Dating App Development in 2024: User Statistics, Revenue, Apps, & More

Dating App Development in 2024: User Statistics, Revenue, Apps, & More

Last updated on March 11th, 2024 at 05:01 am

In 2024, dating apps are changing to match what people like and new technology. In our digital world, dating apps are a popular way for people to connect and find partners. User engagement is crucial for dating apps. Millions of people worldwide actively use these apps. Dating apps appeal for their convenience and accessibility. They connect people with similar interests. Dating apps serve many different people. Young adults use them for casual meetings, while others search for long-term relationships. These apps welcome various users with different goals and backgrounds.

The available top dating apps have proved inadequate in the context of demographics such as location, age, interests, and political receptiveness. If you are interested in developing a dating app, then through this guide you can learn about the dating app development cost.

What is a Dating App?

A dating app is a channel that links with people as per their romance, interest, and companionship by application of their smartphones. The dating app software permits the users to view the videos and photos related to other users and they can also chat or video call with them.

dating apps

(Source: Insider, 2024)

This app aids an individual in addressing dates as it is significant for the success of any company. Addressing your specified audience and types of services that the company wishes to offer should be initially focused on business.

The key to success is to identify the specified demographics and select the main characteristics that would be highly worthwhile for customers. The initial elements that we suggest you to consider prior buying a dating app are to conduct a competitive assessment and market research.

Dating portal development is hastily emerging and different users act as an essential element in this context. In the modern era, mobile app development has generated new chances for dating online.

In this blog, we will discuss the unique characteristics of dating app development. Therefore, the cost and features of a dating app are elaborated here. The dating app provides you with different advantages such as convenience for busy people and also saves time.

Statistics about Dating Apps in the USA

US Dating App Market Share

There are different dating apps in the market such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, and so on. Tinder is a leading app in the US dating app sector but Bumble has elevated its market share every year after 2017.

Hinge is also positioning itself as a prospective company in the long term. The following chart shows the US dating app market share:

us dating app market share

Source: business of apps, 2022

Online dating is one of sort among several available services that have the highest number of users. Numerous dating apps have arisen in past years however, only a few of them are generating revenue.

Freemium is a significant business model that induces basic services provided for free along with, upsell to highly advanced and paid subscriptions. For Instance, Tinder is worthy of the household term as well as, a remarkable business model.

Due to its swiping features, it has become the best non-game app in the USA. Moreover, South America and Asia are favorable areas in the long term. You can hire dedicated dating app developers to make an effective dating app.

Online Dating Users in the US

dating app user in us


In the USA, about 44.2 Million users were available for online dating apps in the year 2020. The Statista Digital Market outlook predicts the number of users in this division will increase by 53.3 million at the end of 2025.

Statistics of Online Dating Apps

  1. In 2024, the average global revenue of online dating apps is projected to reach $3.15 billion.
  2. The usage growth of dating apps is growing at a CAGR of 2.62% from 2024 to 2028.
  3. At the end of 2028, the total number of online dating apps users is supposed to reach 450 million.
  4. One of the most popular online dating apps has reached a revenue of above 800 million by 2023.

Model of Dating Apps

Smartphones and better internet now make dating apps popular. Users can use these apps anytime, anywhere to chat easily with potential matches. Dating apps are now a big part of how people date today, changing how relationships start and grow.
The dating app industry is making more money. App makers use different ways to earn money. Dating apps make money mainly through subscriptions, in-app purchases, special features, and ads. Additionally, some platforms have introduced innovative features such as virtual dating events, personalized matchmaking services, and enhanced security features to attract users and generate revenue.

Dating apps are highly competitive, with many platforms seeking users’ attention and loyalty. Established companies still lead the market. Newer companies bring new ideas and features to stand out. Niche dating apps that focus on specific groups or interests are becoming popular. They serve specialized communities and help users with similar interests connect more deeply.

Dating apps have added new features to make them better for users and more inclusive. Implement strong safety measures to prevent harassment. Promote diversity in marketing. Ensure well-being in interactions.

Furthermore, new technologies like AI and AR are making a difference in dating apps. Technologies are used to improve matching algorithms and enhance user engagement. They streamline the overall user experience. Advancements in data analytics and machine learning allow dating apps to gain insights. This results in more meaningful user connections.

Looking ahead, dating apps will evolve with innovation, societal changes, and technology advancements. The digital landscape will keep changing, but dating apps will stay relevant. They offer new avenues for meaningful connections in modern relationships.

Platform of Dating Apps

Here are some of the most renowned dating apps:


It is a significant dating app at the global level. It provides features such as a right swipe or a left swipe for accepting or rejecting a match. Some of the other features include likes, chats, social media log-ins, superbikes, recommendations, and matches near you.

