Custom .NET Development Services

.NET (sometimes written as dot net or dot net programming) is an incredibly powerful, reliable and secure Microsoft programming language.

While custom development using the .NET language may be the premium and (at least initially) more expensive option compared to others, it may also be something that saves you valuable time and money in the future by choosing the best to begin with.

Why should you choose .NET?

.Net, PHP, Java and Python are all popular free and open source programming languages used by developers worldwide for website and application development. But what makes .NET the right choice for your project and how does it differ from the rest?

Like most things, there’s often many reasons we choose one thing over the other, but without expert support and information available to make that choice, you can go into the decision process blind leaving you with a result that isn’t the best it could be. Our team of .NET web developers at eBizneeds are here to help you make the decision that’s best for your project.

Although PHP might be the language that’s most commonly used and the go-to medium for developers due to it’s ease of use, it may not be the right one for you despite being such an impressive language.

The reason that you could choose .NET is because it’s built and maintained by Microsoft and pairs well with their server platforms such as IIS while still having the best cross platform capabilities compared to other languages. Whether it be used for Windows, Mac, Linux or many other operating systems you can be confident your newly developed software will run successfully. So, should you have a software development project integrating with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Sharepoint, Outlook etc, you can be confident that Microsoft .NET will integrate seamlessly with your software for a stable and efficient result.

Although the initial cheaper alternative of PHP seems like the obvious option to most, it can later become more expensive dependant on what your requirements are. This is where hiring a company such as eBizneeds to discuss your project from the beginning can benefit you and your business. We don’t just give you a cookie cutter option that could leave you stuck in the future. Our services are custom made for every business to ensure the best results are achieved.

If you’re looking for a highly secure software framework then custom .NET development is your best option for developing scalable and powerful software.

Our .NET web development experts specialise in both Asp .NET programming and C# .NET framework. C# web programming and ASP programming are slightly different to each other, but we’re happy to help you with what is most suitable for you.

How can eBizneeds help my business?

With happy clients across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart who are incorporating custom .NET development in to their business strategy, you can have peace of mind that you are putting your business in the best position of success it can be. With our combined experience and knowledge, you can leave not only with a quality piece of software, but with confidence you’re getting the best option for your project.