leagues or events helps users find what they want.  The personalization design lets users customize their experience by setting their favorite teams or leagues, getting personalized notifications, and adjusting how they view content.

Try to use modern elements like clean layouts, options for dark mode, and intuitive icons to create an attractive and user-friendly app interface.

Development Procedure

This method allows for flexible development by testing features in stages and improving them based on user feedback. Quality Assurance tests the app before making it available to the audience.

Testing an app is a very crucial step to finding and fixing bugs. This ensures a seamless and problem-free user experience.  Also focusing on encrypting data is important. It is preventing piracy to safeguard user information and prevent unauthorized access to content.

Quality Assistant Testing

At this stage, the whole parts and system are checked to make sure the app meets the audience’s needs. Also, QA is responsible for checking the functional plan and technology specification. The software testing provider needs to follow the process to make sure the app is secure and maintainable.

Unit testing helps to verify each technique, strategy, feature, and operation plan so that the app works smoothly. This part ensures each part of the app works correctly and systematically. End-to-end testing allows the mobile application to work as intended throughout the entire user flow.

Marketing and App Launch

Now launch your mobile app on the IOS or Android platforms. The main objective of developing a live streaming app is to launch an app that’s popular for live streaming with high user engagement. To make your app famous in marketing, you should ensure it has an effective feedback system.

On-going support and Maintenance

Updating your app frequently is also important to keep the audience interested. Hiring an expert mobile Development Company like eBizneeds helps in your project’s maintenance and support, you can achieve excellent results.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Sports Streaming App Development Like Sportsurge?

A sports streaming app development cost depends on the live streaming services like SportSurge varies based on the project requirements. However, the expected cost of development may range between $50,000 and $70,000. The exact cost may depend on the user’s needs and preferences. Here we have provided the different factors that affect the cost of developing an app like SportSurge:-

Technology Selection

The technology selection also impacts the overall cost of development. Using the advanced tech stack like blockchain, augmented reality (AR), metaverse, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning will make your project more complex and enhance the cost as well.

Team of Development

The size of the development team and their experience also influence the cost of development. Hiring a development team from India will cost you almost half of hiring a team from the US or UK.

Design Interface

The design of the user interface is a vital factor that impacts the overall cost of sports streaming app development.  Hiring a professional designer will be a perfect decision to create an intuitive user interface, visually appealing interactive elements, and smooth navigation. However, choosing a basic design for your sports streaming app can save money & time.

App Maintenance

It’s important to hire skilled developers to create and maintain your sports streaming app. You will have extra costs for their expertise. This will include project consulting, maintenance, upgrade support, and expertise assistance. This is necessary to ensure your app is well-developed, offers a seamless experience to users, and works smoothly in the long run.

Sportsurge Alternatives To Watch Your Favorite Sports

StreamEast App

StreamEast App is a popular sports streaming app. The app offers live football, baseball, and basketball sports to its users. The audience enjoys the content of this app because it provides high-quality streaming on a budget. You can stream your favorite sports game anytime without facing a problem. The app is designed to make it convenient for users to watch their favorite games. The app works on multiple platforms so users can see live events anywhere. Even though, it allows users to watch for free.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is also the best alternative to Sportsurge which offers a paid service to their users. You can stream live TV channels like NBC Sports, Fox Sports and ESPN. There is no doubt that the app is considered the number one platform that provides detailed coverage. It also includes a cloud DVR with limitless storage. Here you can record live games and watch them offline later.

The app works on multiple platforms and also provides you the flexibility to watch your favorite games in high quality. It has an easy-to-use interface and authorized streaming. YouTube TV has become a great choice for sports enthusiasts who want to watch live events by relaxing at their place. Just you need to buy a subscription to access the full sports package.


The app provides a live TV channel with sports coverage from NBC Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports. USTVGO has a simple design and few running ads on the platform that make it easy for users to watch movies and TV shows.

The app allows you to stream your favorite games through different devices. This feature makes the app a good alternative to Sportsurge since it provides you with free streaming. However, users must check if the platform and its content are legal in their area to avoid any issues.


ESPN+ is the next good alternative to SportSurge. Undoubtedly, the app provides you with a large collection of live streaming such as UFC events, NHL, and MLB. Those individuals who bought subscriptions have the right to watch original shows, a wide range of sports content, documentaries, and so on. The app offers a top college sport, PGA Tour events, and soccer from major leagues. The simple-to-use design and supports many devices, the app wants to provide a seamless user experience. Sports fans can rely on this subscription service for high-quality and legal streams.


FuboTV is also offering the best streaming service. The app mainly focuses on sports and provides many live-streaming channels like NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and international soccer. People appreciate this app for its high-quality streams and user-friendly interface.

Even FudoTV supports live recording with its cloud DVR feature. Besides, it also provides news, movies, and entertainment that cuts the extra cable cost. FuboTV works well on various devices so sports fans can’t miss their favorite games. This service is legal and high quality but users need to buy a subscription plan to use this streaming service.


