Magento Performance

Improve your Magento site performance through powerful optimisation strategies

There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that is slow to load site. In addition to potentially losing customers to your competitors, you may also lose your ranking in search engines. Protect your online business from poor site performance and speed up Magento with the right support from eBizneeds.

There are a number of contributing factors that can affect the speed of a site and we offer a range of Magento performance optimisation services to improve Magento’s performance. With the help of our highly trained Magento experts

We will analyse potential Magento site optimisation issues and provide support for :

  • Magento cache settings; Magento Varnish, Magento Memcached, Magento APC Cache, Ngix and more.
  • Magento image optimisation; the compression of image file sizes to reduce and optimise page load times.
  • Magento database optimisation; improve and optimise the efficiency of your website’s database queries on page load to increase Magento speed for customers when browsing.
  • Ongoing Magento maintenance and support to ensure optimum performance.
  • Site and Theme code
  • Image sizes and compression
  • Server configuration and capacity
  • Effective use of Content Distribution Networks (CDN)

Increase Magento site speed through
effective performance tuning

Page speed directly impacts e-commerce conversion rates and revenue. If your website page is loading slow (2+ seconds), visitors are much more likely to leave and purchase from one of your competitors.

Whether you need help with Magento cache control, cleaning up your database, or backend performance testing, eBizneeds can deliver increased performance optimisation and website sales for your business.

We also provide a 24/7 help desk service for all your regular Magento website maintenance needs, so you’ll can confidently focus on other important aspects of your business growth.

Capitalise on the years of technical knowledge and experience we’ve gained when working with hundreds of Magento stores Australia wide.

We’ll increase Magento speed and visitor conversion rates quickly and effectively. Don’t waste the valuable time of potential customers as they browse your products, optimise Magento speed and performance by requesting a free review from our experts today.

Every second gained via Magento speed optimisation will deliver an increase in online sales and revenue. Speed up Magento and improve your conversion rate, don’t delay – request a free performance review and optimise your Magento website now!

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