Why Flutter is Best Choice for Developing a Startup App

Why Flutter is Best Choice for Developing a Startup App?

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 09:30 am

So, you are planning to launch your mobile application in 2023, but still confused about which platform would be the right choice, to begin with, the development process?

In the last few decades, various multi-platform app development platforms are involved in the development of several versions of a codebase.

But now with cross-platform application development, a single codebase can be used to develop mobile applications for various platforms such as Android and iOS.

Developers from various corners of the globe believe that cross-platform tools are the best choice for mobile application development as they offer the highest efficiency and flexibility.

This development approach is less time-consuming and less expensive, which is enough to consider using this application for mobile application development.

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Right now, Flutter is considered the most appreciated toolkit for cross-platform application development for mobile apps, desktops, and the web. The fact that it was launched by the world’s largest programming company Google, most of the development companies is inclining towards Flutter for mobile app development.

Flutter can be the most ideal and innovative platform for start-ups who are planning to roll out with a feature-rich mobile application without spending a lot of money and effort.

What makes a start-up successful?

Let’s say you may count on excellent customer service and quality products. But as a start-up, you cannot ignore the importance of a development platform that is the base for your customer’s access.

By choosing the right technology platform, start-ups can thrive and survive in the market with efficiency for the long run. In this continuously evolving mobile-driven era, mobile application development can be the missing part of the puzzle for the growth of your business in the right direction.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit launched by Google to develop robust and feature-rich mobile applications for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Google Fuchsia, Windows, and the web from a single codebase.

Flutter is based on Dart, which is a Google Programming Language. Being more than just a UI framework, Flutter is a feature-rich SDK with everything you need to create a cross-platform mobile application.

Some bigfoots and startups such as Tencent and Alibaba have already integrated Flutter to develop their business’s mobile applications. In a brief time, Flutter grew more than other cross-platform application development frameworks such as Xamarin, Angular, and React Native.

There is no doubt that Flutter has a bright future for cross-platform mobile application development, primarily when Google uses it for UI rendering in Fuchsia OS.

According to Statista, over 2.2 million apps are in the iOS app store and 3.5 million apps in Google play. Hence, it is addressed that app development is fundamental for all business sizes and domains.

Let’s delve a bit more about the Role of Flutter in developing a Startup App.

The Role of Choosing Flutter for Developing A Startup App

We will consider particular aspects of the flutter development kit that would prove why it is the best choice for a Startup App.

Hot Reloading App Development

Flutter app developers always feel pain in the neck when they have to change often. But, using the Flutter’s hot reloading is as smooth and easy as a pie. You do not need to face any saving challenges and reload to see the outcome.

Because this feature can instantly demonstrate the changes, reflect the edits, and then reload to check the results. This function demonstrates the edit and changes and saves development time.

Open Source

As you want to hire the best flutter app development company for developing a start-up app, the choice of an open-source platform is a great choice. You can get an alternative of an in-built community for material design, widgets, and APIs, but how complex your mobile app doesn’t matter.

Flutter app developers can leverage the open-source framework and develop an extensive cross-platform mobile app.

A Single Codebase For Multiple OS

You must have severe each operating system to increase the equal market share between your end users. There can be no better cross-platform framework like Flutter to meet your expectations.

Choosing flutter for mobile app helps you to write a single codebase that can handle both the standard iOS and Android OS.

Outstanding Widgets

Developers can consider the top features in your flutter app with the support of a varied catalogue regarding in-built widgets.

You can also get alternatives for icons, scrolling, navigation, fonts, and many more. As well as get hassle-free development with the Flutter UI kit.

Advantages of Choosing Flutter For Mobile App

You have to look at the appealing benefits that you choose for Google’s Flutter as your startup technology.

flutter app development advantages

Suitable for MVP

A minimum viable product is a significant first step for higher achievements in developing startup apps. If you opt for MVP development by default, you can get other linked benefits to save labour, cost, and time.

It also enables you to test your app, get feedback, and get early feature enhancements.

