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Latest Angular JS Development Tools to use in 2022

Last updated on October 12th, 2023 at 05:39 am

In today’s’ advance tech era, having an online presence of your business is essential. It helps you reach your brand to millions and spread your brand awareness worldwide. Your business website set your brand image in mind’s of people. So, it is significantly important to create a high-performance, powerful and stunning website. There are a variety of websites that are based on JavaScript technologies for backend, front end, development, as well as for testing web applications and websites. As you already know that there are many frameworks and tools are available in the market.

AngularJS development tools are the most preferred as they have a simple architecture with great characteristics of HTML 5 and simple syntax. AngularJS helps you to make use of HTML as a template language and allows you to expand the capacity of HTML by inserting inbuilt components and attributes.

Introduced by Google, AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework. It can build all the interactive elements of a website. It aims to help build single-page applications. Custom AngularJS development focuses on code quality and test ability and this is why developers prefer it most. In this article, we will first understand the concept of AngularJS, to get a better understanding of its development tools.

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What is AngularJS

AngularJS is a front-end and open-source JavaScript framework. It aims to make the task of developing as well as testing of applications a simple one. AngularJS is mainly maintained by Google. It has a great community of developers and they consistently work on developing single page applications.

AngularJS allows you to extend HTML attributes with directives, and bind data to HTML with expressions. It is a great framework for Single Page Applications (SPAs). A Single Page Application basically includes a UI page in which you can load multiple views. It has two-way data binding which makes development and testing of applications a simple task.

It supports multiple browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 15, IE9 and mobile browsers. There are many popular websites and applications which use AngularJS, some of them are Paypal, Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Netflix and Gmail.

Top AngularJS Development Tools

AngularJs is an exclusive framework to create a dynamic web page. AngularJS has a great bundle of effective tools to help the developer, making their task much easier and saving a lot of time. Let us have a look on some of the best tools for AngularJS Web Development.

1. Protractor

Protractor is an open-source framework and it is based on Node.js. It helps develop Angular.js web apps easily. It facilitates an automatic and interactive application development environment. The application incorporates various technologies, including Mocha, Cucumber, Selenium, and Jasmine.


  • It provides end to end testing capabilities.
  • It has automatic syncing of web pages and tests.
  • It has the ability to test on a real browser.


  • It is an incredibly helpful tool for Angular and non-Angular applications.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • It provides quick testing highlights that take out superfluous “rest” and “pause” time.


  • There may be lack of debugging features in some projects.
  • To use APIs and other technicals the knowledge of Selenium is essential.

2. Webstorm

Webstorm provides smart coding choices to AngularJS developers with amazing navigation tools as well as error-detecting features. An AngularJS Development Company can help you effectively use the webstorm.


  • It helps writing code for various Java Script languages including CSS, HTML, and Node.Js.
  • It has great debugging, testing, tracing, and profiling features
  • It is useful in running ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint, and JSLint
  • It has the best customization features which perfectly match to your coding style.


  • It allows working consistently without the need for scrolling.
  • It comes with in-built spell checker for avoiding silly mistakes.
  • It allows you to work on different languages.


  • It is not an open-source development tool.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to run multiple projects in a single stance.

3. Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code has been designed by Microsoft especially for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has an intelligent editor which makes it one of the fastest AngularJS development tools.


  • It has IntelliSense feature which allows smart completions of imported modules, variable types, and even function definitions.
  • Its Peek function expands into an inline window which displays the full definition of the function.


  • It offers multiple OS support including Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • It is useful for both private and commercial use.
  • It provides proactive support for needed plugins.
  • It is an open-source platform and can be easily downloaded and updated.


  • Its debugging process is not as efficient as other development tools.

4. Karma

For a development cycle, testing is an important aspect. Karma is an outstanding tool for testing any AngularJS web application and it helps make the development process faster and easier. For any development process, you can use PhantomJS which is a subsidiary of Karma. You just need to save a code file, and Karma will exercise all essential compilations on source code. It supports end-to-end (E2E) testing, midway testing, and unit testing. Karma is a popular AngularJS development tool. It allows you to write the code on PCs, laptop browsers, phones, and even tablets.


  • It supports all types of browsers.
  • It lets you test coding in multiple and real browsers.
  • It is an open-source tool, and it has a vibrant open-source community.
  • It integrates easily with Travis, Jenkins, and Semaphore.


  • It has great testing functions across different browsers.
  • It is an efficient framework.
  • It is an open-source platform for easy plug-ins.


  • It needs Node.JS for installation.
  • It has slow testing.

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5. Angular-Fire

Angular Fire is a comprehensive backend development tool that includes dynamic API features, 3-way data binding, and superior development capacity. It supplies the best IDE for AngularJS development in this context.


  • It provides synchronized real-time binding.
  • It manages binary data files such as images, videos, and blobs with great ease.
  • It is supported by AngularJS binding for Firebase.
  • It has server-side rendering and flexible API.
  • It let you store data offline, mechanically.


  • Flexible and dynamic API
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Excellent developer experience


  • Ordinary documentation features

6. Mocha js

Another great tool for JavaScript testing is Mocha. It is widely used for its precise reporting and flexibility. It includes various great tools for testing, and it can be run on Node.js and browser and allows asynchronous testing which makes it adjustable with mapping and broadcasting. It is a perfect tool for AngularJS developers on the beginner’s level and is useful for training purposes as well.


  • It provides java-script API for testing.
  • It is ideal for asynchronous testing.
  • It is a feature-rich framework.


  • Flexible and optimum reporting on tests
  • Provides support to almost all browsers


  • You cannot run random tests.
  • It needs assertion libraries and mocking utilities.

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7. Djangular

Djangular uses Django and Angular framework for creating content of your projects. It makes content development is an easy task, saving you a lot of your time and effort. It helps app integration easy and flexible, and you do not need to incorporate each task with Django specifically.  Additionally, you can form different namespaces and device for a firm content arrangement for all your applications. 


  • It provides namespacing AngularJS content according to Django app.
  • It comes with a flexible framework with all the needed components.


  • It provides better security features with CSRF protection.
  • It is a reusable app; you can use it several times.
  • It helps develop project-specific content.


For beginners, it is quite tough to learn.

8. Sublime Text

It is considered that Sublime Text is one of the most widely used text editor tools by most AngularJS developers. Furthermore, it has great customization options and various packages that make working with AngularJS easy.


  • “Goto Definition” gives required information.
  • “Goto Anything” helps you jump to symbols, words, or lines, saving your time.
  • Multiple Selections helps developer to modify multiple lines or variables together.


  • A great range of plug-ins for various apps
  • Works perfectly on multiple projects
  • Full customization keeps the platform lightweight
  • Offers easy file switching


  • Not an open-source framework



Above, we have mentioned some of the popular development tools of Angular.js which each developer should refer to and recommend. However, you can hire AngularJS developers to develop a web application and get a powerful development process with the best suited AngularJS development tools. Angularjs has a great development tools, you can add a numerous features to your app and web easily, which will assist you save a lot of effort and time.

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