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ASP.NET Core Web Application: Cost, Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 08:34 am

ASP.NET Core is a great option when creating online web applications as it is an open-source and cross-platform. It is a feasible choice for developers seeking a flexible and robust framework that can be considered for developing a broad category of high-quality web apps.

The benefits and drawbacks of using ASP.NET Core for web development will be discussed in this blog. We’ll also thoroughly grasp how much it costs to create an ASP.NET Core web application.

What is ASP.NET Core Web Application?

ASP.NET Core is a contemporary, cross-platform framework designed for the development of modern web applications. It boasts an open-source nature, allowing developers to create web applications that can run seamlessly across different platforms.

An ASP.NET Core web application is a web application that utilizes this framework for development. It provides a modular and flexible architecture, allowing developers to build high-performance, scalable, and secure web applications.

Following are some illustrations of ASP.NET Core Web Apps:

  • A web API lets users develop, read, update, and delete the data.
  • A single-page application with a dynamic user interface built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • A conventional web app uses ASP.NET MVC to develop a user interface separated from business logic.

When building websites, there are few frameworks as flexible or meaningful as ASP.NET Core. It is a good choice for developers who want to develop scalable, secure, high-performance web apps.

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ASP.NET Core Web Application Features

Multiple features within this framework support you in overcoming common development issues and engaging more with your apps to enhance performance.

Some features of ASP.NET Core web apps are as follows:


ASP.NET Core is a free and publicly available platform that enables you to modify, review, and contribute the code according to convenience and needs.


As a cross-platform framework, ASP.NET Core frees you from restriction and associated issues and empowers you to develop web apps on platforms such as macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Razor Pages

It is an easy and smooth web-based programming model with a file-based directing approach. It is less complex because it contains less code and support to build a more organized web app. You can deploy more successfully with the help of these organized applications.


With features like data encryption and role-based access control, ASP.NET Core is a safe framework.


For creating scalable web applications, ASP.NET Core is a robust platform.


ASP.NET Core includes more extensive documentation that focuses on framework learning.


The more prominent and active web application community in asp .net may support with development.


Web applications may be tested using ASP.NET Core’s comprehensive collection of testing tools.


ASP.NET Core strongly emphasizes a debugger that may be used to troubleshoot web applications.

This framework enables developers to construct scalable, secure, high-performance online applications, making it a reliable and adaptable solution for web app development.

ASP .Net Core Web Application Programme Example

Here is an example of an ASP.NET Core web application programme:

Code snippet

public class HelloWorldController : Controller


public IActionResult Index()


return View();


public IActionResult SayHello(string name)


return View(new { name = name });



@model string

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Hello World</title>



<h1>Hello, @Model!</h1>



It is a simple web app that demonstrates a message to the user. The app uses the asp .net core mvc framework for splitting the user interface from the business logic. The user interface is illustrated in the index action of the HelloWorldController class. The business logic is applied in the same class of SayHello action.

The index action can commonly return the view. The view is defined as a Razor view, rendered using the syntax. Along with this, the Razor Syntax is a Templating language used to create HTML.

The SayHello action focuses on the name as a consideration. The name is sent to the view as a model. The view implies the model for creating the Html demonstrated for the user.

It is a simple illustration of an ASP.NET web app. In this example, ASP.NET can be applied to developing large categories of web apps such as traditional web apps, web APIs, and single-page apps.

ASP.NET Core Web Application Advantages

ASP.NET Core Web App have different advantages as compared to other web development framework, such as:

High Performance

ASP.NET Core Web framework is intended from scratch and maintains the performance in mind. The ASP.NET Core team focuses on developing the default web server and Kestrel as quickly as possible. Tech Empower runs the benchmarks on different frameworks, making lists of the ASP.NET Core with Kestrel as the quickest over 400 frameworks.


ASP.NET Core runs cross-platform, such as .NET 5.0 platform. It is not linked to a Windows operating system like the legacy ASP.NET framework. You can create and run the production-ready ASP.NET Core web apps on macOS or Linux. If you choose to use Linux, you don’t have to pay for Windows licenses, resulting in adequate cost savings.

Open Source

ASP.NET Core is included as an open-source and is actively developed on Github by many developers in Microsoft worldwide. All the source code is hosted on GitHub for anyone to review, modify, and contribute.

MVC Architecture

ASP.NET Core framework uses the Model View ControllerĀ (MVC) design and considers interconnected ports that permit dividing the concerns. Since ASP.NET Core uses this approach, the apps developed using the ASP.NET framework have different input, procedures, and output operations. Such kind of system is known as the Three Tier Architecture.