Time Saviour

You get the advantage of speedy development with Flutter because without losing your current app, you can maintain adding new functionalities. You can also develop a great UI with Flutter’s material design in less time spending.


Flutter offers many animation choices to develop an interactive UI for your users. It helps you develop personalized animations and interfaces for different platforms and ensures you grab the audience’s attention by creating visually engaging and attractive platforms.

Same Business Logic in All Platforms

You do not need to focus on each platform individually after UI elements. Flutter’s cross-platform approach declines the challenges of working for bundles. You can also execute the same business logic for platforms such as iOS and Android.

Responsive Apps

Flutter apps are well-matched with web, mobile, and desktop. If you choose Flutter for a startup, you face challenges to achieving business success due to high-responsive features.

Native App Performance

Flutter compiles and create the code to act like a native behavior. Customers will get your Flutter app for your startup as trustworthy and reliable, and developers would appreciate selecting Flutter for its native app’s performance.

You will learn more about Flutter app development as you contrast Flutter technology with other frameworks.


Why Choose Flutter Over React Native?

Facebook uses the most competitive front-end framework, i.e., React Native. Let us seek flutter vs react native, which is highly worth it to develop hybrid mobile applications.

Both React Native and Flutter are cross-platform techs, and as such, there cannot be a straightforward response to get the best between such two technologies. Each project has its needs, and also you need to get yours.

But React Native has been better than Flutter since its launch in 2015 due to factors like their installation, programming language, community support, and developer productivity. In comparison, Flutter came into effect after 3 years in 2018.

Flutter for mobile startup apps has also manifested better in the given point of comparison. We will check it in detail:

Setup and Configuration

App developers should configure and install the significant setup, which takes more time. You do not need to set a guideline document for an Android project when you choose to react native as your development framework.

In contrast, Flutter offers a well-guided IDE setup for Android and iOS. The CLI technique doctor supports the developer in setting up the atmosphere for Flutter development services.

Technical Architecture

The internal architecture within any tech is the decision-maker. Flux uses React Native, while, Skia uses Flutter. Skia considers what you need for your app development.

You will no longer require an external bridge for linking through your app’s native elements since Flutter encompasses them within the agenda.

Testing Support

Since React Native is a JavaScript platform, there are only a few options for unit testing. In React Native, there is no way to test and integrate UI. With Flutter, on the other hand, you get excellent documentation for testing apps and testing widgets, among other things.

UI & Development API

You find the UI rendering and device access APIs with react native. Flutter has different libraries and components that assist native components, such as state management, testing, navigation, UI rendering elements, and API access.

When using React Native, you can depend on third-party libraries.

DevOps CI/CD Support

Once you’ve released your cross-platform mobile app, it’s just as essential to keep it running. There is no way to do Continuous Integration and Continuous Development with React Native. On the other hand, Flutter’s CLI interface and good documentation helps with CI/CD.

With these things in mind, you can decide if your business needs a React Native or Flutter app for a mobile startup app.

Google Trends says Flutter will be the second most popular language for developing cross-platform apps in 2022 and React Native is the next most popular.

In the next section, we will discuss some companies that uses flutter apps to make interactive mobile apps.

Top Companies that Successfully Used Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

The list of companies that have used Flutter successfully to improve their designs and makes new products is the best proof that it is the right choice for development.

One of the essential things about Flutter and its programming language is that it lets you to make apps that look and work like native apps. Many developers and software companies are now using this hybrid mobile app development technology.

It can be used both to build new products and improve the ones already out there.

Here are some companies that use flutter apps for cross platform app development and based on the facts and uses, this app is getting more popular.


Our business experts know how to use this tool to help you get the most out of your startup business plans and assumptions. They have made a lot of useful apps with Flutter.

The Flutter team of company can handle projects of any complexity because they have learned how to rewrite existing apps with a lot of legacy code from Java to Flutter and make new releases for Android and iOS.

