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How to Find And Hire Node JS Developer in 2024?

Last updated on April 1st, 2024 at 05:43 am

With the rising complexity of online and mobile apps, more businesses are turning to Node.js developers to create, launch, and manage their applications. Node.js developers are in great demand and are essential for businesses looking to create and manage cutting-edge apps. In this blog, we’ll discuss why hiring Node.js programmers are vital, as well as the key steps to assist people in understanding how to hire Node JS developers in 2024.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to build server-side applications using JavaScript. It was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and is built on the V8 JavaScript engine used by Google Chrome.

Node.js enables developers to create scalable, efficient, and high-performance applications by using non-blocking, event-driven I/O. This means that Node.js can handle multiple requests and connections simultaneously without blocking the main thread.

Node.js also has a vast package ecosystem called npm, which contains over 1.5 million packages that can be easily integrated into Node.js applications.

Node.js is used by developers to build various types of applications, including web applications, real-time applications, microservices, and APIs. Its popularity has been growing steadily in recent years, making it one of the most widely used server-side technologies in the industry.

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Why Node JS  is Better than Other Languages?

Node.js is a popular server-side runtime environment that is widely used by developers to build scalable and efficient applications. Here are seven reasons why Node.js is better than other languages:

Asynchronous Programming

Node.js is built on the concept of asynchronous programming, which allows developers to execute multiple tasks simultaneously without blocking the main thread. This helps in building applications that can handle large volumes of data and requests.

Fast Performance

Node.js uses the V8 engine, which is known for its fast performance. As a result, Node.js can handle a high volume of concurrent connections and deliver real-time responses.

Rich Package Ecosystem

Node.js has a vast package ecosystem called npm that contains over 1.5 million packages. This makes it easy for developers to find and use existing packages for their projects, saving time and effort.

Cross-platform Development

Node.js can run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it a versatile choice for developers.

Easy to Learn

Node.js is built on JavaScript, a widely used programming language that most developers are familiar with. This makes it easy for developers to learn Node.js and start building applications quickly.

Community Support

Node.js has a large and active community of developers who are constantly contributing to its development. This means that developers can get help and support from the community whenever they need it.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Node.JS Developer?

Hiring a skilled Node.js developer can bring numerous benefits to your business. With their expertise in JavaScript and Node.js frameworks, they can build scalable and efficient server-side applications, improve the performance of your web applications, and streamline your development process. Additionally, they can help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Faster Delivery

Node.js is faster and makes it easier and simpler to host web apps compared to other frameworks. It permits Node.js developers to test the concepts promptly and easily, enabling quick delivery of prototyping and making it perfect for startups.

It takes shorter time between ideation and a process’s launch that ultimately benefits to all businesses. A Node.js developer can reduce your business’s time-to-market by making testing much faster.

Real-time Programmes

Hiring a Node.js developer help your business to make real-time apps that work well and can simultaneously handle streaming and multiple tasks. Node.js makes it easy to handle real-time features like chat, games, and the live transmission of text, audio, or video communications.


Businesses can grow and expand with the help of Node.js’s scalability. This is because it has features like load balancing, the ability to handle multiple links simultaneously, and both vertical and horizontal software scaling.

These features make it easy for Node.js to adapt to changes in the number of users of an app without the need to be coded again.

A Node.js developer can help your business by making a simple, stand-alone guideline that can be quickly scaled up as required.


The client side and server side of Node.js is both written in the same language. It will save a business time and cost because it doesn’t have to hire so many developers to work on the front-end and backend procedures. Most of the time, hiring a Node.js developer is enough to finish a project.


A Node.js developer can make your business more visible on search engines. Node.js is considered the best framework for SEO strategy because it is fast and works well.

Hiring Options

Choosing an employment model that works for your company is essential for hiring a Node.js developer. Here, we will discuss how to hire node js developer through different available options.

In-house Developer

It is best choice to have a Node.js developer on staff for long-term projects and when support is needed after the launch. As a full-time team member, you benefit from having a skilled Node.js developer.

