System Revamps/
Legacy Systems

Many companies run on legacy systems which were designed back in the days of DOS. These systems are critical in keeping internal processes running but are often hard to maintain, hard to use and unable to integrate effectively with external software systems.

Our System Revamp service can take your old system and bring it into the modern technology set providing extensive benefits including:

  • Speed and design improvements
  • Additional functionality
  • Making them web enabled – access anywhere anytime on any device type!
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (clients, suppliers etc)
  • Make your new system a central point of call for all aspects of the business
  • Provide multiple user roles with access to only the material staff need to access
  • Extensive custom reporting
  • Ongoing support and evolution

Do you have an old in-house system that’s holding you back? It may be time to consider a revamp!

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