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Top-Rated PHP Frameworks for Web Development

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 07:11 am

PHP is an extremely powerful and recognized technique for developing dynamic websites and web apps. With over 75% of all websites running on PHP, there is a need to choose top-rated PHP frameworks for web development.

It is not only free for downloading and use, but also it is significant enough to influence some effective websites on the internet.

Moreover, over the last 25 years, the language has observed several frameworks come and go, leaving us with a wider category of high-quality choices like Laravel, Symfony, etc.

PHP is an invaluable technique for website development. The purpose of this blog is to inform you about the best PHP frameworks available in 2024 so that you can make an informed framework choice.

Now, before discussing the top-rated PHP frameworks in 2024, we will look at an overview of the PHP framework.

Overview of PHP Framework

PHP Framework is defined as a framework that enables you for building PHP website apps. It includes the libraries with techniques, pre-packed class, as well as, components to implement the software design patterns.

A PHP framework may be a set of tools for building PHP net applications. Libraries for ordinarily used functions square measure enclosed in PHP frameworks, decreasing the quantity of original code developers should write from the beginning.

A PHP framework may be a basic building block for developing PHP net applications.

Frameworks are helpful because of the contour and standardizing of the event method, removing associate degree uncertainty regarding where to start while developing an application.

PHP has wonderful frameworks for quickly constructing robust net applications. Though PHP will produce dynamic net applications independently, its frameworks simplify planning net apps by saving developers time to begin from scratch.

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Why Use PHP Frameworks?

Overall, implementing a PHP framework could be highly significant for different projects. While there can be some challenges to use PHP hence it is not an effective solution.

Let’s discuss some essential benefits of using top Php frameworks in 2024.

Writing less code

When you use the framework’s core features, you will not need to develop much unique codes.

Faster Development

This framework takes less development time as it offers the built-in libraries and techniques. For example, back command-line approach in the CakePHP framework allows you to construct whatever skeleton code you need for your project quickly.

Different well-known PHP frameworks take into consideration the PHPUnit library for simple testing.

Right Coding Methods

Several PHP frameworks follow the finest coding techniques. For example, the function enabled the partitioning code into several directories.

They nudge you toward maintaining a more rational and structured style in your coding. Frameworks are another example of entity name standards that you must follow.

Safe To Use

Some PHP security problems include SQL injection attacks, cross-site document forgery, and cross-site scripting. Without enough safeguards for your code, your PHP web application would be vulnerable.

While using a PHP framework, there may be chances to reduces the risk of hacker assaults but it does not entirely securing the writing code. The top-rated PHP frameworks have built-in data protection and sanitization against the common risks mentioned above.

Task-Related Libraries

Different tasks that a website or app developer must do are common. Examples of CRUD operations include form validation, data sanitization, and CRUD actions like create, read, update, and delete.

Therefore, you can use the functions considered in the framework for such tasks rather than developing your own.

Top-Rated PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2024

Over the last decade, PHP frameworks has developed incredible growth at the global level, and as the industry stabilizes, certain frameworks have become the go-to choice for different projects.

With so many frameworks to select from, it could be difficult to determine the best five. While ranking such tremendous tools, we must include factors like community support, learning curves, and whole performance.

With that in mind, Let’s take a closer look at the top PHP frameworks to use in 2024.



This PHP framework is a popular PHP front-end framework, famous for being free and open-source. Its many built-in features and functions make it the perfect method for modifying challenging tasks.

Its features include session management, authentication mechanisms, and caching.

You may use a variety of packages to strengthen the framework. For instance, Laravel-specific programs can only be used with Laravel, but framework-independent tools work with other PHP frameworks.

Additionally, a well-known package called Laravel Debugbar provides a toolbar for an app, which is helpful while debugging. Hence, you can contact the PHP development company to implement this Laravel framework effectively.