It provides everything that a user would wish in a dating app.


It is an odd dating app where a user can find people who have already crossed paths with you. Whether users are in restaurants, concerts, streets, you only need to turn on the location of their phones and you can find their nearby compatible people.


This dating app is worthwhile for people who are seeking sober relationships. This app considers artificial intelligence to tie in with the preferences of users and provides them with compatible people.


Bumble is a women-dominated dating app that is moderately close to Tinder because both have similar features. It permits women to message initially to start communication and when the match is the same gender, both can start a conversation initially.

IT Solutions

Technology Required for Dating Apps

Android/iOS mobile app stack Objective C, Swift, Ruby/Cucumber & Rubymotion, and Java
Backend/API stack JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS & Bash scripting, and Redis
Website stack Node.js & Nginx, and jQuery

Dating App Development Cost

There are different factors considered to evaluate the cost of building a dating app. It is a wider app that needs various integrations. Measuring the cost aids in developing the dating app more securely.

The cost of building a dating portal app evaluates different factors. Following are certain factors that you should consider to measure the development cost of dating apps:

  • Sorts of apps you opt
  • Basic design
  • Channels
  • Infrastructure and Features
  • Number of slides

Besides that, certain apps existed for dating apps. The average cost to develop a dating app depends on the type of app you desire to develop. An app generally requires a maximum of hours to develop.

A dating app requires considering certain elements such as planning, designing, coding, and testing and several features demanded by clients.

The dating app development expenses can differ according to certain factors. Hence, you can consult with an on-demand app development company to develop the dating app at the least cost.

dating app cta

27 Essential Dating App Features to Build a Competitive App

Different dating apps can aid in enjoying the distinct features that each dating apps provide to its members. As an associate of dating apps, it is your responsibility to confirm the trustworthiness of dating sites.

You can obtain some feedback through comments and reviews by some members of dating site apps. The features would be included and considered while developing dating apps because it is the main cause for the growth of these apps.

So, now let’s explore the different dating app features:

1. Integration with social networks

A reliable tool to verify data at the time of registration is integration with social networks. You can add your real name and friend/school/university lists in the app, you can do it by connecting to social media platforms.

2. An algorithm for determining the best possible pairings

Two things should be chosen to build a dating app such as how to tie and how new possibilities are offered. Dating apps consider questionnaires where, individuals evaluate their hobbies, interests, careers, and preferences as well as, objectives for a love partner.

Push notifications can be sent to improve the engagement rate of dating apps. It can be a polite notice that new individuals have joined the system or it can be a reminder of new text. You can make money by offering added services.

Additional characteristics can be bought by compensating membership charges. By taking a paid subscription to Tinder Gold, you may be able to find love in Istanbul, Paris, Seoul, and Paris even if you have stayed 100 kilometers away from where you are presented in the center of the city.

3. Geolocation

A choice of users about the location where they desire to seek love should be highly respected.

4. The algorithm for finding matches

It is a matching process that permits you to enhance your match rate on a dating site.

5. Find a match by Computer

This type of algorithm contrasts the responses provided by the bots as well as, predicts the proportion of compatibility. Applicant’s responses can overlook the same or associated queries can also overlap.

6. Preference-based dating

Applicant comments, social media, and profiles should be considered while such algorithms do their research. The app collects data regarding lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and expectations, as well as, evaluates the responses, and makes a comparison between outcomes.

7. Location-Based Matched Searches

Some apps such as Tinder and Bumble are competent at finding nearby individuals. The algorithm suggests prospect partners according to the preferred range of users and geographical preferences.

8. User Interface and User Experience Design

Your dating app will be recognized at a wider level if you start to apply attentive UI/UX design principles. Resilience, ease of use, personalization, as well as, simplicity are the catchphrases for a day.

Your app should be visually demonstrated and run smoothly. You should reduce the number of phases in procedures and should be considered a minimum level. It will indicate that each activity would be achieved by using the least steps.

You can also focus on custom Android app development to attract people to your dating app.

9. Artificial Intelligence Based Matching

AI Dating Apps

(Source: Dash Magazine, 2024)

A more precise match can be made with the support of this procedure. By using artificial intelligence, the program is competent to assess a wider category of variables in a shorter period.

Consequently, it will aid in generating more productive data. You can hire dedicated developers to consider this feature in your dating app.

10. Confidentiality and Security

The ability of dating platforms to secure the privacy of users is a key choice for customers. Because the risk of intimation and extortion can occur, in case anyone can access the personal information of users.

11. Pick a software company

You can move forward to convey your ideas of life by recruiting a feasible software development team that involves the whole thing from business intelligence to maintenance of the platform.

