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How to Hire AngularJS Developers? Cost, Steps, and Everything

Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 10:31 am

AngularJS has been highly recognized in the world of online and mobile app development. The main reason for its popularity is to build practical apps in a fraction of the time it would take to use other methods. It is the best choice for developing apps in a wider range of vertical sectors to get strong and scalable solutions it gives to overcome a wider range of business challenges. Here is a complete guide to you about all the necessary points of How to Hire AngularJS Developers in 2024.

Additionally, one of the most important criteria for an app’s success is how well it serves to its users, and Angular-built applications excel in this regard. The growing AngularJS development companies is a direct result of the increasing popularity of this framework. Choosing the best AngularJS development company might be difficult as many options are available for you.

That’s why this blog post will delve into hiring AngularJS developers, covering everything you need to know, from understanding the cost implications to the step-by-step approach to finding and choosing the best AngularJS developers.

Before discussing how to hire Angular JS developers, let’s discuss what Angular JS is all about.

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What is AngularJS?

The AngularJS framework is written in JavaScript to improve upon the HTML language. Using AngularJS, programmers can more quickly and simply create RIAs.

In contrast to many other JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS offers tools for improving HTML rather than JavaScript’s native capabilities. With AngularJS, HTML can do much more than serve as a markup language.

AngularJS’s different features like data-binding, and dependency injection help developers to avoid the intricate workarounds often required when creating responsive angularjs web apps using HTML front ends.

Features of Angular JS

AngularJS is a highly used JavaScript framework developed by Google. Its purpose is to make creating dynamic, one-page web apps easier. AngularJS uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, and it aids in structuring and organizing the software.

Let’s explore different features of Angular JS.

  • Two-way data binding enables automated data synchronization between the model and the display, one of AngularJS’s primary features. This eliminates the need for manual updates by ensuring that changes to the model’s data instantly affect the display and vice versa.
  • AngularJS offers a modular method of creating apps using directives, which are reusable building blocks. With directives, programmers may add new tags and attributes to the HTML syntax, allowing dynamic and interactive components to be developed.
  • Dependency injection, another noteworthy feature of AngularJS, makes handling dependencies across various web application components easier. This encourages the testability, maintainability, and reusability of programs.
  • Routing, animation, and form validation are basic web development tasks that can be handled more easily using AngularJS’s extensive toolkit and frameworks.
  • It also has a strong testing framework that facilitates end-to-end and unit testing for AngularJS apps.
  • AngularJS gives programmers a robust framework with capabilities that improve code organization, productivity, and maintainability for creating intricate and dynamic online applications.

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How to Hire AngularJS Developers?

How to Hire AngularJS Developers?

Hiring AngularJS developers can be a significant step to developing a successful web development project. AngularJS is a recognized JavaScript framework used to develop dynamic web apps.

This section will discuss how to hire Angular JS developers, offering you a roadmap to find the right talent for your project.

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

Before initiating the hiring procedure, having an explicit knowledge of the project’s requirements is significant. It considers defining the scope of work, the specific skills and expertise you require in an AngularJS developer, and the project’s timeline and budget.

Take the time to assess the project’s goals and objectives, as it will guide hiring decisions.

Step 2: Create an In-depth Job Description

A well-defined job description is significant in influencing suitable candidates. Your job description must consider the following:

Project Overview: You need to provide an overview of the project, its goals, and its significance.

Job Title and Responsibilities: Clearly illustrate the role of AngularJS developer, such as their tasks and responsibilities.

Required Skills and Qualifications: List technical skills (AngularJS, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript), experiences, and qualifications required for the role.

Preferred Qualifications: Specify any additional skills or Experience that would be a plus point but not mandatory.

Company Culture and Values: Discuss the company’s culture and values to influence the candidates linked with your organization.

Application Instructions: Mention how candidates must apply, such as submission of cover letter, portfolio, and resume.

Step 3: Select an Appropriate Sourcing Channel

To assess the best AngularJS developers, consider the proper sourcing channels. Some of the effective methods are:

Online Job Boards: You must post the job openings on recognized job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

Freelance Platform: Choose different platforms to access freelance AngualrJS developers, such as Upwork and Freelancer.

Developer Community: Engage the developer’s community on platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow to link with future candidates.

Social Media: Share your job openings on your company’s social media profiles and the relevant developer groups.

Referrals: Encourage your existing team members to refer potential applicants.

