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12 Best Investment Apps in 2024- You Should Know

Last updated on January 30th, 2024 at 12:34 pm

In the year 2022, everyone is looking for the best investment apps to make money.

Investment has become easier due to the widespread use of mobile applications. And every other person is earning a profit by investing in stocks and crypto-currency.

The best investment apps in 2024 will allow individuals to keep track of their investments, make purchases and discover new opportunities. People can invest in the stock market from their home computers, tablets or even mobile phones, depending on which apps they choose to use.

This article explores how people can develop the best investment apps of the future in order to make money.

The world of investment has changed dramatically over the past few years, and there are now more ways than ever to invest in anything from real estate to stocks.

With new technologies being implemented into apps every day, it’s becoming increasingly important for investors to pay attention to where their money goes and how it’s invested.

Fortunately, the following resources will provide you with all of the information you need to develop the best investment apps in 2024.

If you are one of these, this blog is for you.

Here, we shall be going through some of the best investment apps in the market. This will help you create a successful trading portfolio of your own. So, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

The Best Investment Apps of 2024 That You Can Use

If you are someone who is looking for the best investment apps of 2024, we will be discussing the top 12 investment apps. Read the blog till the end to find the right one for you.

12 best investment apps

1. M1 Fin

M1 Finance is the first money-making app on this list available on app stores. To open a credit card, all you need is $10,000. You can borrow money at a remarkably low-interest rate of 2%.

If you are wondering how this money-making app can help you make money, the answer is that it allows you to earn 1% for every dollar you spend. M1 Finance’s APY is legendary. It is 25 times higher than the national average.


2. Acorns

It is now a widespread practice to invest. Acorns are also well-known for their significant investment requirements. It is a micro-investing platform that makes it one of the most money-making apps.

Micro-investing is when you can invest with no money. It will cost as little as a cup of coffee or less. This is the app for you if you want to make money with apps that actually work.

The account creation process takes only a few minutes, and the rest is straightforward. You only need something if you have money to invest. The app can explore over 7000 stocks and bonds from top companies.


3. Ibotta

This is an entirely different idea that you’ll love. Let’s find out what makes this app one of the most lucrative in 2024.

The platform allows you to receive real money that can be used for daily purchases of a specific brand. You can use it for both online and offline shopping.

You heard it right. The platform gives you a $20 welcome bonus that you can use however you wish. This is not all.

You will receive $5 extra if you recommend the platform to friends and they download it through your link.

This app allows you to shop with top brands like Amazon, Banana Republic, and Kohls. It also integrates well with other grocery delivery apps like Instacart and Walmart Grocery.


4. Robinhood

Robinhood is enough for you to know that this platform is different. If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, then listen up. It is a market-leading solution for cryptocurrency app development. You can buy and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

It asks you to collect thousands of dollars to purchase cryptos. This makes it stand out from any other platform. It allows you to do this with very little quantity.

It is very user-friendly and helps you get better at crypto trending. This makes it one of the most popular apps for earning money quickly.


5. Webull

This is the best option for active traders and beginners, as it provides extended market hours, advanced charting, and sufficient educational resources.

Webull is a trading platform that allows you to trade without commissions in stocks, ETFs, and other options. There are no minimum deposits. It supports IRAs, and will enable you to invest in crypto and certain foreign companies (ADRs).

Webull’s charts and research tools can be overwhelming at first, but it is an excellent option for beginners willing to take the time to learn.

You will find a wealth of videos explaining how to do things and a training program that can be tailored to your investment experience.

A simulator allows beginners to practice and learn how to trade using virtual or paper money.

Active traders can use Webull’s real-time data and advanced charting to place orders or do market research. It also offers extended market hours so you can trade before or after the market closes between 4:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. ET and 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Please note that Webull requires fractional order minimums of $5. This may be a problem for traders considering that apps such as Robinhood allow you to buy shares for $1.


IT Solutions

6. Betterment

It is the best Robo-advisor as its algorithm allows users to know how much they must save to reach their goals. It also provides tax coordination and coordination.

