Magento 2 – Its Time!

All the speculation about moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is finally coming to an end. With Magento announcing a roadmap the end Magento 1 support around the end of 2018, it’s important to start planning the path your business needs to take to move to version 2.

The reality is many people are happy with Magento 1 and are slow to warm up to the idea of a major update and moving to Magento 2, however just like any business resource sometimes a major update comes along which needs to be tackled. To help with understanding the benefits of moving forward, we’ve put together some of the key benefits for you.


1. Speed
Speed was a major issue for Magento 1 websites as the first version did not have inbuilt high-speed caching capability.
Magento 2,  on the other hand, can load 50% faster and page load times of sub 2 seconds can be achieved. This speed improvement will also help with conversions, optimising the sales process.

2. Payment Gateways
Magento 1 has a limited number of standard payment gateways. This meant the continual addition of 3rd party extensions to various providers.
Magento 2 is addressing this with the addition of more payment options as standard.

3. Checkout Process
Magento 1 checkout has 5 steps to complete (Billing, Shipping, Shipping Method, Payment Method, Order Review) the order process. The user cannot view the next step until they will not fill the current step and click on next button.
Magento 2 has a streamlined process, making the checkout easier and quicker. Now checkout process includes only two steps it includes only shipping and billing. The payment system is much more transparent now which includes tax calculation also.





4. Admin Panel
Magento 1 has a horizontal menu at the top of every page which covers some of the content areas.
Magento 2 has a user friendly and a mobile compatible interface. There are filter breadcrumbs which can work to filter criteria and speed up administrative tasks, like the bulk addition of products.

a) Admin panel – Improved interface

Magento 1 Admin panel

Magento 2 Admin panel

b) Marketing – Marketing  is a new tab added in Magento 2 with new features such as:
• Marketing Automation
• User content and;
• Social

Magento 1 Catalog panel


Magento 2 Marketing panel

c) Payment methods

Payment method of Magento 1

Payment method of Magento 2 includes Braintree, Amazon pay, Klarna


5) Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Magento 2 platform is already mobile responsive. Additionally, it has features such as, SEO friendly design, integrated videos, easy checkout. All these features improve the look and feel of Magento stores on screen.

6) Security, Updates and Extensions
One of the main reasons to move forward is the lack of future support for M1. Some of the key areas that will be affected are:

• Version Updates: Magento will stop supplying new features and security patches for M1 – making sites more vulnerable to hacking over time.
• Modules: Vendors will no longer create new modules or update existing ones.
• Servers: Servers will continue to move ahead with new technologies and M1 websites will become unsupported over time.

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