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The Latest iOS App Development Trends in 2024

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 11:03 am

The world of making iOS apps is always changing. Every year, new trends and technologies appear. As we move into 2024, it’s important to keep up with the latest iOS App Development Trends if you want to make apps that do well and are useful.

As per the current statistics, the global mobile app market has reached an astounding $240Bn in 2023 and increasing at a CAGR of 13.4%. Using the larger market share, top iOS developers should move forward the curve and execute highly innovative development activities.

In this blog, we will explore the latest iOS app development trends set to dominate in 2024, offering insights to developers they require to develop highly engaging and innovative mobile applications.

Latest iOS App Development Trends in 2024

With technological advancement, we must keep up with its pace. Each year, the MNCs like Apple Inc. introduce a variety of new technologies for developing iOS apps simply and smoothly. The iOS apps have increased their massive attraction around the globe and enhanced their market recognition and revenues.

As an iOS developer, you must stay updated on the latest iOS app development trends.

Let’s get started on it!

Wearable Technology

wearable technology

The recognition of wearable devices such as Apple Watch is estimated to continue in the future, and developers may focus on developing multiple apps customized to such systems. With the new features and sensors being added to wearable, developers would have opportunities to develop innovative applications for health monitoring, fitness tracking, and much more.

Wearable technology has become a new iOS App Development Trend. The versatility of the wearable enables people from all walks of life to benefit them. Whether it is about tracking your fitness goals or staying productive, wearable technology facilitates a wider range of apps that enhance daily life.

Health tracking is one of the famous cases for wearables. You can monitor overall health by checking blood pressure, sleep quality, glucose levels, oxygen rate, or other vital signs.

You may also detect potential health issues before they become major problems.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR vs VR

AR and VR techs are already being utilized in different iOS apps, and we can predict even highly advanced apps in the future. These technologies can be applied to developing immersive user experiences in education, gaming, and retail apps.

They have become increasingly popular and are one of the latest iOS app development trends. It is used in different fields, such as marketing, entertainment, healthcare, and design. For example, L’Oreal and IKEA use AR tech to let customers check how their products look in their entertainment before purchasing.

Using a location anchor, the company permits the placement of a particular AR object. Moreover, users can simultaneously utilize both frontend or backend cameras of their devices and place AR content behind and in front of people for a highly immersive experience.

This iOS app development trend is beneficial to get highly interactive and user experience design.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI vs ML

AI and ML can be used to make iOS apps more engaging, more personalized, and better at predicting user behaviour. As these technologies keep improving, we can expect even more advanced apps in the future, like ones that can reply to and understand natural language.

Siri is one of the best examples of AI in an iOS app. Another example of an app that uses Core ML to recognize images and automatically classify them based on what’s in them. This makes it easy for people to find what they need.

Natural language processing can also improve speech recognition and make the app reply to voice orders, and making it easy to use and simple.

iOS app development company aids you to effectively consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) trends.

Internet of Things (IoT)


As highly connected systems enter the market, we can estimate to access more iOS apps that have IoT functionalities. It can consider the apps that control smart home systems, track fitness data from wearable or monitor and control industrial equipment.

IoT is illustrated as the increasing prevalence of electronics, actuators, sensors, software, and connectivity in physical systems, automobiles, and other substances.

The integration enables such objects to interact and transfer the data. The current network infrastructure permits higher integration of the physical world into computer systems.

Using IoT, users have the competency to control their home devices like security systems, thermostats, and lights by their iOS systems.

IoT integration within apps permits increasing automation. Users can also get schedules, routines, and notifications regarding their smart systems, making their daily routine highly efficient and streamlining.

Cloud Computing

cloud computing

As this technology becomes more popular, more iOS applications will be developed to take advantage of it. In addition to collaboration apps, it can also consider data storage apps. iOS app development is becoming increasingly popular.

Cloud enables you to develop an iOS app with a centralized infrastructure that can be checked from anywhere or any system. It shows you can scale the app quickly and easily without worrying about costly hardware maintenance.

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The application of cloud computing is increasing effectively as it provides a safe and centralized location for efficient company operations. The tech is highly used by iOS apps that may store and back up documents.

Cloud integration is one of the latest iOS Development Trends growing in the market.

ios app development company

Instant Apps

It permits the users to use an application without downloading it first. Such techs are gaining popularity, and we expect to see more iOS developed as instant applications. Android instant apps have been growing last decades.

However, we’ll look at recent increases in consumption and development. To improve app discovery, developers may build quick app experiences using Android Studio.

Along with this, users can try the app without installing it. They need to click on the “Try now” button. These apps have size restrictions; hence, it will not be essentially a free version of the application. However, these limitations can change in the future.

Users of the app may demand a better experience. These apps may permit them to use the application without downloading it.

For instance, Hollar is a mobile commerce application that effectively grew conversions by 20%. Moreover, 30% of Android traffic is generated through the instant app.

If you want to develop apps for the Google Play store in 2024, take into account the immediate version.

Security and Privacy

With the rising concern regarding data privacy and security, we can predict to check more iOS app developers emphasizing such areas. It can consider increasing the number of encrypted users, multi-factor authentications, and other security measures for protecting user data.