Betterment is a Robo advisor which provides investment advice, making it one of the best investment apps. It automatically creates diversified portfolios based on your investment goals. Acorns and Betterment differ from trading apps like Webull in that they do not allow you to choose which securities you want but instead offer pre-made portfolios.

Betterment does not charge a monthly fee, unlike Acorns. Depending on the account balance, it sets an annual management fee, either 0.25% or 0.45%. If you invest small sums of money, this fee structure may be more affordable than a flat monthly subscription.

We like how Betterment calculates how much you will need to save to achieve your goals within a given time frame. Multiple investment accounts can be created for different purposes. You can create different investment accounts, such as retirement accounts, education savings, or general investing. The app will show you how much you need to save to reach your goal.


7. Fidelity

Fidelity, which allows you to invest free of charge, is one of our favorite apps. Most people aren’t familiar with Fidelity as “free”. Fidelity has a variety of ETFs without commissions that will allow most investors to create a balanced portfolio. Fidelity now offers $0 commission stock options and ETF trades.

You can also invest dollar-based and not share-based in fractional share investing. This is great news for those who start with small amounts of money.

Fidelity IRAs have no minimum account opening requirements and no account maintenance fees. This means that you can deposit $5 and have it invested for free. This is a better deal than companies like Stash Invest.

Fidelity has announced two funds with a 0.00% expense ratio – free! These funds are completely commission-free and don’t require any management fees. Investing is free because this platform provides you with commission free trading.


8. TD Ameritrade

It is a platform that traders may be familiar with. TD Ameritrade’s non-commission pricing structure for stocks, options, and ETFs makes them more attractive than ever as an investment app.

It has over 50 commission-free ETFs from industry giants Vanguard, iShares, and Vanguard. This is the best broker for tax loss harvesting.

Remember that it offers ETFs, stocks, and options trades at $0 commission.

TD Ameritrade also offers IRAs with no minimum or maintenance fees. This makes it an attractive choice over Acorns which have maintenance fees.

The mobile app of TD Ameritrade also provides research, information, and portfolio analysis. This makes free investing even more delicious. Remember that it takes charges fees for certain ETFs, mutual funds, and equity trades. Before you buy, look for ETFs that do not have a load.


9. Public

Another commission-free investment app that offers access to stocks and ETFs as well as crypto. Its social features allow you to connect with other traders and financial advisers, making it stand out from the rest.

The public’s community feed works in the same way as Twitter for investors. It allows you to keep up with the latest news and topics, view what other members are investing, and post your most recent buys or sells. The app allows you to create group chats and participate in virtual events.

Public offers include approximately 900 stock and ETFs and more than 25 crypto coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. You can also buy fractional shares for as low as $1.

The public doesn’t require you to have a bank account to fund your brokerage account. You can use a debit card to support it. To withdraw your money, you must first link a bank account.

However, there are some drawbacks. The public does not offer access to many tradable assets. You cannot invest in options, mutual funds, or bonds. The public might eventually charge a subscription fee to access premium features.


10. Vanguard

They are known for being the lowest-cost investment service provider. They are the first mutual fund and ETF company to charge lower fees.

Vanguard doesn’t charge commissions for the purchase and sale of Vanguard ETFs. If you sign up for electronic account documents or your account is Voyager Select, Flagship, or Flagship Select Services, you don’t have to pay any account service fees.

Vanguard also offers Personal Advisor Services, which can help you plan, implement, and maintain your financial plans. These advisors are fiduciary and can help you make a plan that is tailored to your goals. It’s not a robot. It is the cheapest option available at 0.30% AUM.


11. Plynk

This app is designed to help you learn and start investing. It is an app that helps novice investors invest their money in an investment portfolio. Plynk gives you access to stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, starting at one dollar per share.

To explain investing concepts, the platform uses simple language that is easy to understand. No jargon. No complicated charts or tables. Plynk Explore can help you find investment options based on your interests. Answer a few questions, and the app will show you mutual, ETF, and stock investments that match your investment comfort zone.

Plynk provides complete financial education courses, lessons, and tips, and how-tos to help you build your financial literacy.