It saves your business time and money because it won’t have to hire someone with demonstrated technical experience if problems occur.

With in-house IT experts, you can also be sure that they will only work on the project you give them and care about your organization’s goals and vision. It is better than hiring someone quickly to finish a single project.

If you decide to hire a dedicated developer in-house, you have to pay them a monthly salary and cover all their benefits (financial and non-financial).

To be more specific, the traditional way to hire is “in-house,” which is also the best choice for companies that want to add someone to their office staff.

But developing software in-house is the most expensive option, especially for software companies in the United States and Western Europe. Also, if you want to cut node js developer cost, this is not the best way to do it.

Hiring A freelance Node.js Developer

You can add to your Node.js development team through freelance work. If your company wants to hire a freelance Node.js developer through sites like Upwork, Toptal, or Freelancer, you only have to pay for the work and the platform’s commission.

Even though hiring freelancers is the least expensive way to hire people, it comes with a bigger risk. When you work with a freelancer, you might run into problems like project delays and cancellations. So, this is the best way to handle small and simple Node.js tasks.


If you want to hire a Node.js developer from a different country or your own country, you can also use a third-party provider specializing in recruiting talent.

These agencies will hire outside help to handle your staffing needs and all compliance issues. It saves your business time and money because you don’t have to find talent. It also saves you from having to train people or pay them a salary.

If you do not want to devote time and resources in the recruiting and training process, it is possible to hire a node js development company.

Businesses can use talent when they can access a large pool of trained people with proven experience.

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Process to Follow Before Hiring Node.JS Developer

Here, we will discuss Step-by-Step guide to hire Node.js developer.

Step 1. Define Your Needs

Node.js is adaptable to various projects and by various levels of professionals. But the junior, middle, and senior Node.js developers have different needs. So, what are the responsibilities of Node.js engineers with different experience levels? Let’s both find out.

Junior Node.js Developer

Most junior Node.js developers have worked in the business world for a year. With this kind of experience, these professionals must know their way around the Node.js LTS documentation and have solid aspects of JavaScript (promises, async programming, classes, collections, functions, context, and other aspects of JS).

Junior specialists must know how to communicate to both the front and back ends. For example, when it comes to the backend, your juniors must understand how to communicate with third-party payment services.

Also, junior Node.js developers must know how to use technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Also, these professionals must be familiar with Node.js frameworks like Express, Nest, Fastify, and others. Juniors can compose Rest APIs with these frameworks.

Aside from that, people who are new to testing should know the basics, like how to write unit tests.

Juniors must also be familiar with the fundamentals of NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis, SQL databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL, and popular ORMs such as Sequelize, TypeORM, and Mongoose.

Strong juniors also know how to use Passport.js and can put strategies like passport-jwt into place.

Middle Node.js Developer

Most middle Node.js developers have worked in the business world for at least three years. They generally know more about the skills listed above for junior developers.

Also, they should be familiar with TypeScript and other modern JS tools. A middle-level Node.js developer will also benefit from knowing about CI pipelines, such as CircleCI or the AWS code pipeline.

Senior Node.js Developer

Senior Node.js developers have five years or more of experience in the pitch. In addition to the tools and skills listed, they also have more advanced specifications for Node.js. For example, most seniors have previously worked with client-side paradigms like Vue, React, and Angular.

These were the abilities for each level. Some specifications apply to everyone, no matter how senior they are. For example, all Node.js developers must write code that works well and aligns with international standards.

Furthermore, your Node.js developers need to know about rules, compliances, and best practices for data protection.

They must also know how to handle errors, have databases, and also have worked with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP. They must also be able to optimize and debug already written code.

No matter what level of seniority your project needs, you should hire a trusted and reliable Node.js development company.

Step 2. Look in the right places – where to find top Node JS developers?

Social media

LinkedIn is a good place to do research. You can not only screen your applicants there; however, you may also vigorously look for people who meet your needs and reach out to them. Blogs are also a good way for developers to share what they know.

