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Why Should I Choose Laravel Framework for Web Application Development?

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 07:19 am

The tagline of the Laravel framework is enough to describe what it has been made, and that is – The framework made for web artisans. You can find it, in other words, on the dedicated official website of the Laravel framework. It is the first choice of any web app development company to design and develop solutions for businesses, brands, or enterprises.

Before you read the blog first, it would be best to know that –

What is Laravel?

It is an open-source framework that is easy to use and remains the best for developing robust web applications. The framework is based on a model-view-controller design pattern, and its ability to use existing components of other existing frameworks makes it unique from any other PHP framework. Developing customized business applications is the first choice of many enterprises worldwide. Another ability is handling complex and repetitive tasks.

It is one of the top-most search questions on the internet – Why should I choose Laravel Framework for web application development?

The answer is simple: Laravel promises the things that other PHP frameworks can’t. Although the PHP framework family is big, Laravel has its special place in the mind and hearts of web developers. It contains expressive and elegant syntax that allows the developers to code for complex web apps in the most simplistic ways.

You will be surprised to know that brands such as Walt Disney, The New York Times and Warner Brother are using applications and websites based on the Laravel framework.     

It facilitates the developers to write a clean code that remains beneficial in all terms such as debugging, updates, scalability and any modifications if required. It is such a nice framework that provides a wonderful experience of web app development.

When it comes to developing full-stack, robust and scalable applications, Laravel works fantastic. Not only for developing the applications, it is also an excellent choice for developing backend API in combination with JavaScript.

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Exciting Key Features that Make the Laravel PHP Framework Unique

Explore Laravel PHP framework’s distinctiveness through its thrilling key features. From elegant templating with Blade to powerful Eloquent ORM, Laravel offers an unmatched development experience that boosts productivity and scalability.

#1. Compatibility With Databases

It works fine with most of the databases such as MySQL, Postgre, SQLite, SQL Server and others. Laravel offers the best database abstraction available without the hassles. Queries and updates in the database can be done in an effortless fashion.

#2. Job Processing

One of the key specialties of this framework is that it processes the slow background jobs in a speedy way, such as report generation or sending an e-mail. Laravel’s robust queue system makes it the most promising framework for the fastest job processing.

#3. Real-time User Experience

One of the prime objectives of any business is to create the best user experience, and Laravel suits it the best. Its empowering WebSockets ability makes it superb for real-time application development.

#4. Authentication

It provides a solid base for secure authentication, such as for mobile applications and APIs.

In addition, there are other questions that also arise in your mind, such as the following:

-Is Laravel good for web development?

-What is Laravel used for in web development?

How much does Laravel cost?

-Is Laravel backend or frontend?

We have created this blog to provide the answers to all these questions. But before we proceed further, let’s check out some key facts(stats) about the Laravel framework.

  • Number of stars on GitHub: Laravel has over 700,000 stars on GitHub, making it one of the most popular PHP frameworks.
  • Number of downloads: Laravel is downloaded over 10 million times per month.
  • Number of active users: Laravel has over 1 million active users.
  • Number of packages: There are over 10,000 Laravel packages available on Packagist.
  • Number of companies using Laravel: Laravel is used by companies of all sizes, including Spotify, The Guardian, and Taylor Swift.
  • Average salary for Laravel developers: The average salary for Laravel developers is $100,000 per year.

These are just a few key facts about the Laravel framework. Laravel is a popular, powerful, and versatile PHP framework that is used by companies of all sizes. If you are looking for a framework to create your next web application, then Laravel is a great choice.

The other question is why it is best. So, let’s read about it.

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

Nowadays, almost all businesses are operating online, where some choose mobile apps and choose websites or both. When there is a need for web apps, each business requires something else that can help them have an extra edge in the ongoing market competition. By looking closer, the Laravel framework possesses lots of potentials that a web development company or a business can leverage to launch a web application to cater to the needs of their customers and meet the business objectives. It is such an effective tool if you seek growth in your business.

Regarding the question – Why is Laravel the best PHP framework? Here are some points that you would like to read.

#1. Laravel- An Open Source PHP Framework

There is no need to tell now that it is an open-source framework, as revealed at the start of this blog. Still, if you have doubts about what it means about open source, then in simple terms, it can be understood as – Laravel can be used by anyone who may be an individual or an enterprise irrespective of size. It is being used for creating complex and large web applications or websites. For writing a code, you only need a text editor and PHP.

