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Why is AngularJS the Most Popular Development Platform?

Last updated on October 12th, 2023 at 04:39 am

A group of individuals and enterprises uses AngularJS as an open-source front-end web application framework for creating single-page web applications.

AngularJS development has a renowned structure due to its bunch of beneficial features, such as its extensibility to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

The development of this client-side technology brings all those significant features that can be effective in creating mobile apps and on the web.

AngularJS is also important to meet the needs of an organization such as making changes or replacements in its elements.

Overview of AngularJS

AngularJS has been used everywhere in app development, but in the web development field, it has wider popularity. In the modern era, unresponsive websites, broken links, and messy websites cannot run in the longer term.

Hence, there is a need to develop a faster, more responsive, and more interactive website development. In the current scenario, several variables aid in making an efficient website.

A significant part of AngularJS development is related to the ways through which, it demonstrates data. It is the channel wherein JavaScript takes a step. Different web frameworks have been created to solve different web design and computing issues.

Over three years, these frameworks developed and grew in recognition among the audience. In this blog, we are going to focus on one such framework, i.e., the AngularJS framework.

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AngularJS Features

There is a wider choice of open-source web applications that are based on JavaScript, but what makes AngularJS development prominent are its unique characteristics that are beneficial for a web designer and user experience designer. Here, we will deep dive into some features of AngularJS:

Support for Mobile Browsers

AngularJS didn’t consider this feature, so it was impossible to use web services on mobile devices. But, with Angular 2, developers have addressed this gap, and users can faultlessly use such services on smartphones.

Although some people consider the Angular framework as cross-platform, that cannot be the correct definition of it. You have to move towards Ionic if you particularly need a mobile application that relies on Android.

Strict Structure and High Speed

This technology has less resilience as compared to others. Hence, the web framework assists programmers in making fewer mistakes while working out the application’s design and permits the mandatory clean code.

Due to one-way data binding, Angular is also fast to run, which also has a big impact on how popular this framework is.

Google and Developers are Overwhelmingly Supportive

TypeScript-based technology does not require more efforts because, Google Corp. always provides something new. Due to massive input, coders focuses on applying different add-ons, official toolkits, and updates with static bugs.

Moreover, coders themselves vigorously aid in the continuing development of structure and offer backup by solving challenging issues. The assistance of developers and creators is another reason why AngularJS is highly popular.

Reactive Programming Options

This technology aids the RxJS library. By using its support, coders can encompass and get asynchronous information. It could be advantageous for web projects.

Seamless Breaking of Modules Into Files

Most web app development relies on the AngularJS framework. Hence, the competency to break down components into files is required. When this happens, developers can pull the parts they need from the documents without having to slow down too much.

Shared Data Binding

AngularJS feature acts as a shared data binding among the chosen components and Order Pop model. It highly relives the server’s related enticing accountability. In the context of AngularJS, $scope objects aids you to reference the data

The aspect of ‘$scope’ is highly significant in AngularJS because it addresses model change as well as transforms the HTML expression. The view model is illustrated that the two-way data-binding and scope objects setting directs the supervisor.

AngularJS is highly popular due to using application according to MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel).

Dependency Injection

It is another significant benefit of AngularJS. It is nothing, however, but a design pattern that executes an inversion of control to handle reliance. Angular gives you traditional server-side tools through dependency injection, which makes the server less busy.

The effective usage of dependency injections falls under single-page applications and testing. When it comes to testing, AngularJS lets the user break the app into smaller parts that can depend on each other. This lets the user focus on only the parts they want to test.

Enables the Expression of UI

There are different advantages to declarative user interfaces. The extensions in AngularJS to HTML are performed with the support of ng-directives. Certain directives are ng-controller, ng-class, and ng-bind. By stating the user’s interface, there is a chance to cut down on side effects.

