Flutter is overtaking React Native in 2021

Top 7 Reasons Why Flutter is Overtaking React Native

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 07:28 am

Nowadays cross-platform solutions are getting popular across the world, making software development tasks for multiple screen sizes and various operating systems simple thing. There are plenty of cross-platform; Flutter and React Native are the top leading players in the market. However, Flutter is relatively new and now overtaking React Native platform along with other technologies such as NativeScript, Xamarin, etc.

Flutter is written in Dart language, it allows development tasks of both client and server-side. Dart is introduced by Google and is an open-source language. Flutter is just not a framework; it is a complete SDK for developing applications.

Cross-platform development allows developers to build applications for multiple platforms or operating systems. Developers just need to create software solutions once and can run them on different platforms.

As per the Google Trends search results, the Flutter App Development is the most searched keyword in 2021, comparing React Native on Google search results.

Flutter is gaining great success and is used by many top brands that provide awesome features for mobile app developers from saving your time and money to simplifying the development task, it does everything all alone. These apps help businesses grow fast, generating great revenue. In this article, we will share the benefits of using Flutter and how it is overtaking React Native.

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Lets’ discuss the top seven factors which made Flutter overtake the React Native

1. Comprehensive Solution

Flutter is not just a framework; it provides a comprehensive solution to meet all your needs. It is an advanced app software development kit that includes almost all the features, functions, and tools to make your development task simple and fast at the same time. These many widgets help developers create visually beautiful, eye-catching native look apps for multiple platforms and environments.

Since it is a cross-platform solution, it allows app developers to reuse the same code of specific functionalities and services for multiple devices and environments avoiding the need to write separate codes. Flutter application development services make it certain to provide you with faster and reliable software solutions.

2. Code Maintainability

Building a brilliant app is just not enough to be successful. It must be updated and upgraded constantly and debugging is essential. However, perhaps you are already aware that maintaining codes with React Native App Development is quite a task as compared to Flutter.

When you make some changes in React Native-based app, it interferes with its logic consequently making the development process very slow. Another challenge in React Native apps is their dependency on third-party libraries. Therefore, maintaining those outdated libraries becomes a daunting task.

On the other hand, Flutter is popular for the simplicity of the code, and maintaining codes is very easy with it. Moreover, it does not take much time to release updates and allows doing some required instant changes.

3. Powerful Performance  

Another important benefit of Flutter is its performance. Flutter wins the race when compare it to React Native on performance.

Flutter includes ARM or x86 native libraries that helps make it significantly faster and high-performer. Flutter offers quick development to develop powerful apps at the least possible time. Some features of it allow giving responses in real-time and bugs and issues can be fixed in real-time without taking an app off the server, thus enhancing an app’s overall productivity.

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4. Better UI Customization

Flutter has its own bundle of UI tools, components, and widgets, and React Native includes just a basic set of widgets. This is why Flutter provides better UI customization. Flutter is popular for its attractive UI native-like widgets; you just need to hire the right talent to make use of the widgets as per the project needs perfectly.

Flutter includes an advanced set of libraries, tools, group of widgets that allow users to create an impressive, expressive, and flexible user interface. Moreover, it has the ability to design a native look app with a variety of customization at affordable rates. It can also develop apps with computational functionality and tasks, React Native does not provide such functionality.

5. Faster Time to Market

Unlike traditional platforms like React Native, Flutter does not have complex codes. It is a simple framework that allows fast development. Flutter is written in Dart Language which is a simple to learn programming language.

Using its simple syntax and flawless coding modules, developers do not take much time. Flutter is a cross-platform solution that can help you design a budget-friendly, responsive app with advanced functionalities. Faster development and great functionality is its big advantage.

6. Programming Language

Flutter is written in Dart and React Native is written in JavaScript. Dart is relatively a new language it was introduced in 2011. Dart is significantly faster and much simple than the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is an old language and much popular among developers.

This makes it easy to hire React Native App Developers as most of the developers have knowledge of JavaScript language. Though Dart is a new language its simplicity allows faster and advance development.

7. Global Community Support

Community support is an important aspect when it comes to developing enterprise applications. Both the frameworks React Native and Flutter gradually increasing the community. React Natives’ community has been at a growing stage and Flutter is speedily taking over the market.

Flutter has a huge app community in the market through which millions of developers are connected with one another, providing the required support to their fellow developers and making Flutter the leader of cross-platform development going forward.


Undoubtedly, the mobile app is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Today, many brands turning their app idea into a reality using advanced technologies. Flutter is becoming the most preferred app development framework. Its advanced, cutting-edge features making it the first preference over other frameworks available in the market. Flutter has the capability to design an advanced app at affordable rates, ensuring great growth and good return on their investments.

Flutter is increasingly growing powerful and becoming the first preference for cross-platform software solution development. Flutter in 2021 emerged as the leading cross-platform app development framework, overtaking React Native.

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