Key Features:

  • Regarding backend complexity, the Laravel framework is a decent choice for apps of all sizes. Installation of Laravel has been simplified with the development of Homestead, an all-in-one, preconfigured vagrant machine.
  • It is a top-rated PHP framework for beginners due to offer extensive flexibility for complex applications. All factors like security, MVC (Model, View, and Controller) architectural elements, authentication, the view template engine, and routing to smooth data transmission are considered.
  • Laravel has a highly expressive framework and complies with industry norms for security and reliability in web apps. For developers looking to create corporate or B2B websites that can change with the times, Laravel is a vital tool to use.

One of the key recognized illustrations is the BBC, the biggest broadcaster by personnel count and the world’s oldest broadcasting organization. Other notable examples of companies that use Laravel are Pfizer, 9GAG, TourRadar, and Crowdcube.



CodeIgniter is a PHP front-end framework and a toolset for PHP website developers. By reducing the amount of code required for a given operation, CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for developing dynamic websites.

CodeIgniter offers prebuilt modules for robust and reusable components for construction purposes, with a footprint as small as 2MB, including documentation.

You can hire a Php developer as it will allow you to focus more creatively on your project by decreasing the amount of code required for a given task.

Key Features:

  • It is very customizable due to its dynamic nature, and it can always customize the website to meet the needs, saving time, effort, and human resources.
  • CodeIgniter is a website-building platform that excels in terms of functionality and design.
  • It employs a minimal user interface to detect and eliminate problems and bugs, ensuring its smooth operation.
  • It’s one of the safest and most user-friendly PHP website development frameworks.
  • Its ease of data migration and the fact that it is one of the most lightweight PHP Frameworks are two of the main reasons.
  • It is top-rated framework on the list of best PHP Frameworks.



Symfony is another popular PHP backend framework that has been around since 2005. It has managed to thrive in this competitive and rapidly evolving technology market because of its dependability, maturity, and sophistication.

It’s the good choice of all the Frameworks because it adheres to all the web’s and PHP’s norms and standards. Symfony Framework is one of the quickest PHP frameworks since it focuses on performance.

Symfony is flexible while being governed by a million web and PHP regulations. It provides a 3-in-1 Framework of sorts: Full Stack, Brick By Brick, and Micro Framework, making it integrated but disposable, stable, and sustainable makes ease of using demand.

Key Features:

  • This framework is the best PHP framework for beginners that helps to create extensive business applications.
  • PHP components can be recycled, making it easy to create and install on many platforms. Additionally, it has an independent database engine that is reliable and considers most web design best practices.
  • It provides a highly customizable and powerful debugging toolbar, which displays all the data required to generate basic debugging, and can be combined with vendor libraries.
  • Because an automated deployment method is not required for Symfony, deployment is fast.



Phalcon is the most popular Php MVC framework among all PHP Frameworks that use full stacking and MVC design to achieve the fastest execution speeds.

It’s a high-performance framework with a wide range of features. It’s also suitable for heavy loads because it uses extremely few resources and requires even fewer file operations.

With ORM Technology, users can use their foundation and unique pieces while creating site structure, allowing the Phalcon PHP web application framework to improve asset management capabilities.

In addition, Phalcon features a universal autoloader, template engine, novel architecture, flash message functionality, strong security, and caching capabilities. These combined features are why Phalcon is on our list of best PHP frameworks.

Phalcon is a PHP framework executed and implemented as a web server extension in Zephir and C to increase execution speed, reduce resource utilization, and handle more HTTP requests per second than existing PHP frameworks.

Key Features:

  • It is ideal for developing extremely flexible web apps following strategic growth requirements and is easy to operate and set up.
  • The features include increased application performance, a universal autoloader, top security, caching, including asset management.
  • In contrast to other frameworks, Phalcon maximizes speed by optimizing memory use. If you want to build a website that loads rapidly, you can consider Phalcon.

Laminas Project


The Php MVC framework has taken the place of Zend’s. The Laminas project’s element design has led to frequent references to it as a glue system.

The Laminas object-oriented, MVC-based framework lets you download the individual parts you want as independent libraries.

The MVC framework and capabilities also follow strategic growth standards, making them useful for complex web programmes.