Job boards

Job boards let you reach a lot of software developers with such little work, but you can consider getting hundreds or even thousands of applications from people who might not be right for the job.

Software development Agencies

You can hire a team of Node JS developers to work solely for you through a software development company. It will help you to make your ideas come to life. You can quickly add one or more developers to your team.

The benefit is that the node js development company is responsible for everything it does. They also start sharing what they understand with your team and act as mentors, helping your team learn new skills, advising you on improving the procedure, and arriving at better product decisions that are good for business.

Matching services

At matching services like Toptal, you can connect with the best experts in your field. Toptal pre-selects Node JS developers for you. Both Hired and Gun.io work in the same way. These node js development services are great if you need to find good developers quickly and don’t care much about the cost.

Freelancing platforms

You can also find Node JS developers on freelance sites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, and Fiverr.

The best thing about freelancing platforms is that you can see how each freelancer is rated and how much experience they have, which makes it easy to choose which ones meet your needs. Unhappily, freelancers don’t always have the opportunity to work on more complicated jobs.

Step 3. Build A Process

You need a set of processes to screen the best employees. It is referred to as a recruiting funnel and resembles a sales funnel. Decide how to evaluate a candidate’s abilities, outlook, cultural fit, and team compatibility.

Take a team member to the interview and prepare your questions in advance.

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1. Candidate screening

Fill the pipeline with prospective employees who seem to meet the profile you developed.

2. Test task

The test task is a way to check skills and see if the person is interested. If a candidate really wants to work for your company, he can spend a few hours doing a task in a framework they may not even know. You may also determine whether a candidate can develop innovative ideas using new technologies.

3. Technical test

It’s time to get ready to tackle some challenging puzzles. You check their knowledge once again, but you also learn about their method of thinking. You may also post some Node JS-related queries here.

4. Giving specific feedback

Provide precise comments on the exam assignment and technical test to the applicant. Also, you may provide them with tools they can utilize to strengthen their weaker places.

5. Interview

During the interview, you may evaluate a candidate’s technical abilities, soft abilities (such as communication, English proficiency, and collaboration), cultural fit, and team fit. Prepare inquiries that will enable you to evaluate the candidate’s attitudes, values, and objectives.

6. Hire/Not-hired

Regardless matter what it is, provide a final comment. Make a call to explain why someone won’t be hired or to announce the successful candidate’s hiring and go through the conditions in greater detail.

What Does It Cost to Hire A Node.JS Developer?

The cost of hiring a Node.js developer can vary based on several factors such as experience, location, project requirements, and skillset. Here are some details that can help you understand the cost of hiring a Node.js developer:

  • Experience: Node.JS developers with more experience generally charge higher rates. Senior developers with 5+ years of experience can charge anywhere between $80 to $200 per hour, while junior developers with 1-2 years of experience may charge $40 to $80 per hour.
  • Location: The cost of hiring a Node.js developer can vary based on their location. Developers in North America and Western Europe tend to charge higher rates compared to developers in Asia or Eastern Europe. For example, developers in the US can charge between $100 to $250 per hour, while developers in India can charge between $20 to $50 per hour.
  • Project Requirements: The cost of hiring a Node.js developer also depends on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements. Projects that require more specialized skills, such as real-time communication or security, can result in higher rates.
  • Skillset: Developers with additional skills such as front-end development or database management may charge higher rates than those with only Node.js skills.

It’s important to note that some developers may charge fixed project rates instead of hourly rates. In this case, the cost will depend on the project scope and requirements.

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Summing Up

You can make a wise choice to hire node js developer for your project, as many successful businesses have done to get benefits. Node JS offers up a lot of opportunities.

If you want to start developing a Node.js app, you need professionals who will take responsibility for the app’s design and give your end customers the needed functionality.

Engaging an outsourcing team is the quickest and most economical approach to finding Node.js engineers. In-house staff may be a dependable but costly option while hiring freelancers can enable you to lower the cost of your web application while adding risks.

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