Step 4: Screen Resumes and Portfolios

Once you get the apps, it is time to screen the resumes and portfolios. You must seek applicants whose qualification aligns with your AngularJS project requirements. Please pay close attention to their working experience, relevant projects, and any open-source contributions.

You must assess whether their skills (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript) match your project requirements.

Step 5: Conduct Initial Interviews

You must conduct the initial interviews after shortlisting the candidates according to their resumes and portfolios. You can conduct phone or video interviews to evaluate their communication skills, interest in the role, and general fit with your team.

Ask questions about their Experience in AngularJS projects, problem-solving abilities, and coding practices.

Step 6: Technical Round

To assess the candidate’s technical skills in AngularJS, you must focus on conducting the technical assessments. It can consider:

Coding Test: Providing the coding challenges or tasks related to AngularJS and evaluating their problem-solving and coding skills.

Live Coding Sessions: Giving the coding tasks to candidates in real-time during the interview. It can check their coding and time management skills.

Review of Past Work: You must ask the applicants to explain and discuss their past AngularJS projects, emphasizing their contributions and technical decisions.

Step 7: Team Fit and Cultural Evaluation

Ensuring the applicant is a good fit for your team and company culture is significant. During the interview, assess their compatibility with your available team members. Ask queries regarding collaboration, teamwork, and how they handle conflicts and challenges.

Evaluate whether their values match with your company’s culture.

Step 8: Check References

Before going on the final decision, conduct the reference checks. Contact the applicant’s previous employer or colleagues to increase insight about work ethics, performance, and reliability. Ask about their strengths, weaknesses, and overall Experience working with the applicants.

Step 9: Final Interview and Negotiation

Inviting the top candidates for the final interview would be best. This interview can be considered to discuss the compensation, benefits, and any added details about the role. Be prepared to negotiate on the salary and other terms for securing the applicants.

Make sure that both parties are satisfied with the offers before moving forward.

Step 10: Onboarding and Integration

After selecting the ideal Angular developers, it is an excellent time to onboard the team effectively. Please give them the required tools, resources, and project access. Align them into your team by introducing them to colleagues and project stakeholders.

Ensure they have explicit knowledge about the roles and responsibilities from the beginning.

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Average Cost to Hire Angular JS Developers

The cost may differ according to the level of expertise, location, skill set, and type of AngularJS Development services for which the professionals are contracted. The average Angular JS developer cost from a top-notch company can be $10-$120 per hour.

You may hire full-time employees because they are available on the set schedules and can improve collaboration and communication between team members.

Let’s look at factors affecting the Angular JS Developer’s Cost based on the complexity, experience level, and global location.

Cost Factors For Hiring Angular JS Developers

Cost Factors For Hiring Angular JS Developers

The cost of specific developers highly influences the amount of time and money spent on projects in software development. Calculating the exact cost of hiring developers is more daunting than expected. The Angular JS Developers Cost relied on different factors.

Here, we have included a few elements to help you choose the best AngularJS Development services.

Project Size

The cost of developing an app depends on the project requirements. The project size often determines the cost of developing an Angular app. There are different project sizes, such as small, mid-size, and enterprise-level projects.

Small-size project

It commonly does not have demanding specifications or complex functionalities. SMEs and startups come into the category of small projects that AngularJS developers promptly complete.

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Mid-Size Project

Mid-sized projects exhibit a greater demand for third-party integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs) to enhance the attractiveness of their apps in comparison to smaller projects. The cost of designing an Angular application is augmented by including third-party connectors that incur charges.

Large-size Project

These projects at the enterprise level require the incorporation of additional complex functionality and the utilization of more specialized development techniques. To effectively oversee the entirety of the project’s development, which encompasses quality assurance testing and technical support, including a team of developers, is vital.

Enterprise-level projects often possess distinctive requirements that necessitate a more significant investment of time, resulting in increased costs associated with Angular development.

The Complexity of the Features

It relies on the type and extent of features an app needs, whether simple or complex. This factor affects the cost of hiring  an Angular JS developer. The development time and basic skills may be less for basic features and functions such as login/signup and notifications.

Hiring an angular JS developer may cost anywhere from $30 to  $120. But it depends on the extent of features required in the app. Let’s check out the cost structure breakdown to hire AngularJS developers.

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Required Skills and Experience

The Angular JS Developers Cost relies on the Angular developer’s expertise and skill set. Understanding some front-end app development skill sets may influence the development cost.

Let’s break down the cost of hiring AngularJS developers based on their skills and extent of Experience.