Key Features:

  • Include the ability to utilize just the components you need,
  • The integration of external libraries into the MVC design,
  • Architecture can be developed at any moment with minimal interrelations and interconnected features.
  • The configurable caching subsystem works with various backend, such as RAM and a file system.


cake php

Using CakePHP framework, you can create visually pleasing websites. It is a less complicated PHP front-end frameworks to understand because of its CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) nature.

This framework was made available to the general public in the 2000s. Due to this,  performance has been enhanced, and various new features have been added.

CakePHP includes a large feature library with a comprehensive set of necessary components. It offers greater options if you need to think about hard-to-find features.

Key Features:

  • This framework is quick and easy to develop
  • It is better choice for business apps due to security aspects, including input validation, SQL injection avoidance, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection. All you require is a web server for this framework.
  • Certain features are contemporary framework, feasible class inheritance, prompt builds, security, as well as, validation. This framework facilitates better documentation, premium assistance through cake development, and many supportive sites through the Cake Development Corporation.

It is widely utilized by hospital and medical industries in the USA. Additionally, organizations with 10 to 50 people and $10 million in sales often use CakePHP.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework

This PHP MVC framework is an entirely object-oriented platform that could be expanded due to characteristics like inheritance and interfaces. It was produced through the agile process, which allows you to provide your clients with high-quality apps.

For developers wishing to add features particular to a project, Zend is very elastic and adheres to PHP routine activities.

Key Features: 

  • The Zend framework is the top-rated option for sophisticated business level projects. It is highly chosen by financial institutions along with, sizable IT departments.
  • Some of its primary features are MVC components, data encryption, session management, and a straightforward cloud API.
  • You may choose the components you wish to utilize, and it can operate with external libraries.
  • The Zend framework makes the large user community and thorough documentation possible. However, be prepared for a steep learning curve if you work as a mobile app developer.



This structure is renowned for being simple and evolving. Yii is a PHP front-end framework built on components that allow quicker development of modern internet applications.

The framework is perfect for a variety of web apps. It serves as a broad web development framework as a consequence.

Key Features: 

  • It is simple to create. A broad range of highly secure applications, including portals, forums, e-commerce, and CMS, may use its extensive security mechanisms.
  • It allows developers to avoid writing repeated SQL queries by modelling data sources while also being rapid and adaptable.
  • A core development team and a team of experts constructed it. On the Yii forums, you may post challenges and request help from broader society.
  • This framework is highly resilient, permitting you for practically update the each code. You can suppose a high learning curve if it is your initial time.


fuel php

It is a PHP framework with a rich feature set that was mostly released in 2011. The apps were built using a Php MVC framework, which was quite versatile and adaptive.

FuelPHP framework assists an advanced form of MVC and Hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC). Contrasting MVC, HMVC does not require copy information to demonstrate on different pages. Consequently, it requires less time and memory.

Key Features: 

  • A URL routing system, vulnerability prevention, HMVC processing, RESTful design, as well as, caching methods are crucial.
  • FuelPHP allows programmers to build comprehensive web apps of varying complexity and size.
  • When the security of your project is important, it is a superior solution since its security strategy goes beyond conventional security processes. It is a cutting-edge framework with a steep learning curve and limited guidance.

Businesses in the USA and within the computer software industry heavily use it.



It is a well-known framework aids developers for promptly create APIs and simple website applications. Web applications and services developed with the Slim framework have a minimalist design.

It comes with an influential HTTP router and assists the dependency injection along with PSR-7 HTTP message executions.

Key Features:

  • Middleware application
  • Client-side HTTP caching
  • A quick and effective HTTP router

In opposition to the other PHP frameworks, Slim is a PHP micro-framework which makes it simple to build straightforward web apps. It is clear, yet it has a few important features.

Handling HTTP requests is Slim’s primary concern. Its robust HTTP router connects certain HTTP request methods and URLs with call-back routes. Additionally, it supports several URL types, including pattern- and parameter-based URLs.

Middleware, which enables PHP programmers to execute code before and after Slim’s core app, is another important feature. The middleware considers the layers outside of the main application that modifies response objects and HTTP requests in this manner.

It verifies the requests before an application is implemented and protecting it against fraudulent cross-site requests.