Gift cards are one of Plynk’s most unique features. You can redeem gift cards that have yet to be used for money to purchase stocks at your favorite companies.


12. Wealthfront

The tagline of Wealthfront stands for investment is easy with automation. It is one of the popular Robo-advisors that helps users manage their funds. You can start with this app with a minimum balance of $500. Using hundreds of EFTs, it makes a portfolio of users and assesses the risk tolerance.

It takes 0.25% of the fee of assets annually.

With this app, you can start your investment in just three steps which are:

  • Signup
  • Make a deposit
  • Start growing savings


How to Develop the Best Investment Apps in 2023

investment app development steps

You are an aspiring entrepreneur, and you’re considering starting a business via fintech app development. Which ones do you make? The best idea is to start with an investment app.

In 2022, there will be more demand for investment mobile apps, which will continue in 2024. So, you are considering developing an app for investment at the right time.

But do you know – How to build an investment app?

Keep these main points in mind when developing the best investment apps for 2023:

1) Consider Your Target Market’s Needs

2) Keep Up With The Latest Trends

3) Using the Right Technology

4) Follow Best Practices

5) Run Your App Through Its Paces Before Launching

Then there are detailed steps that you need to follow. So, let’s start.

#1. Consider The Needs Of Your Target Market

In order for a mobile app development company to create the best investment apps, they need to know its target market. What do they want? What are their needs?

Knowing these things will inform how the app is designed and what features it has. In addition, knowing your target market will help with marketing. You can understand which marketing channels are most effective for reaching that audience, and you can use them more effectively.

It’s essential for a fintech app development company to understand their users’ needs so that they can design an app that meets those needs and provides value for them.

#2. Keep Up With The Latest Trends

As technology advances, so do the ways people invest their money. In order for a company to stay ahead of the curve, they need to be on top of the latest trends and developments in technology. Here are three ways you can develop the best investment apps for 2023:

Utilize mobile app development companies that specialise in fintech app development and have extensive experience with data mining and analytics.

Develop an app that is as user-friendly as possible. If it’s difficult for someone to use your product, then they’re not going to want or need it.

Advertise your service through social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn groups. It doesn’t matter how great your app is if no one knows about it!

#3. Using The Right Technology

A fintech app development company will help you develop the best investment apps for your business. They can also help you with mobile app development or streamline the process by offering a full spectrum of app development services.

With mobile app development and other related services available, there’s no need to go anywhere else when it comes to what you need.

The reality is that the way people are making investments is changing quickly. As new ways of doing things are developed and introduced, it’s important that companies keep up and stay ahead of the curve in order to maintain their success.

Hiring App developers are an essential part of this because they know what needs to be done and how best to do it so that your business doesn’t get left behind as everyone else continues moving forward at breakneck speeds into the future.

#4. Follow Best Practices

When developing the best investment apps, it’s important to work with a top mobile app development company and follow best practices. Mobile app development is an iterative process.

Often, you’ll start with a prototype and test it out with your target audience before refining the design and making tweaks. The best step is learning about your target demographic so that you can create an app that resonates with them.

#5. Test Your App Before Launch

One of the crucial steps of mobile app development is testing the app before launch. This will help identify bugs and glitches that have not yet been discovered, which are often harder to spot after the app has been launched.

At this stage, you can also get feedback from a small group of users who may identify other issues with your design or features.

app development company


These are some of the best investment apps that you can get your hands on in 2023. Now, if you are someone who wants to learn more about it or wants to develop your own investment platform, all you need to do is contact a Mobile App Development Company that will help you with the same.

The best investment apps are going to be more and more important as the years go on. In order to stay competitive, financial companies need the best apps available and should invest in mobile app development services.

Fintech app development is a booming industry right now and is expected to continue growing over time. It’s important that any company looking into developing an app considers their customers’ needs when planning it out because this will determine how successful the investment app will be.

The future of investing is shifting towards mobile, and people want things done on the go, so it’s important that an investment company has a high demand for their product or service with no added wait time from a human representative.

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