#2. Updates

Although the Laravel framework is open-source and developers do not require any license/s to use it, the most interesting part is it gets regular updates with customized modules and capabilities. Since its launch, many versions have been introduced, where the latest version is 8th launched in Feb 2022. Its next versions are expected to come out in 2023 and 2024.

#3. Security

Laravel is such a fantastic PHP framework in terms of security and other senses. Its components ensure better security than any other framework. Behind the reason of providing high-grade security, the key player is the Bcrypt hashing algorithm that generates automated tokens.

The Laravel websites used hashed passwords, and these can’t be saved in the text form that prevents unauthorized access to the website. Another specialty is that there is no room for injections to harm the web app or website’s security.

#4. Fast Loading

Laravel websites easily integrate with backend caching, which is the main reason behind the speedy execution of websites and web applications. In-directly it works fine for creating the best user experience as there will be no issue of slow speed.

#5. Blade Template Engine

The blade template engine remains pre-installed on the Laravel Platform. It works fine for data management and helps in processing the source code in the most fantastic way. The developers can generate files with conditional statements that can be submerged later into the main code. It provides the flexibility to generate tailor-made code.

#6. Integrated Project Environment

The built-in project environment facilitates the developers to work on complex projects without any hassle or any technical interruption. Without any complexity, it allows the developers to go for straightforward coding and apply the efforts in a streamlined way.

The built-in programming ability leads the Laravel development company to develop the project in a cost-effective way.

#7. MVC Architecture

The word MVC stands for Model View Controller. It is an architecture that empowers developers to write structured code for complex applications. It also facilitates the web applications or websites or both to run smoothly. MVC Architecture’s other advantage is that it ensures high performance, flexibility and scalability.

#8. Robust Libraries

Compared to the other PHP frameworks, Laravel has a robust community-driven library. These libraries help Laravel developers for hire to craft professional websites for enterprises.

Using a variety of library functions, it is much easier to develop and deploy the library on time. It allows highly optimization of code using pre-built codes and functions. One of the best examples of its libraries is Eloquent – an object-relational mapping tool that allows faster data processing.

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#9. Perfect for Variety of Web Apps

It is such a fantastic fact about the Laravel framework that a variety of applications can be developed using it. It covers eCommerce web applications to design & develop websites for on-demand businesses. This framework is best suited for customization, speed, and scalability.

#10. Testing

Laravel supports application testing in the most exciting way. It provides its own testing tool named as – Laravel Dusk. Another most compatible tool to test the Laravel PHP framework based applications is Selenium. The point is that the development of a professional business web app and website testing is much required. For the same Laravel helps the developers in their own way.

#11. Community Support

Another thing that makes Flutter framework best for application development is its vast community support that has nearly around 50K members worldwide, and it is increasing rapidly. Its community portal is known as

One of the interesting facts about its community is that some of the big players such as Beyondcode, fathom Analytics, Forge, are also contributing to making the community strong.

In the above section of this blog, you came to know why you should choose Laravel for web app development. The above-mentioned points are directly referring to the advantages of this fantastic PHP framework.

Having a fantastic application or website is also required to hire experienced Laravel developers. So the following section represents some great tips that you can follow for hiring professional developers.

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Some Key Tips to Hire Laravel Developers

Most businesses find it quite difficult sometimes to hire professional Laravel developers to create their applications. Here are some key steps to follow to reach the right professional for the work as it is a matter of a business app, a website, or both.

Work On Your Requirements

It is a total waste of effort and money without thinking, collecting, and analyzing the requirement. It is like running on a blind path. So, first, you need to confirm your app idea, its core requirements and what you have planned for the future. So while hiring the Laravel experts, you can mention the scalability aspects.

Budget Specifications

Budget can be the biggest bottleneck, especially if you are a new business entity or a startup. So first, you need to think about the budget you can afford for developing the application. Once you finalize it, then the next step is to choose the hiring model.

Real-time Feedback and Customer Ratings

You can hire a Laravel development company or freelance developers. Although hiring a web development company is the best as you will get the dedicated resources in one place instead of hiring the professionals separately for separate work.

So, first, you need to check the feedback and ratings given by their existing clients. That will give you a brief idea of whether they are able to develop the application for you or not.

Project Experience

Enquiring about project experience is also a must to know. It is necessary to know what kind of projects they have done so far or do they have experience in developing web applications similar to your concepts.

Hire Laravel Developers

Based on your requirements, you can hire developers. There are three types of popular models you can choose, which are full-time Laravel developers, part-time developers, and hiring Laravel developers on an hourly basis.