When choosing suppliers for constructing high-end dating services, users should emphasize a business portfolio. Because it will aid in getting specialty solutions and the software they primarily use.

12. Gamification and interactivity


(Source: Crystal Interactive, 2024)

Gamification plays a leading role in mobile application development. To gamify the dating app, you can enhance your base of users. You can also consult with a mobile app development company to get more awareness about this feature.

Moreover, it will aid in enhancing engagement. Users can be involved in different competitions and can get rewards. To receive and send the match request, apps provide the choice to wink as well as, swipe.

Users are also more likely to stay in case of an engaging and simple interface. Ensure people love to use dating apps. Create your app more exhilarating, rewarding, and satisfying for your users so that they will admire it.

13. Sign Up and Sign In

Significantly, all applications should have sign-in and sign-up options to offer an optimal user experience. People cannot understand with whom they are interacting without this feature. It will also enable the user to make feel that they have full control over their accounts.

It would be your great choice to hire mobile app developers to develop a dating app.

14. Detailed Profile

When you desire to make a relationship with someone, it is significant that your profile should contain all required specifications. The detailed profile involves the age, location, gender, profile photos, interests, religion as well as, and many more.

Offering these details would aid the other individuals who are going to link with you as they will feel your profile is authentic. Besides that, it will aid the app to demonstrate your profile in front of related profiles.

15. Security Question

Users should add the security question in their account to secure the account from others who can try to log in as well as, embezzle the data on their account. You can consider anything associated with you as a security question.

You can make changes to your password whenever you forget it or you wish to make changes by applying this security question.

16. Profile Verification

A dating app is a site wherein, several individuals chat and meet with each other. Therefore, it is significant to involve the primary verification procedure such as mail, selfie, and contact number to authenticate the individuals who are trying to develop a profile.

This verification procedure gives faith to app users that all other users are genuine.

17. Matched Profiles

matched profile

(Source: BBC, 2024)

Every dating app must demonstrate the matched profiles and even it can find matched profiles. This feature can be considered in every dating app because it will create eagerness among users when they use the app.

18. Ability to communicate with the Right People

Users need to register their profile by adding their complete personal details. One can interact with other users in a dating app unless they get mutual likes. Afterward, an individual can interact with compatible people only.

19. Accept or Reject the Request

A single user can receive a request from the profile wherein they are excited or not and in that case, users may expect to reject the request. Therefore, consideration of this feature is significant for dating apps.

20. Matched Requests

This is a key feature where the app would show the number of requests that you got from your related profiles. Furthermore, it would demonstrate the request received through profiles like those who are keen to make a relationship with you by checking your profile although it’s not related to your profile.

21. Mutual interest

A dating app can permit you to include some specifications such as location, age, interest, and a cast of other people of home you wish to link with. This specification aids the app to address the suitable match for you and also demonstrate them to your family members.

22. In-App Chat Choice

This feature is a good idea to interact with the profile users who are excited for you. App users can effortlessly communicate with each other by sharing their opinions and perspectives. This is a great idea to know about each other and make a plan for dates.

23. In-app audio and Video Chat

Users should think beyond the text chat such as something more personal and intimate by utilizing the options of audio and video calling. They can also opt to meet personally after chatting via audio and video call. It will support them to decide whether they wish to continue their relationship or not.

24. Lock and Unlock the Profile

Users should have the proper authority to control who can access their profile because it aids in keeping a sense of privacy. The feature of locking and unlocking permits them to make decisions regarding who sees the data on their online dating app.

25. Notifications


(Source: Smashing Magazine, 2017)

User engagement is highly persuaded by notifications. These are important dating app parts for persuading users towards their app and engaging them there. In addition, these would be applied to cautious users when they get a message from others or if someone views their profile.

26. Feasible for busy people

In current times, people are busy in their lives hence they don’t have time to meet the person frequently. Some people feel alone as they work a lot and they do not have sufficient time to build new relationships through offline mode.

Moreover, these dating app assists users in meeting with their partners and effortlessly interacting with each other. You can also consider iPhone app development services to pull the attention of large users.

27. Save Time

The dating app aids you in searching the companions in a limited time. It also saves the cost and time of users. Along with this, there is no requirement to move from one location to another.

The dating mobile app provides the chance to meet with compatible people effectively. It also permitted the users to text or audio/video call to your interested people.

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Final Thought

By considering the above dating app features in your unique dating app, you can aid your users in linking and search the right match. You are now aware of the rapid growth of the dating sector and online dating apps in the market.

Hence, it is the right time to develop their dating app by contacting an on-demand dating app development company.

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