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10 Things to Know Why Dot NET Framework is The Best

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 06:54 am

What makes the Dot NET framework different from other programming languages? Are there any advantages of this technology over others? If you are developing any application, the answer to all your questions would be yes, because it is one of the finest frameworks that provide amazing support to web application development compared to other languages and frameworks.

Let’s have an insight into what makes Dot NET framework the best platform to develop your website. This blog is dedicated to the top 10 things that make Dot NET framework advantageous.

Let’s check out some basic information about the Dot NET framework to provide a base for a deep understanding.

What is Dot Net Framework?

Dot NET Framework is one of the most popular frameworks and a preferred choice of developers to create web applications. It has evolved, and each version has new features that have been developed, keeping in mind the growing needs of the industry today and providing them with suitable solutions.

The 4th version of the .Net Framework has been designed with stronger foundations, and their rapid pace can see the development and introduction of new libraries that are incompatible with older versions.

Most of the time, this question comes to mind always that What are the reasons behind selecting a .Net Framework to develop your web application? .Net Framework is one of the most famous frameworks which has been in use for years and is still being used extensively by the professionals and big organizations to create their application.

Through this blog, I’m sharing my thoughts about the top 10 features of the .Net Framework which make it best for your project development.

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Some Facts That You Need To Know About Dot NET Framework

Before you start to develop an application for the .NET framework, you must know some facts about the platform.

The Dot NET Framework is a software framework that was built by Microsoft and is used to create applications. It includes a large class library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages, especially C# and Visual Basic.

The program was released in 2002 by Microsoft. It runs on all platforms supported by Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, etc. ASP.NET framework can be used as a web application development technology to create dynamic web pages by using server-side scripting languages like ASP and JSP, etc.

Here are some of the key facts about the Dot NET framework that you would love to know. These are:

? Worldwide 15.74% of programmers use the Dot NET framework for software or web application development.
? In 2021, the most used Framework was the .Net Framework, and its share is 34.2%, more than the other frameworks such as NumPy, Panda, Flutter, etc.
? For developing C# applications, ASP.NET is a perfect choice and has a share of 39.76%.
? The Future of Dot NET is .Net Core.
? By 2023, Its eighth version named .Net 8.0 will be launched.
? Out of the total websites and web apps, 34.2% of websites are based on the Dot NET framework.
? Although there are several new technologies in the market but still Dot NET is one of the prime choices of any web development company.

Why .Net Framework?

There are many advantages of using .Net application development over other web development technologies. Whether you are looking for a mobile or desktop version, .Net Framework offers several tools that allow you to use .NET technology across all platforms and devices. For example, tools like Xamarin enable developers to build a cross-platform app in C# that can run on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Dot NET is a comprehensive development platform that includes many libraries, classes, components, and tools. It provides an open environment for application developers to develop high-performance web applications.

It offers easy integration with Microsoft Visual Studios and supports various programming languages like VB.NET, C#, C++, and Java. It is scalable to performance needs when it comes to scaling up or down the number of CPUs or cores assigned to the code execution process.

The best example of .Net is ASP.NET, which is its main tool. The Dot NET developers use it for creating dynamic web pages and websites.  ASP.NET is easy to use because it has many built-in features that make it easy for developers to write simple code or code so they can focus on their project’s goals rather than spend hours learning how to use new languages. It is the reason that still most businesses prefer an ASP.NET Development company for the creation of websites and web apps. frameword

Top-10 Things That Make Dot NET Framework Fantastic

Software development is a challenging and delicate process. Different languages and technologies present different challenges concerning programming and development. To address these challenges, Microsoft introduced the .NET framework in 1990 as an application development platform that simplifies the process of software design and coding.

The Framework provides a standardized platform for client-server applications, web applications, and services. In addition to this, it also aids in implementing security measures such as authentication, code access security (CAS), encryption, or digital signatures to protect these applications from outside threats.

So, let’s begin with the top 10 things that make Dot NET Framework fantastic and the best for project development.

#1. Not A Limited Framework

It is true that it is Microsoft’s product and was not launched as open-source in the late 1990s as Next Generation Video Services(NGWS). Till 2014, no one thought that it would be an open-source framework. Now, anyone can leverage the Dot NET framework for developing websites and web apps. The developers can use it as per their specific requirements.

This Framework contains several parts available as open-source, so the developers can use it easily. The best example is C# Roslyn which comes under an Apache license. It is available on GitHub.