Suppose, if you have hired full-time developers, then the overall project cost you will have in-between $20,000-$40,000 initially. Or, if you want to hire developers on an hourly basis, then you can hire them at the cost of $20/hour minimum.

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Best Laravel Frameworks 2023

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in 2023. It is known for its ease of use, flexibility, and powerful features. Some of the latest and best Laravel frameworks in 2023 include:

Laravel Jetstream

Jetstream is a new starter kit for Laravel applications that provides a modern user interface and authentication scaffolding. It is based on Tailwind CSS and Livewire, and it makes it easy to create beautiful and dynamic web applications.

Laravel Sanctum

Sanctum is a lightweight authentication package for Laravel that provides API authentication without the need for a database. It is perfect for building serverless or microservices applications.

Laravel Nova

Nova is a beautiful admin panel framework for Laravel that makes it easy to create powerful and user-friendly admin interfaces. It is built on top of Laravel’s Eloquent ORM, and it provides a wide range of features out of the box.

Laravel Sail

Sail is a new tool for Laravel that makes it easy to get started with local development. It provides a Docker-based development environment that is pre-configured with all of the dependencies that you need to run your Laravel application.

Laravel Breeze

Breeze is a new package for Laravel that provides a simple way to add authentication, authorization, and routing to your application. It is based on Laravel Jetstream, and it makes it easy to get started with a fully-featured Laravel application.

These are just a few of the latest and best Laravel frameworks in 2023. Laravel is a rapidly evolving framework, and there are new frameworks and packages being released all the time. If you are looking for a powerful and flexible PHP framework for your next web application, then Laravel is a great option.

Here are some of the reasons why Laravel is still a great choice for web development in 2023:

  • It is well-documented and has a large community: Laravel has a comprehensive documentation that makes it easy to learn and use. There is also a large and active community of Laravel developers who are always willing to help with problems.
  • It is secure and reliable: Laravel is built with security in mind. It has a number of features that help to protect your application from attack, such as password hashing, CSRF protection, and XSS prevention.
  • It is fast and scalable: Laravel is designed to be fast and scalable. It uses a number of caching techniques to improve performance, and it can be easily scaled to handle large amounts of traffic.
  • It is extensible: Laravel is highly extensible. You can easily add new features and functionality to your application by using Laravel’s powerful package manager.

The Final Thoughts

There are several websites running on the internet, and there are several technologies that exist to develop these in which Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Although there are other PHP frameworks, but compared to them Laravel is a unique framework where a business can develop an advantageous web app or website.

If you are a growth-seeking business, a brand, or a startup, custom web development services are a fantastic option for developing professional Laravel web applications. Via going with it, you can get the best experience of cost-effectiveness, robustness, scalability and customer engagement.

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What are the key benefits of using Laravel frameworks for web development?

Laravel frameworks offer numerous advantages, including rapid development with built-in tools like Blade templating and Eloquent ORM, robust security features, easy API integration, and a supportive community that fosters continuous improvement.

What’s the difference between Laravel Livewire and Laravel Jetstream?

Laravel Livewire and Jetstream are complementary. Livewire is a framework for building dynamic interfaces with minimal JavaScript, while Jetstream is an application scaffolding that offers authentication options including Livewire. They allow you to create modern, interactive features with ease.

How does Laravel Sanctum simplify API authentication?

Laravel Sanctum simplifies API authentication by providing a straightforward way to issue API tokens to users. It integrates seamlessly with Laravel’s authentication system, allowing you to secure your APIs and grant controlled access to users for interacting with your application’s data.

What’s the standout feature of Laravel Nova for developers?

Laravel Nova stands out for its elegant administration panel that enables developers to create custom admin panels quickly. With features like CRUD operations, filters, and sorting, Nova streamlines the process of building robust and visually appealing backends for Laravel applications.

How does Laravel Horizon enhance queue management?

Laravel Horizon provides a visual dashboard for managing and monitoring Laravel Redis queues. Developers can efficiently manage job processing, scale queues based on demand, and monitor performance metrics—all through an intuitive interface.

What’s the main advantage of using Laravel Vapor for deployment?

Laravel Vapor offers serverless deployment for Laravel applications, leveraging AWS Lambda. It provides auto-scaling, cost-efficiency, and simplified deployment processes, allowing developers to focus on creating efficient applications while avoiding server management complexities.

How does Laravel Telescope aid in debugging applications?

Laravel Telescope is a debugging assistant that provides insights into application behavior. It helps developers identify issues by displaying real-time information about requests, exceptions, database queries, and more, facilitating effective troubleshooting and optimization.

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