Why Flutter is Best Choice for Developing a Startup App

Why Flutter is Best Choice for Developing a Startup App?

So, you are planning to launch your mobile application in 2021, but still confused about which platform would be the right choice, to begin with, the development process? In the last few decades, various multi-platform app development platforms are involved in the development of several versions of a codebase. But now with cross-platform application development, a single codebase can be used to develop mobile applications for various platforms such as Android and iOS.

Developers from various corners of the globe believe that cross-platform tools are the best choice for mobile application development as they offer the highest efficiency and flexibility. This development approach is less time-consuming and less expensive, which is enough to consider using this application for mobile application development.

Right now, Flutter is considered the most appreciated toolkit for cross-platform application development for mobile apps, desktops, and the web. The fact that it was launched by the world’s largest programming company Google, most of the development companies is inclining towards Flutter for mobile app development. Flutter can be the most ideal and innovative platform for start-ups who are planning to roll out with a feature-rich mobile application without spending a lot of money and effort.

What makes a start-up successful? Let’s say you may count on excellent customer service and quality products. But as a start-up, you cannot ignore the importance of a development platform that is the base for your customer’s access. By choosing the right technology platform, start-ups can thrive and survive in the market with efficiency for the long run. In this continuously evolving mobile-driven era, mobile application development can be the missing part of the puzzle for the growth of your business in the right direction.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit, launched by Google to develop robust and feature-rich mobile applications for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Google Fuchsia, Windows, and web from a single codebase. Flutter is based on Dart, which is a Google Programming Language. Being more than just a UI framework, Flutter is a feature-rich SDK that has everything you need for creating a cross-platform mobile application.

Some bigfoots and start-ups such as Tencent and Alibaba have already integrated Flutter for developing their business’s mobile application. In a very short span of time, Flutter grew more than other cross-platform application development frameworks such as Xamarin, Angular, and React Native. There is no doubt in saying that Flutter has a bright future for cross-platform mobile application development, especially when it is being used by Google for UI rendering in Fuchsia OS.

Benefits of Flutter for Mobile Application Development

Earlier, developers used to follow IONIC and React-Native for cross-platform application development. But as Flutter was launched, developers realized the benefits it offers for creating cross-platform applications with a single codebase. One of the major advantages of using Flutter is that it offers access to a wide range of intuitive and useful tools such as “hot reload” which allows you to instantly view the applied changes. It is designed to display the same UI on all types of platforms.  

While developing an application for the Android platform, Flutter offers many benefits such as reduced building time, access to custom animated UI for creating MVP. Moreover, Flutter offers similar features for iOS application development so that developers don’t have to re-learn for building applications with the new SDK.

Last but not least, Flutter can be easily adapted by any programmer who is familiar with JavaScript, so it is not much necessary to learn about the Dart language.

Cross-Platform vs Native Application Development

The world is enjoying the ongoing digital transformation which has become a fundamental part of our living. As the number of mobile applications and operating systems is increasing at a rapid pace, there are two significant areas of concern for start-ups:

  • There are approximately 6 million app users in the whole world. So, is it possible to launch an application with limited budget?
  • As numerous start-ups are rolling out every day, is it possible to set your foot in this dynamic market and make a difference?

The only solution to overcome both of these challenges is to create a cross-platform application with a unique and new idea. As a start-up, creating a cross-platform application is more comfortable and budget-friendly. Choosing Flutter for application development is useful in many ways:


Flutter offers a friendly IDE setup for iOS as well as Android platforms. It has an in-built CLI tool known as Flutter Doctor that helps the developers to create an environment for application development.

Technical Architecture

The technical architecture for developing a mobile application is a deciding factor. For Flutter, Skia is the foundation that offers everything required for application development. There is no need of an external bridge for linking native components as Flutter has everything within its framework.

Development API & UI

Flutter has a wide array of libraries and components of native elements such as state management, testing, UI, navigation, UI rendering components, and API access.

Test Support

Flutter comes with a seamless documentation for application testing, widgets along with various other innovative and unique features.

Build Automation

With Flutter, it is easier to launch applications within the app store and play store with its development services. It offers a CLI interface to accelerate the development procedure for releasing the app efficiently.

DevOps Support

After the application has been successfully deployed in the market, it is important to maintain it and release regular updates. The CI/CD support offered by Flutter makes the post-maintenance easier.

Flutter ranks in the second position as most leading language for developing cross-platform applications in 2021, as per the Google Trends reports. Some of the leading enterprises such as Google, Tencent, Alibaba, EMAAR, eBay, and much more use Flutter for creating seamless and robust mobile applications in no time.

Key Features of Flutter Application Development

What are the special features of Flutter application development that make it an ideal decision? It is highly scalable, powerful, and cost-effective. It’s everything that a startup needs.

Mobile application development can be costly. You need to hire skilled and professional developers and designers to build a mobile application, backed by maintenance and support. Start-ups with a limited budget can use Flutter application development as its SDKs give various approaches to reduce development costs. It can accelerate the development cycle and reduce development costs for creating mind-blowing applications with a smooth interface and user interface.

Because of cutting-edge technology, architecture, and features, Flutter is the right decision for small businesses and start-ups. Developers can work in a chosen way, making it a lot simpler for them to create high-performing applications. Here are some key features why Flutter is the best choice for start-ups for creating mobile applications:

Open Source

Ripple is a generally new open-source language. Despite the complexities of a project, developers can transform the application into a workable solution by using a vast choice of material plans like rich motion APIs, smooth and interactive scrolling behavior, Cupertino gadgets, and so on. Developers can also freely explore the wide array of design options.

Single Codebase

Flutter is a profitable decision for startup mobile application development since it allows you to make applications for both Android and iOS. Moreover, Flutter doesn’t rely upon JavaScript, developers can create a single codebase for building cross-platform applications that perform like local applications when it comes to functionality, UI/UX, and features

Hot Reload

Flutter offers Hot Reload, making it a unique framework for cross-platform application development. This exceptional feature allows developers to explore, plan UI, add extraordinary features and debug the application in real-time. Hot reload displays every change immediately in the coding so that you don’t need to save to see the changes. It also displays updates in the application’s present state and permits developers to keep executing the code to finish the project.

Flutter Widgets

A mobile application’s performance is the main concern of a company before investing in mobile application development. Flutter has some incredible widgets to assure the native performance of an application. Its wide array of widgets includes navigation, scrolling, fonts, icons, and hassle-free development.

Other noteworthy features of Flutter include:

  • Start-ups do not have top worry about budget when it comes to develop mobile application with Flutter.
  • As it is an open-source technology, it is cost-effective.
  • Existing solutions can be easily migrated into Flutter.
  • It relives the worry of developing a mobile application- from planning to deployment.
  • Recent reactive frameworks are supported by Flutter.
  • The libraries of Flutter enable the developers to create an application as per the geographical location and adhere to layout, language, design, and text.
  • It has a wide array of feature-rich and ready-to-use widgets for development.
  • The hot reload feature of Flutter makes the app maintenance easy and simple with minimized risks.
  • Flutter is robust, fast, and easy to learn.
  • With reduced development cost, and high-productivity, it is easy for start-ups to begin with the development process.


With a large number of start-ups getting into the market each year, it is difficult and challenging to stand apart as a brand in this competitive market. If you want to launch an application without spending a lot of money, consider hiring a Flutter application development company for cross-platform application development.

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