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Junior Developers

Junior developers fall into one of two categories: those who have entered the app development environment or those with Experience ranging from 0 to 3 years. To complete the AngularJS app development, they have basic knowledge about front-end development and database ideas.

Junior AngularJS developers’ hourly rates are between $10 and $30 per hour may be hired.

Mid-Senior Developers

Mid-senior developers have Experience of more than 4 to 6 years. The developers are competent in front-end programming, have some experience with it, and have knowledge of the fundamentals of different JavaScript frameworks.

The Angular JS Developer’s Cost will be approximately $35/per hour. However, the cost relies on the project’s requirements.

Experienced Developers

Developers with 7-8 years of Experience in front-end app development are known as senior developers. These AngularJS developers have more expansive Experience and the best knowledge of technologies.

They can also manage large-scale projects using their technical knowledge and leadership abilities. You can hire such developers from eBizneeds, a leading AngularJS Development company. A skilled AngularJS developer’s hourly rate will be $50 to $100.

Model of Engagement

Fixed price, time-based, and dedicated hiring models are all flexible models you can explore. You can engage Angular developers in different ways, such as freelance, offshore, and dedicated, according to the business needs.

Fixed Price Model

It has a fixed pricing structure with predefined fixed requirements and a deadline for completion by developers.

Dedicated Hiring Model

One dependable, scalable, and broadly recommended recruiting model is the dedicated angularjs development team model. A dedicated team of Angular developers works on particular projects to complete the business needs and provide support for completing the app development process.

The Angular JS Developer’s Cost will average $25 to $49 per hour. As they have an average of 5 to 7 years of Experience, the experienced AngularJS developers are available for hire at tagline.

Time-Based Model

There is a need to pay AngularJS developers on an hourly basis. Based on the project’s need, you may hire AngularJS developers and set the hours to pay them accordingly. Another benefit of using this model is that you can set the working schedules of developers to meet your project needs.

Freelance Vs. In-House Angular Developer

Hiring a freelance Angular developer is moderately affordable compared to other hiring strategies. Freelancers are commonly hired for short-term or small-scale projects requiring a specific skill set. The cost to employ a freelance AngularJS developer may be between $16 and $30 per hour, depending on the project’s needs.

Hiring in-house AngularJS developers is also highly expensive compared to freelancers. The standard rate for AngularJS developer ranges from $15 to $100 according to their experience and project requirements. They maintain scalability, security, and dependability during the development procedures.

Costs Based on Location

Location is another factor in hiring an AngularJS developer. The Angular JS Developer’s Cost may vary depending on the geographical location.

Let’s look closely at the cost breakdown of hiring AngularJS developers.

Country Cost to Hire AngularJS Developers
Canada $47,000
USA $109,670
Australia $110,757
Norway $65,108
UK $71,532
Sweden $52944
Switzerland $114,056
Denmark $59,316
Israel $75,084
Germany $58,873
Belgium $34,220
Netherlands $39,21

Things to Consider Before Hiring AngularJS Developers

Things to Consider Before Hiring AngularJS Developers

There are different tips to increase the chances of hiring reliable and skilled AngularJS developers who are the right fit for your project. It would be best if you thoroughly evaluated candidates to make informed decisions based on their compatibility with the team, qualifications, and project needs.

Let’s discuss some of the essential tips for hiring AngularJS Developers.

Evaluate Your Project Needs

Before you initiate the hunt for AngularJS developers, you must have explicit knowledge of the project requirements. You must outline the project scope, specific features and functionalities you need, and any other essential details. It will aid you to assess the applicants who have relevant Experience and expertise.

Focus on Relevant Experience and Expertise

AngularJS development is a specialized framework; hence, it is crucial to find developers with Experience in it. Find applicants who have strong AngularJS background and have worked on similar projects in the past.

Check their portfolio or GitHub profiles to see if they have relevant code samples or completed projects. You can also consult with a dedicated AngularJS Development company to hire experienced developers.

Identify Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for effective collaboration. Evaluate the candidate’s communication skills during the hiring procedure. Look for developers who can clearly articulate their thoughts, actively listen to your needs, and ask relevant questions. Good communication ensures the smooth coordination during the project.

Test Technical Proficiency

Evaluating technical proficiency is significant for developers. You must conduct technical interviews or coding tests to identify their command over AngularJS concepts and best practices.

You must ask them to solve real-world coding issues or review their past written codes. It will support you to measure their technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Identify Client Testimonials and References

You must request client testimonials or references from past projects to increase insights into the developer’s work ethic, reliability, and professionalism. Reach out to their past clients and ask about their Experience working with the developer.

