Magento Security

Upgrade your Magento security – protect against website attacks and loss of business

Your site’s security is paramount to the success of your online business. When your site has been compromised, it can greatly affect your reputation, conversions and relationships with your customers.

Protect your most important asset with the best Magento security on offer by eBizneeds. Just like any other online platform, your website will experience Magento security vulnerabilities creating major issues for your online business. According to a comprehensive Sophos Security Threat Report conducted in 2012, approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every day and this number is on the rise. eBizneeds are here to prevent you becoming a part of this statistic.

If you find your e-commerce website is suddenly the victim of hacking or a brute-force attack, contact eBizneeds immediately. We will assist you to get your website back up and running quickly, securing Magento so that you’re not longer vulnerable to potential attacks.

Some of the security features and upgrades we provide support and service for include:

  • Magento Secure Payment Gateways
  • Magento Secure URLs, including SSL setups
  • Magento Security Patches
  • Magento Module Updates
  • Securing Admin URL’s

Keep your customers secure when purchasing via a Magento Secure Payment Gateway and professional Magento SSL Configuration

Running a secure connection will significantly harden your website’s security whilst building the trust of your customers. When handling sensitive data including credit card details and passwords, a SSL certificate is required to enable a secure base URL in Magento, keeping your customer’s information private and safe.

A Magento payment bridge will also help to ensure a secure payment occurs between your customers and your website. A payment bridge is required for merchants to meet PCI compliance. We also offer full configuration of your payment gateway setup to enable secure credit card and Paypal processing.

A secure website offers your potential customers peace of mind and increases the likelihood of a purchase taking place. In addition to implementing a secure Magento payment gateway and Magento SSL certificate, it is also important to keep all Magento security best practices in mind, such as ensuring all of your Magento security extensions are up to date, being smart with your username, choosing a strong password and implementing two-factor authentication.

For more security tips, speak to our 24/7 Magento maintenance and support team and keep Magento secure. Your business depends on it.