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What is the Cost of Developing a Node.js Web App?

Last updated on May 20th, 2024 at 06:45 am

In current times, web app development has transformed at a tremendous pace. The demand for Node.js web app development is rapidly rising because it declines the app loading times by about 50-60%. It can also reduce the development cost significantly. Hence, developing Node.js web apps at an affordable cost seems a sound decision.

Node.js web app is used for backend development due to its higher speed and performance. The advanced backend development of the project requires a higher experience level of Node.js developers. Hence, this blog will discuss the cost of developing a Node.JS web app in 2024.

But before discussing it, we will start this blog on what Node.JS is all about. Let’s dive into it.

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What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript framework that helps developers to create apps in a real-time environment. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Node.js can help you create a world-class, powerful, high-performance app. It is one of the most awesome and popular web development frameworks, which helps to build various applications for the web and mobile.

Whether you want to create a real-time app, online shopping, multi-media app, or any other, Node.js Development Company can help you with everything. Various popular apps in the market are developed on Node.js, like Uber, PayPal, eBay, Netflix, Walmart, etc.

Before we discuss the development cost of the Node.js project, let’s first know why you should get an app developed with this framework.

Benefits of Node.js Web App Development

Research reports say that 85% of web apps are developed on Node.js, and 43% of large organizations use them to make flexible, high-performance enterprise apps.

Below we have listed all the features of NodeJS App Development that make it popular and the best in its category.

Simple to Learn

Since JavaScript language is already a hit among front-end developers, Node.js did not take much time to gain popularity. Node.js allows the developers to use the same environment on the backend side with less effort.

It further enabled developers to use the same language on both ends, simplifying the system and reducing the need for a large team.


The other great benefit it offers is its scalability. Node.js apps can maintain the balance like a feature of node apps is a cluster module with which you can balance the load over various CPU cores.

Understanding how to create a node.js app helps you to create scalability. You can hire Node.js development services to build your app on Node.js and turn your ideas into reality.

Build Applications Faster

The Node.js framework allows you to build apps very quickly, and the apps you develop using it are not very heavy. As a result, they run faster apps that take up less space. Additionally, this framework simplifies the creation of web applications. Because of this, you can create real-time, multi-user applications.


The biggest advantage is that it suits your budget and can meet your needs effectively by designing a great app. It is an open-source platform and one of the most cost-effective solutions compared to other Java frameworks.

Powerful Technology Stack

Node.js allows backend development for apps and enables developers to use all the features of a full stack of JavaScript frameworks. Node apps are very productive, faster, and highly productive. Moreover, technical support is always available as it is an open-source framework with a big community.

Node.js is a powerful framework that includes a wide variety of features. However, you need an expert to build a robust app on it. An expert can utilize all its tools and technologies in a better way. Now the next question arises:

What is the best source to hire an expert?

of course, you can hire an expert for your node.JS web app development, but it may cost you somewhat high. It is why most organizations outsource their project, which has proven to be the best way to get talent at an affordable price.

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Cost of Node.js Web App Development

The Node.JS web app development cost relies on the engagement model, experience level, and specific web development company. For example, the compensation of the average Node.js developer in the USA is about $120,000 per annum and or $12,000 monthly. But the cost of developing a Node.JS web app has differed in the following regions:

For Germany, we require an average of €40,574 to €59,700 annually or €3272 and €4815 monthly to hire Node.JS developers, but for the UK, we require about £55,000 annually or £4583 monthly for hiring Node.JS developers (According to kruschecompany). In India, the average salary of Node.JS developers is about? 1.2 L to ? 12 L annually (According to AmbitionBox).

You can also hire different kinds of Node.JS web app developers to reduce the web app development cost. For example, suppose you want to develop the services hourly. In that case, you may hire a freelancer, and if you are searching for reliable and affordable options, you may hire off-shore Node.JS developers.

These are the average cost of Node.JS web app development. We cannot determine the actual Node.JS web app development cost because different factors affect it.

Let’s check out these.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Node.JS Web App Development

Here, we have discussed different factors affecting Node.JS web app development costs.

Choice Between Outsourcing, Freelancer, and In-House Developer

When it comes to hiring a Node.js developer, businesses often face the choice between outsourcing, hiring a freelancer, or employing an in-house developer. Each option has its pros and cons.

Outsourcing allows you to tap into a pool of experienced developers and specialized agencies. It offers cost savings, flexibility, and scalability, but communication challenges and potential time zone differences may arise.

Freelancers provide flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to work with individuals possessing specific skill sets. However, managing multiple freelancers and ensuring accountability can be demanding.

On the other hand, hiring an in-house developer offers direct control, better communication, and alignment with your company culture. It ensures constant availability and long-term commitment. However, the costs associated with recruitment, benefits, and training should be considered.

To make the right choice, evaluate your project requirements, budget, timeline, and expertise needed. Consider the level of supervision, long-term commitments, and the availability of resources.

Assessing these factors will help you determine whether outsourcing, hiring a freelancer, or employing an in-house Node.js developer is the most suitable option for your specific needs.

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Complexity and Features

Each feature and functionality in Node.js web app development will generate additional costs. The complex functionality of the app may create more cost as it will require in-depth coding.

The features and functionality in advanced Node.js development may require API integration, advanced payment methods, etc. It will need longer development hours and, ultimately, higher costs in project development.