#2. Vast Library That You Can Leverage

Dot NET framework has vast libraries containing pre-written codes, functions, and more compared to the latest web development frameworks. The library includes codes for database management, encryption, and security. It also offers complex data structures, including the simplest one that a programmer or a web developer can leverage. From an essential information point of view, the library is an open-source repository of codes.

#3. Is it for PC only?

Earlier it was launched for developing the desktop application; later, it came in the form of ASP.NET for developing web applications. Due to continuous evolution, you can now develop Windows, Linux, and macOS applications. That makes it one of the most promising technologies for software development. Dot NET frameworks updated version .NET Core represents its modern face that web developers can use with runtime library functions and compiler components.

#4. Multiple Supporting Programming Languages

You will be surprised to know that the Dot NET framework supports more than 45+ languages for developing a variety of applications. Some top-notch languages that a .NET programmer use are C#, F#, and Visual Basic. Other examples are A Sharp(.NET), IronPython, Sharp, Boo, Oxygene, J#, and others. One of the best things about the Framework is that – it contains frontend as well as backend development languages.

#5. Dot NET Framework Is Secure

Security is one of the most important aspects of developing professional software. You will be surprised to know that the .NET framework is more secure than Java, as confirmed by many software development experts. From the vulnerability point of view, Java is less secure. It is the main reason that developers are still using .NET for programming. It has been designed with encryption in mind; that is, the Framework has been engineered from the beginning.

#6. Development Environment

.Net Framework is available in both Windows and Linux versions. It comes with Visual Studio IDE, which allows you to develop web apps that can run on all platforms, be it Windows or Linux. Apart from that, its flexible nature makes it one of the best open-source application frameworks available today.

Since it is an open-source framework, you get several benefits from the .Net Framework, including a faster development cycle and compatibility with most languages used for web app development.

You can also get community support for the dot net framework, enhancing your chances of resolving problems quickly. Additionally, developers can build web apps in C# and VB programming languages, making a strong case for .Net frameworks as one of the best in the market today.

#7.Provides Excellent Performance

.NET framework has been in existence for a while and is one of the most popular web application development frameworks. Its ever-evolving nature and constant updates help it provide excellent performance over time with almost no loss in productivity. It makes it easy to create powerful applications at greater speeds without compromising on features or security.

.NET framework is extremely stable, having existed for over 15 years now. This ensures that developers will not have to spend too much time worrying about issues related to its security or stability when working on their applications.

#8. Deployment Models

In terms of the deployment model, .NET is also a perfect choice for project development. The Client Side, Server Side, and Mixed Modeling are the three main deployment models. Dot NET Framework is used in the Client-Side model, while ASP.NET is used in the Server-Side model.

? Client-side: Static files can be requested from the server but are returned as responses.
? Server-side: The server works on behalf of the client and handles all of the business logic, while the client only sees static files that are processed by the server.
? Mixed model: Client and server models are combined to meet user demands.

#9. Integrated into Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft originally developed .NET to help bridge gaps between different languages and platforms, making it a seamless experience to switch from one platform to another. Currently, it supports apps on Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. Look no further if you’re looking for a framework that will allow you to create cross-platform applications easily. NET.

#10. Excellent Community Support and Easy Accessibility to Knowledgeable People

Dot net is open source now, and there is huge community support for dot net developers .Net framework technology is known for its developer friendliness and supports one of a kind learning process. Though there may be many things to learn, Dot Net makes it easy to get answers to your queries related to software development services by experts in no time.

You can get answers to your queries directly from the Microsoft forum or Stack Overflow discussion board. Suppose you want some help in creating an application using dot net. In that case, you can find numerous web development companies worldwide that offer quick software development services at affordable rates with customized requirements.

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The Final Thoughts

The .NET framework comes with an extensive library of pre-built functions that you can use to enhance your application’s functionality without needing any extra programming effort from your end. These functions cover many areas such as mathematical operations, string manipulation, data compression, etc., which can be easily accessed using just a few lines of code, making it easy to incorporate them into your projects.

An extensive range of tools are available: When developing an application using the .NET framework, you don’t need to worry about where you will get the tools required for building high-quality applications. Microsoft offers several free and paid tools which are readily available online through various sites like NuGet and Microsoft visual studio marketplace. All these qualities make it the perfect Framework for your project.

For the best experience, experts always recommend consulting with an experienced Dot NET Development company. They will guide you best as per their experience.

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