Development Time

The development time is highly lesser when it considers ASP.NET. It is particularly advantageous for larger apps that should be completed within the deadline. There are different code reviews to prevent deploying destructive code and overall improve the code quality. Indeed, the code developer writes only the best quality.


Asp.Net Core facilitates additional flexibility concerning languages. It has an independent language choice that indicates a developer can select the languages according to their choices, such as Visual Basic.NET and C#. Moreover, their run time relied on the common language. Each can utilize their programming language if multiple developers are considered in the project.

Despite these benefits, ASP.NET Core is continually being updated and improved. It shows that developers are confident in implementing current and advanced tech to develop their web apps.


ASP.NET Core Web Application Disadvantages

ASP.NET Core Web Apps have some disadvantages such as:

Learning Curve

ASP.NET Core is a comparatively new framework; hence there is a learning curve for developers unaware of it.

Lack of Features

ASP.NET Core is still under development; hence it does not consider all of the features of other web development frameworks.


ASP.NET Core is an entirely new framework; hence there is not a large community compared to other web development frameworks.

ASP.NET Core Web App is a versatile framework that can be implemented to develop a broader category of high-quality web apps. But, there are certain disadvantages of using ASP.NET Core, like a small community, a learning curve, and a lack of features.

The following are certain additional disadvantages of ASP.NET Core Web applications:


ASP.NET Core Web App can be deployed in different hosting providers, but no single-fit solution exists. Developers must select a hosting provider that achieves their particular requirements.


The cost of building and deploying a web app can vary depending on the complexity and size of the app. But, ASP.NET Core is commonly considered a sound option for developing web apps.


Developers should be cautious when modifying the app. Modifications to a recent program version may not function in the new version. Even you will require community support such as GitHub to execute current modifications.

Despite such benefits, ASP.NET Core Web App is a better choice for developers seeking a flexible and robust framework that can be applied for developing a larger category of better-quality web apps.

Asp.Net Frameworks

ASP.NET is a set of web development frameworks applied to develop web apps. The current version of ASP.NET Core framework is an open-source and cross-platform framework that can be considered for developing web apps that run on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The followings are specific recognized frameworks:

ASP.NET Core: It is the current version of the ASP.NET framework. It is an open-source and cross-platform that can be applied for developing web apps that run on macOS, Windows, and Linux,

ASP.NET Core MVC: It is a model-view-controller framework for developing web apps. MVC is a recognized architectural pattern for web apps, and it facilitates a complete separation of issues between diverse parts of an app.

ASP.NET Web Pages: It is a lightweight framework to create simple web apps. Web pages are preferred for developers who wish to develop simple and easy web apps.

ASP.NET Razor Pages: It is a new framework to integrate the features of ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET Web Pages. Furthermore, Razor Page is a sound choice for developers who wish to develop simple yet strong web apps.

Each framework has strengths and weaknesses; hence, selecting the feasible framework for the particular project’s needs is significant.

ASP.NET Web Application Cost

The cost of creating an ASP.NET Core Web app can differ according to several factors, such as the app’s complexity and size, the developer’s experience, and the hosting provider. But, ASP.NET Core is considered as a cost-effective choice for developing web apps.

Followings are certain factors that can influence the cost of developing an ASP.NET Core web app:

Size and Complexity of the App: If the app is larger and more complex, then more expenses will be required for development.

Experience of the developers: If the developers are highly experienced, it will take less time to develop, along with the cost. You can hire an developer to reduce the cost of developing apps.

Hosting provider: The hosting cost of the web app can vary based on the required features and providers.

Let’s discuss some tips to decline the cost of creating an ASP.NET Core web app:

Use a pre-built template

There are different pre-built templates accessible for web apps. These templates aid you in saving your time and cost by enabling you with an initial point for your project.

Use a cloud-based hosting provider

Cloud-based hosting providers facilitate different features and pricing choices that can support you in declining the hosting cost for your ASP.NET Core web app.

Outsource development:

You can outsource the development to a third-party development company if you don’t have in-house resources for developing your web app. It can save you cost and time, but selecting a reputable development company with great experience in creating web apps is significant.

hire dedicated developers


ASP.NET Core is an open-source, secure, and cross-platform framework that uses for developing web apps. It can be the preferred choice for developers seeking a flexible and robust framework to create different categories of high-quality web apps.

The cost of building an ASP.NET Core web app relies on different factors; however, ASP.NET Core is included as a cost-effective choice.

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