Magento Shopping Feed

Allow your customers to have greater accessibility to your products with a Magento Shopping Feed integration

Imagine if you could feed the products listed in your Magento e-commerce store, through to other shopping websites such as Ebay, Amazon and Google Shopping automatically. Or perhaps you’re hoping to import Amazon products into Magento! By installing a Magento and Amazon integration, it can all be possible.

By adding a shopping feed extension to your Magento e-commerce store, your brand awareness not only increases by appearing across some of the worlds leading e-commerce websites, but it can dramatically affect your sales in the best way possible.

But what happens to your organisation and inventory once you start selling through various platforms? How would you keep up? That’s where our team at eBizneeds can assist. Incorporating an extension like M2E Pro, or one of the various Ebay and Amazon integrations available, you can eliminate the stress of managing many different stores. The right Magento Shopping feed will manage everything from your stock levels and pricing, right down to the descriptions and images across all websites. Everything is harmoniously synchronised to make your job easy.

Adding your Magento product feed to Google Merchant Centre allows you to promote what you’re already selling to shoppers worldwide who might not know about your brand yet and just beginning their search on Google.

The next step could be to build a strategic Google AdWords campaign to advertise and promote your Magento Google shopping feed, as you then have the ability to target the exact demographic your products are designed for, in the places that they are searching resulting in an increase to your potential sales.

Our expert developers at eBizneeds can help you create shopping feeds for Magento that will change your approach to e-commerce completely. Imagine if by implementing a Magento shopping feed, whether it be a Magento and eBay extension, a Magento to Amazon extension, an extension that allows you to import products from Amazon or even import eBay listings into Magento – your sales could double, triple or even more! The potential for success is so much greater with the added exposure of a Magento shopping feed.

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