The Level of Experience

The cost of hiring a Node.JS developer highly relies on the developer’s skills and experience. Selecting an adequate level of job competency depends on how well you define the project scope. For example, to develop a small-scale backend landing page, you do not require a higher level of Node.JS developer.

Let’s delve a deep more about it.

Entry-Level Developers

Using Node.js, you can develop the web server and connect the frontend features to the backend APIs. They understand different aspects such as HTML, Templating, JavaScript, database setup, and routing. These developers require less experience as they cannot handle complex development tasks.

Experience: less than 1 or 2 years

Hourly Rate: $15- $45

Mid-Level Developers

They understand the JavaScript development aspects as a whole. Highly-used tech stacks include SQL, MEAN, GitHub, Language, DevOps development, and Libraries. Responsible for connecting the data between servers and users.

They are also imperative for developing a large-scale Node.js app. and support in creating backend elements and integrating the app with other services.

Experience: 2-4 years of expertise

Hourly Rate: $45-$60

Senior Level Developers

These developers have strong programming skills in JavaScript. They understand how to develop an npm package from the ground level and have the expertise to perform on other server-side techs. It assures better performance and responsiveness to frontend requests of a central database. They have sound SQL, AWS, VR, AR, and testing knowledge.

Experience: 5+ years of experience

Hourly Rate: $55-$90

So, to get advanced services, you must pay higher costs for hiring developers.

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Project Size

The larger project may create more complexity in app development and will take more time, effort, and advanced expertise, However,r takes less time to connect the server with third-party APIs compared to Node.js pa Node. js-powered from scratch.

It is addressed that the implementation of sophisticated features may take a longer time. Irrespective of payment systems, you must pay additional charges to developers for their extra working hours.

The experience level and number of developers depend on the project size. Let’s look at different types of Node.js apps at diverse scales.

Small-Scale App

For developing chatbots or even single real-time chat apps with basic features, you need hardly 1-2 developers. Hence, you require less Node.js web app development cost.

Middle-Scale App

IoT and complex single-page apps require an advanced framework’s ability to handle different simultaneous requests and asynchronous dealings. It requires affordable cost for node.JS web app development.

Larger-Scale App

For larger-scale projects, a team of qualified developers is essential. Due to the requirements of several developers with qualified experts, the cost of developing a Node.JS web app may rise.

Development Team

The development team is another factor that may affect the cost of developing a Node.JS web app. According to the work scope, different experts are hired in a team.

The development team comprises project managers, software developers, business analysts, designers, and quality analysts. Hence, the larger number of members in a team increases the Node.JS web app development cost.

The Expertise of the Developers

The cost of developing a Node.jsNode.js web app on the expertise and knowledge of the developers. The more experienced and skilled developers require the more cost of developing a Node.JSNode.JS web application, hiring a Node.JS developer with minimum experience will cost around $67,0000. The cost of developers with 5-10 years of experience is approximately $105,0000. And the the salary of Node.JS developers may vary between $72,000 to $116,000 annually.


The cost of hiring Node.JS developers may vary from place to place. For example, Node.JS developers in the US require $78,000 to $150,000. In contrast, developers’ costs in Australia and Germany are $90,0000 and $50,000, respectively. 

You can focus on the below table on the cost of hiring Node.JS developers.








Junior Developer





$ 38,800


Mid-Level Developer





$ 59,700


Senior Developer





$ 84,000


Source: Terasol technologies

Third-Party Services

There are a large number of web apps using third-party services. It may aid in providing features and functionalities for an inclusive user experience. The node.js web app development cost also depends on third-party services.

Security Level

In current times, security cannot be avoided in web app development. Because web apps developed using Node.js are highly secure and safe. Hence, creating security at enterprise-level apps requires a higher cost than normal apps as it requires more security.

For example, you will require higher security if you have thousands of employees and want to develop advanced ERP web apps. Consequently, it will raise the cost of developing a Node.js web app.

Maintenance and Support

Unsurprisingly, web apps may occasionally cause different problems. It may consider technical bugs, interruption, and so on. Hence, continuous maintenance and support are required to resolve all queries and provide the best user experience.

Each maintenance and support service requires additional cost and may lead to the development of Node.JS web apps.



Node.js requires required-end web app development, specifically when you want to create real-time apps. When deciding to develop the Node.JS web app, you need to find the cost and requirements to get higher benefits.

Different factors may affect the development of Node.JS web apps, such as app complexity, project size, development team, experience, location, and so on.

Although quality and budget rely on the developers, you outsource from different locations. You must hire a top-notch Node.JS development company like eBizneeds that focuses on offering the best quality, innovative, scalable, and robust Node.js web app development services.

FAQs on Node.JS Web App Development

Is Node.js a framework for web app development?

Node. Js is not a framework. Instead, it is a JavaScript runtime environment.

How much does it cost to develop a Node.JS project?

Node.JS developer may require a cost between $72,000 to $116,000. Hence, developers having higher experience and skills require higher project costs.

Is Node.JS required for Web app development?

It highly relies on JavaScript; hence full-stack developers knowing bknownt and backend can support you in creating all kinds of web apps. Node.JS is ideal for developing streamlining web applications, data-intensive server-side apps, and microservices.

Are node.JS developers in demand?

Node.JS developers are in high demand because they are interested in real-time, fast, and event-driven servers.

What is the main benefit of NodeJS?

One key benefit of Node.JS is that developers easily scale the app in vertical and horizontal directions. The apps can be scaled horizontally as additional nodes are required for an existing system.

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