According to a study by Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centre, the average cost of a data breach is set to surpass $5 million in 2023.

iOS app developers should develop security into their applications by considering the best practices such as:

  • Making sure data encryption during the transition and at rest
  • Limiting access to sensitive data using two-factor authentication
  • Users must set the strong password and change them frequently.

For securing iOS apps, you may use different security measures like encryption, hashing, key storage encryption, and obfuscation.

Apple has recently launched AppTransport Security (ATS), which you can integrate into the iOS apps to improve security and protect privacy and data integrity in associations between the web services and the app.

If you want to develop an iOS app with advanced features and latest trend, hire iPhone app developers from reputed It company like eBizneeds.

Voice-Activated Apps

Voice-activated apps are becoming more popular because smart speakers and voice helpers are becoming more popular. Some voice assistant apps, like Alexa and Siri, are very popular, so we can expect that iOS apps with voice-activated features will become more popular. It can consider apps for search, navigation, and much more.

Siri is a significant feature in iOS that permits users to automate tasks and conduct specific actions within an application using voice commands.

For instance, you can promptly develop a Siri shortcut from a grocery delivery app to order your preferred food. You may also initiate the workout session in your fitness app.

Developers can add Siri buttons to their apps so that users can talk to their apps easily and without using their hands. Siri could improve iOS apps because more and more people want apps that can be controlled by voice.

Blockchain Technology

iOS app development trends

It is gaining popularity in different sectors, and we can estimate to check more iOS apps that incorporate the techs. It can consider the apps for securing data storage, financial transactions, etc. There is a significant transformation in iOS app development as blockchain technology increases prominence.

The emerging tech is fast emerging as a game-changer in the industry, permitting iOS developers to develop secure and decentralized apps that improve user privacy and trust. Due to its decentralized and secure architecture, blockchain facilitates a trusted environment for transactions, digital identity management, and data sharing.

To execute the blockchain in iOS app development, developers can utilize the tools like Stellar, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. These platforms offer pre-built features and APIs that make adding blockchain to apps that have already been made easier.

Blockchain technology will likely become even more important in developing iOS apps as it grows. It also gives a bigger range of apps more protection and better performance.

Beacons & iBeacons

Low-energy Bluetooth beacons provide signals to other gadgets nearby. You may send consumers contextual and location-based messaging by utilizing beacons. Apple’s version of beacons, iBeacons, is exclusively compatible with iOS devices.

Beacons and iBeacons provide a powerful method for sending consumers proper notifications regarding mobile app development. Businesses may target clients who are in certain places by employing beacon technology. This makes it possible for companies to interact with customers in new and successful ways.

Increasing security is a fantastic way to employ beacons and iBeacons. App developers can restrict user’s access to specific regions or features of their apps by employing beacon technology. Sensitive data may be protected more easily as a result.

5G Technology

iOS app development trends 5G

As 5G technology becomes more widespread, we expect to see more iOS apps that take advantage of this technology. The 5G technology is supposed to help apps that need faster connections, like watching movies in better quality and playing games.

Compared to the last wave of mobile networks, it speeds faster and decreases the delay. It makes the process of making new iOS apps go faster and work better. It lets you make apps that are highly dynamic and complicated.

5G support is a very important part of app development in the 5G era, whether you want to share better-quality material, make video calls, or give real-time information.

With the widespread use of 5G technology, apps must be optimized to take advantage of faster speeds and lower delay. It means that making an app can handle the growing amount of data and support real-time exchanges, which improves the user experience and makes things run more smoothly.

Swift 6

It is another one of the best ways to make iOS apps. This method stands out because it is easy to learn and use. The majority of coders around the world really like these benefits. Swift 6 is used by big tech companies like Slack, LinkedIn, Apple, and SkyGuide to make apps.

Another feature is its clear syntax, that makes it simple to read and comprehend. This integrates a couple of APIs, compatibility, and module stability. It helps the iOS developers to focus on delivering the code quality and the logic behind it.

Overall, the above iOS Development Trends could make them more popular. With the speed at which technology is changing, we can expect to see even more new and interesting things in the future.

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The environment for developing iOS apps is continuously altering as 2023 approaches. Developers and organizations may produce more successful and pertinent applications that cater to the requirements and tastes of today’s customers by staying up to speed with the most recent iOS App trends and technology.

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for success in the iOS app development field, whether by implementing AR/VR, AI/ML, blockchain, or cloud-based development.

iOS app development trends


Q1. What will be some of the newest trends in iOS app development in 2024?

The adoption of blockchain technology for security and efficiency, the rise of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for app personalization and automation, and the use of cloud-based app development for scalability and flexibility are some of the most recent iOS app trends.

Q2. Why is it crucial for companies and developers to keep up with current trends?

To be competitive in the app development industry, developers and organizations must keep up with the most recent developments. Implementing these trends into their applications may provide consumers with more engaging, effective, and safe experiences, increasing user acquisition, retention, and revenue.

Q3. What aspects can developers use to incorporate these trends into their apps?

By remaining current on innovations and tools in each field, experimenting with new technologies and methods, working with other developers and industry experts, and keeping user wants and preferences in mind throughout the development process, developers may put these iOS app trends into practice.

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