Slim is a top-rated PHP tool for building RESTful APIs or developing apps that make HTTP requests. It is easy to select and has reliable documentation to help you quickly pick it up. Additionally, there is a helpful community you may turn to when you have issues to discuss.



It is another Php MVC framework with many enhancements for creating fast web applications. Likewise FuelPHP, PHPixie provides an HMVC and is constructed from many parts. Additionally, the framework has a vibrant community that regularly adds to various developments.

Key Features of this framework: 

  • This framework is simple to use and learn.
  • It is well-matched to the improved HMVC design.
  • A common tactic is quite effective.
  • MongoDB compatibility in the framework is limited.



Another one of Php micro-frameworks is Flight. Flight has several standard elements and methods and was designed to be scalable. Additionally, you may register classes, map techniques, or even override already-existing types and forms.

Due to this framework’s RESTful design limitations, it may not be the best choice for large-scale web applications. Your PHP version must be 5.3 or above to utilize the Flight framework.

Key Features:

  • The instruction is comprehensive and easy to understand, but Flight is a bit more complex, making it more difficult to obtain answers from the user.
  • Flight has built-in support for HTTP-level caching and enables delivery of JSONP and JSON responses, along with routing and error processing.

Fat-Free Framework (F3)

fat free framework

It is the best PHP api framework developed with simplicity in mind. Since it eliminates the app complexity, you can practice it to create performant PHP apps that load fast, whereas it has an easy setup procedure that enhances developer productivity.

As F3 has been used since 2009, it is a developed framework you can trust. It has 2600+ stars on an active community and GitHub. MVC is supported but not enforced, creating F3 interoperable and elastic with the third-party classes.

Key Features:

  • A modular framework makes your apps lightweight
  • Lightweight codebase
  • Different database compatibility
  • Great optional plugins

A popular, straightforward PHP framework is F3. Its coding is just 65 KB, and since the framework is flexible, you may only use the necessary code. In addition, you can consult with the PHP development company to use the codes required for this framework.

To begin, you must acquire access to a web server as well as, an account of Fat-free framework. The framework does not call for the complex setup necessary to create a composer, curl, or a complex directory structure.

Due to the availability of alternative plugins, F3 is an extensible PHP web application framework whenever it is light and straightforward.

They consider a clean template engine, a toolkit for testing phase, sessions maintained by a database, an image processor, and automated cross-site request fraud protection.

Which PHP framework is An Appropriate for You?

Utilizing a PHP framework makes programming easier and reduces your effort. Each framework differs in terms of its communities, documentation, and supported databases, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

The optimal framework will thus rely on elements like security, usability, scalability, and guidance. Therefore, begin by being familiar with the specifications of the task and service you would like to create. Then select the PHP framework from this selection that best satisfies your needs.

php web development cta


The workload is decreased using PHP frameworks to simplify the development process. Each framework differs in community, documentation, and database compatibility, as well as its unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

As a result, several factors, like documentation, durability, accessibility, and privacy, define the best framework. As a consequence, first, Learn about the specifications for the application or program you want to develop.

Decide on a PHP framework that best meets your requirements from this PHP framework list. With this, you will not be disappointed.


Q1: Which PHP framework is a top-rated framework for website development services?

A.  CodeIgniter is a Top-rated PHP framework for website development. Since, it is used for online applications and also relied on data management. Compared to writing raw SQL, utilizing CodeIgniter makes it straightforward to produce, insert, edit, and delete code statements.

Q2: Is WordPress considered as a PHP framework?

A.  No, WordPress and PHP frameworks are comparable. Because WordPress provides a range of APIs on which you may construct your application.

Q3: Is JavaScript alike to PHP Framework?

A. Since PHP and JavaScript are used in web development for different purposes, it is inappropriate to compare them. PHP is a server-side technology, while JavaScript is a client-side program. In actuality, combining the qualities of both languages results in developing the most vibrant website. JavaScript is the colour, and PHP is the paintbrush used to paint the image.

Q4: What can replace PHP?

A. Python, Java, and Go are the Three Best PHP Options.

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