This feedback can offer valuable data regarding their working experience with the developers. This feedback can offer valuable data regarding their performance and working quality.

Consider Cultural Compatibility

The developers often overlook this point, but it plays a significant role in the project’s success. Assess the developer’s work, value, and communication style integrated with the team’s culture. It ensures a harmonious working environment and minimizes possible conflicts.

Opt for a Trial Period

You must consider initiating the trial period or small projects to assess the developer’s skills and compatibility with your team. It lets you evaluate their performance first-hand before committing to long-term engagement.

During this trial period, you must pay close attention to their code quality, collaboration skills, and ability to meet deadlines.

Don’t Forget About the Contract

When you hire AngularJS developers, ensure that you have well-defined contracts that outline the project deliverables, scope, timelines, payment terms, and any other relevant details. A clear contract protects both parties and facilitates a reference point in any disputes or misunderstandings.

Check Their Availability

Confirm the developer’s commitment and availability to your project. Discuss their availability for meetings or discussion, workloads, and ability to complete the project deadlines. Hiring a developer who can dedicate sufficient time and attention to your project is crucial.

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Critical Skills to Look for Hiring AngularJS Developers

There are different skills that you must consider when hiring AngularJS developers. Here are some critical skills you must look for:

Understanding of HTML and CSS

AngularJS is developed on HTML and CSS, so a deep knowledge of these languages is significant. Developers must be proficient in writing clean and semantic HTML and have the best grasp for styling and layout purposes.

Familiarity with Model View Controller (MVC)

AngularJS follows the MVC architectural patterns, separating the app into interconnected components such as model, view, and controller. Developers must have strong knowledge of the pattern and be able to structure their code accordingly and effectively.

Knowledge of Directives

Directives are a vital feature in AngularJS that lets developers create customized HTML tags, classes, or attributes. An experienced AngularJS developer must have the expertise to work with in-built directives such as ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-model and the ability to develop custom directives when required.

Command Over Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is a core aspect of AngularJS that promotes testability and modularity. Developers must know how dependency injection works in AngularJS and how to use it effectively to manage the dependencies between components.

Proficiency with Code Testing

Writing tests for the AngularJS app is significant for ensuring code quality and stability. Knowledge of the latest AngularJS development tools, such as Karma or Jasmine, and Experience in conducting integration testing, unit testing, and end-to-end testing are crucial skills for an AngularJS developer.

Apart from these skills, it is significant to consider other qualities such as problem-solving competencies, attention to detail, communication skills, and the competencies to perform collaboratively within a team.

Reviewing the developer’s portfolios, past experiences, and code samples and conducting technical interviews helps assess their proficiency in these skills before hiring decisions.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Hire AngularJS Developers for Your Project

Hiring AngularJS developers for your projects can provide different benefits and contribute to its success. Let’s discuss the top reasons why you must consider to hire AngularJS developers:

Simplified Development Process

AngularJS provides a simplified development procedure because of its declarative coding style, powerful features, and modular architecture. It facilitates a clear structure to your project and makes it easier to maintain, develop, and debug the codebase.

Enhanced User Experience

It facilitates a robust framework to build dynamic and interactive user friendly interfaces. Its two-way binding capability allows seamless synchronization between model and view, resulting in a smooth and responsive user experience.


AngularJS is intended to handle large-scale apps efficiently. It facilitates dependency injection, code reusability, and modularization, enabling developers to create scalable apps that can easily accommodate potential growth and evolving needs.

Strong Community Support

AngularJS has a vast and active community of developers, which means you can access ample resources, libraries, and tutorials to support your development efforts. The community actively contributes to the framework’s enhancement, making sure the regular updates, bug fixes, and provides security.

Cost-Effective Development

AngularJS framework is an open-source framework that avoids the need for costly licenses. In addition, its modular architecture and reusability of codes enable rapid development and a decline in overall development time and cost.

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Hire AngularJS developers consider assessing their expertise, evaluating their Experience, and ensuring they align with your project needs. By using the systematic approach and considering factors like cost, cultural fit, and skills, you can hire the best AngularJS developers.

As a result, they will contribute to project success. It would be best if you remembered to thoroughly assess their communication skills, technical proficiency, and ability to work within a team.

By investing time and cost in hiring an AngularJS developer process, you can build a strong development team that will efficiently deliver quality AngularJS solutions and meet your project objectives.

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