Basketball fans shouldn’t get over the perks of the NBA app. This offers you to watch live NBA games during playoffs, and finals.  The app includes various features like highlights, analysis, and real-time stats. Even a customization option is available to support your favorite players and teams.

The app lets you watch games anywhere without facing interruption. Some content is free to us but to access more e advanced features you have to buy an NBA League Pass subscription plan. The NBA App provides a complete flawless basketball streaming experience.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is also a well-known and popular sports streaming app to watch news and analysis. Users can stream live events that include NBA, UEFA, and Europa League games and the Champions League. Using this service enhances your experience by providing real-time updates on sports games.

The app is available on different platforms. By using the app, you can stay updated with the current events and sports news. Some content is free but you need to get a subscription for premium events. You are required to pay for each subscription plan individually.


VIPLeague is a popular alternative to Sportsurge for streaming sports events. The app allows its users to view live football, baseball, basketball, and other games for free. The app offers exciting content and makes it simple for users to find their favorite games.

People have many options to use VIPLeague on various devices. Moreover, users of each free streaming application make sure about the legal and security risks. Before using the platform, try to gather information about you using a safe platform and check the app is legal in your location.

What Is the Revenue Model Of Sports Streaming App Like Sportsurge?

A lot of ways are available to make revenue from a reliable sports streaming app like Sportsurge. Just explore these models with us and start making a profit from today!

Cooperations and Partnerships Agreement

Forming a partnership with well-known online sports platforms is important because users need to watch interesting content related to their favorite sports. These alliances can maximize what you offer and create different ways to make money like sponsored events and brand marketing.

Subscription Charges

Adding subscription plans to your app offers users exclusive access to on-demand shows, advanced features, live sports, etc. Today, HD streaming is important for your customers. This model business is ideal for business growth and also ensures steady revenue in the long run.

Optional in-app Purchases

In-app purchases will help you to make money because they can offer special things like behind-the-scenes content and premium sports channels. These days, people pay for these extras that enable companies to earn more revenue.

Using Affiliates to Advertise

If you have your own sports streaming app, you can advertise the product and services within it. Affiliates can widen the number of users, boost sales, and produce extra income for the app owners.

Tech Stack Required To Develop a Sports Streaming App

Choosing the right technology is also important while developing a Sports Streaming App for multiple devices. Using the appropriate tool ensures data security and smooth streaming for many users. It is also essential for adding advanced features, allowing the app to run smoothly and offering users a great experience. For building a sports streaming app, key tech tools might include.

User Authentication API (Auth0 or Firebase Authentication)


Live Streaming API (Wowza Streaming Cloud API or Twitch API)


Sports Data API (SportRadar, The Sports DB, API-Football)


Back-end (Flask, Django, Node.js)


Front-end (Swift, Flutter, React Native)


Payment Gateway (Braintree, Paypal)


DevOps (Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker)


Video Hosting and Streaming API (Brightcove API or Vimeo API)


Sportsurge Alternatives To Watch Your Favorite Sports

Why Consider eBizneeds For Sports Streaming App Development?

Leading in the IT sector, eBizneeds is a reliable and authorized service provider that delivers top-notch apps within given timeframes. We have an experienced team of developers who understand both tech and sports.

Our successful history sets us apart in the IT services field because our skilled developers and strong support system will also solve issues after your project is finished. Choosing our team to make your sports streaming app is a perfect decision for the following reasons:-

Flawless experience

Since our company launched, we have delivered more than 500 applications in the past decades. This has provided us with deep insights into the challenges of creating flawless sports streaming services.

Market Insights

We offer customized solutions that fit customers’ needs, industry information and focus on market trends. This guarantees the success of your application.

Skilled Developers

eBizneeds provides a team of skilled and experienced developers who know back-end and front-end development. Their experience is enough to develop a sports streaming app for various platforms like Android or IOS.


In past decades, sports streaming applications popular by making billions of revenue. The exciting and advanced features and easy-to-use interface are the best thing about these apps that attract millions of users.  If you also want to build your own sports streaming app then hiring app development services from eBizneeds could be a wise decision.


How can I create a streaming app?

Creating a sports streaming app like Sportsurge involves planning, development, launch, and maintenance. Here’s a breakdown of the essential steps:-

  • Research your audience
  • Make a plan for how you will earn money
  • Use a powerful platform for live streaming, hosting, and storing content.
  • Design an easy-to-use and attractive interface.
  • Develop and test a basic version of your live-streaming app.
  • Launch the app, keep it updated, and make improvements.

How do you monetize a sports app?

You can generate revenue in the sports streaming market in different ways:-

  • Subscription model
  • Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Optional in-app Purchases
  • Using Affiliates to Advertise
  • E-commerce Opportunities

How much does it cost to build a sports streaming app?

Creating a sports streaming app may cost between $25,000 to $ 50,000. The exact cost depends on various factors like functions, features, complexity, development team size, experience of developers, and many more.

How do app owners make money?

App owners can earn money in different ways. They get paid when a user clicks on an ad and when the user installs the app through an ad or every time an ad is shown. App owners generate revenues each time an ad is displayed when someone clicks on or when a user downloads the apps being advertised.

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