Ensure your website is protected with support and maintenance services from eBizneeds

There are many website design and development agencies who can build a site, but the actual build is only the very beginning of efficiently running your online business. Website maintenance and website support is critical and essential to anyone who relies on their site financially.

Would you consider buying a house or car and not insuring it? It’s a risk that very few take as it’s the most valuable asset you own, so we are surprised at the number of people who don’t insure their website and core income stream. Although a website is not a tangible item like a house, it’s value is comparable. The financial loss that can occur if your website is hacked or down can not only greatly affect your sales, but also impact your customer loyalty and trust, sending new and old customers into the hands of your competitors creating lasting negative effects.

The costs involved in restoring a website that has been hacked can be significant without the right support. A large majority of e-commerce business owners rarely back up their website, so the last version they have to restore it with could be a year or more old and completely out of date. What would the cost of the loss of a years worth of work be to your business? The loss of customers contact information, orders, updated stock quantities, design and development updates, valuable time, and of course all of your current products and services that were listed, are just some of the things that you can’t get back.

The professional website management and e-commerce support offered by eBizneeds is the insurance that every website owner should have.
What would you do if your website was hacked two weeks before Christmas – The busiest shopping time of the year? Imagine the loss of revenue that could be have been avoided if you had implemented an appropriate website monitoring and a maintenance plan. We ensure the servers where your website is located are managed and that technical support is available should anything bad occur. Our top support team pride ourselves in having the best technology, experts and strategies in place to prevent all sorts of potentially disastrous outcomes.

By incorporating an efficient website maintenance service into your business plan, you can have peace of mind that regular backups of your website are created so that should your website be compromised, it can be fixed straight away with minimal impact.

What support services do eBizneeds offer?

Our specialised support team at eBizneeds are proactive in our approach to website support and maintenance.
Some of the services we offer include:

  • General website help and solutions
  • e-commerce maintenance
  • Magento support service
  • Magento maintenance
  • Woo commerce support
  • Woo commerce maintenance
  • WordPress support
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Website monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Shopping cart support systems
  • Content management system (CMS) support
  • Professional consulting services and more.

Our company eBizneeds offer the best website services to companies Australia wide from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Contact us today!