Provide Developers’ Controls

It is one of the significant AngularJS Advantages wherein, the user can rapidly break the components into Model View Controllers (MVC). A generally heard grievance regarding MVC is that the different controls that it applies to make it a bit challenging.

AngularJS makes it competent to implement directive features that aid in developing new HTML attributes and elements. For instance, ng-class is a directive to conditionally implement a class.

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The Reasons Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework

The Angular framework was created by Google and initiated in September 2016. Since its release, the key benefit of such technology has been regular updates. Almost every month, the Angular team demos new updates to a programmer.

Users can always have access to enhanced framework versions with bug fixes and considered techniques on GitHub. At the time of writing, tool version 13.3.8 was released. However, updates are not the only cause of AngularJS’s popularity.

Some other things enable developers to select this front-end technology. There are different causes behind the popularity of the AngularJS Framework. Here, we will focus on why AngularJS is most popular for web app development.


AngularJS was created from scratch hence developers includes some essential features. Developers can easily develop AngularJS web applications. Web developers can also create an accessible website by taking into consideration of less coding features.

No need to consider Setters and getters option in this web application development. Because of the integral app element, codes do not have any directives and it is significant for individuals who are working to control it. Less coding also saves the efforts and time of web app developers.

The MVC Architecture

Certain frameworks are existed in the market to develop a web app. But the key drawbacks of using these frameworks are that they are inefficient to split data into MVC architecture. If you are looking for developing AngualrJS, you need to emphasize essential features.

It is linked with the potential to string or join the app code. Hence, it aids to take less time for launching an app in the market.

Enhancing Community Support

Google has developed the AngularJS so, it can claim a larger group of active developers can evaluate all issues and assist budding developers in executing their resolution into a web application.

These developers have the capability of making enhancements using open-source frameworks. They also manage consistent discussions from AngularJS and request IT firms from all over the globe to understand advanced development in technology.

So, if you want to find a company that makes web apps using the AngularJS framework, you should never give up on small companies.

Customer-Facing Work

AngularJS builds the graphical interface for website pages or online applications. On the customer’s side, it works well. because of this, it works on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Additionally, it is extensible, allowing developers to utilize it to build any kind of app’s front end without having to change the backend. Programmers can use it to build any kind of online application.

It Offers Modular Coding

The popularity of AngularJS among web designers is largely due to its modularity. It permits and promotes competent web developers to create multiple modules for a single online application. Such modules are dependent on each other.

To create a single functioning application, developers can easily integrate all of these interdependent elements. AngularJS aids to integrate the extra modules with already created app components.

It Includes Filters

In AngularJS responsive web design, AngularJS filters are incredibly helpful in changing stored information. Developers and programmers can find a variety of filtering for lowercase, numeric, uppercase, currencies, time, and many more in the AngularJS repository.

By allowing you to generate a new filter while working, it also simplifies it to develop a unique filter.

Easy Testing

AngularJS is simple to handle many app components in web app development. Separating components is a feature that makes it easy for developers to load the needed services and run automated tests.

The SPA Provides

AngularJS is well known for the development of single-page apps. It also has a close connection to SPA, which is another key reason why AngularJS is popular. They also provide validation capacity that indicates when the page utilizes the form. A manager can use this procedure to track the progress of their states.

Programmers or developers could alter how HTML components behave inside the user experience by utilizing this data. In the context of AngularJS, a built-in checker assists in validating HTML elements. You can display warning messages for the entire form, certain form sections, or many form sections.

You can get some ideas from the aforementioned factors that explains why AngularJS is more popular than any other app for web development.

There is nothing comparable to AngularJS even though, web development utilizing the JavaScript framework. It is especially helpful when it concentrates on creating single-page apps for companies.

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AngularJS has proved to be the best platform that gives value to web developers’ time and is exciting and advantageous for experts who are proficient in AngularJS to demonstrate their talent.

If you are seeking a course associated with Angular web development, it is a good time to pick up the trend of AngularJS.

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