The Altamira team has a lot of experience helping startups make their dreams come true by giving them the knowledge, experience, and skills they need. Our Flutter team offers:

  • Quick and sustainable scaling for your startup
  • Different ways to work together, including the ability to hire dedicated teams of developers
  • Fast time to market
  • Compliance with NDA policy
  • Launch of the MVP with the features needed to impress the target user and get feedback
  • No hidden costs

BMW Group

BMW group needed to ensure that all mobile app had the same features for all customers, no matter what operating system they used. They also needed to stay within their budget and keep adding features quickly.

They wanted to get their product out on all of the brands simultaneously and make a platform that was easy for developers to use, scalable, and had room for testing.

Flutter is the best choice because it is easy to use, safe, and reliable. It lets the BMW Group to give their users a single, smooth, and enjoyable experience, no matter what platform they use to access the mobile app. Their team looks for the best tool to help them to move faster, stay consistent, and make users happy.

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Nubank is a company made up of Flutter app development fans who want to tell their story. More than 48 million customers trust it as the most prominent independent bank outside of Asia.

The company was overgrown and wanted to make banking easy and smooth for its customers. They also had trouble finding enough native mobile experts to keep up with their fast pace, which couldn’t be met at the same time by development teams for Android and iOS.

They decided they needed single teams working on features from beginning to end. It would allow them to overgrow sustainably. They have thought about different options, and compared to the others, Flutter had the best hot reloading features, the best documentation, and the most stable API.

It is also easy to use and better than other options in many ways, such as developer experience, documentation, API stability, lack of platform specialization, and more.

Because of this, Flutter has turned out to be the best solution, letting them keep growing without sacrificing quality.

Even if you don’t have Flutter developers on your team, you can hire the skills you need to make your project a success.

Key Features of Flutter Application Development

What are the unique features of Flutter application development make it an ideal decision? It is highly scalable, robust, and cost-effective. It’s everything that a startup needs.

Here are some key features of why Flutter is the best choice for startups to create mobile applications:

flutter app features

Open Source

Ripple is a generally new open-source language. Despite the complexities of a project, developers can transform the application into a workable solution by using a vast choice of material plans like rich motion APIs, smooth and interactive scrolling behavior, Cupertino gadgets, and so on.

Developers can also freely explore a wide array of design options.

Single Codebase

Flutter is a profitable decision for startup mobile application development since it allows you to make applications for both Android and iOS. Moreover, Flutter doesn’t rely upon JavaScript, and developers can create a single codebase for building cross-platform applications that perform like local applications when it comes to functionality, UI/UX, and features

Hot Reload

Flutter offers Hot Reload, making it a unique framework for cross-platform application development. This exceptional feature allows developers to explore, plan UI, add extraordinary features, and debug the application in real time.

Hot reload displays every change immediately in the coding, so you don’t need to save to see the changes. It also displays updates in the application’s present state and permits developers to keep executing the code to finish the project.

Flutter Widgets

A mobile application’s performance is a company’s primary concern before investing in mobile application development. Flutter has some great widgets to ensure the native performance of an application. Its wide array of widgets includes navigation, scrolling, fonts, icons, and hassle-free development.

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Flutter app development is trendy right now. It’s right next to React Native and has proven to be one of the best tools for making Web apps and mobile apps. It lets you build apps that look like they were made for a specific platform from a single codebase.

Flutter apps are great for startups because they work well, have an excellent user interface, are affordable, and can be used immediately. Using Flutter to make apps lowers the risk for your business because there are no roadblocks in development, the quality is always high, and it’s easy to integrate.


How much does it cost to develop an app using Flutter?

Concerning how much it costs to make an app with Flutter, the project budget starts at $50,000 per month and can take at least three to four months. Keep in mind that fast Flutter application development speed can shorten the time it takes to finish a project, reducing development costs.

How can you extend your team and hire the skills you need for your project to succeed?

You can always benefit from outsourcing or out-staffing if your startup project needs skills and talents that no one on your team has. Team extension is one of the best ways to work together because it lets you improve your team’s performance and hire the experts you need.

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