Custom Software – The Steps and benefits


Custom Software (aka Bespoke software) is tailor made to your specific needs, as opposed to OTS (Off the Shelf) software which is written more broadly and not specifically for your organisational needs.
Developing Custom Software is a process (and there’s a definite bit of art to it) that takes the following steps:

Discovery & Project Documentation: This is the architects design of the system. It includes needs analysis, documentation of all of the features, integrations, system users and scenarios that the software may encounter. This can often take a significant portion of the time of a project, however it’s imperative. Imagine building a house without a blueprint!

• Technology Choice: Once the Discovery phase is complete and the project requirements set, you can choose which technology/coding language and database you want to use, based on which is best suited to the type of project and its needs.

• Architecture: Designing the Database to hold all of the information the system will need and allowing for future expansion.

• Interface Design: Creating the visual interface that people will see when viewing the system. Making it as user friendly and attractive as possible. These days with web based software taking the lead, this also means ensuring that solutions work seamlessly on Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones.

• Coding: Writing the business logic that will determine how the system works. This is often the single largest component of a project.

• Testing (Internal): Developers and testers review the system to ensure it meets the goals outlined in the Discovery Phase and any bugs or issues are ironed out.

• Client Review: Presenting the system to the end users and showing them how it works and getting their feedback on the software and making any modifications needed.

• Go Live: Launching the System.

• Ongoing Support: Providing ongoing technical and user support to the system users and organisation.

As you can see, whilst custom software is an involved process it’s the ideal way to guarantee a software solution, ecommerce tool or other digital application will meet an organisations exact needs.

Project example

 Australian Cruise Group

Australian Cruise Group were handling bookings via an Agent portal that wasn’t intuitive. The interface of the Agent portal wasn’t user friendly and users faced lot of issues while setting up cruises, users, reports. There was a need to replace the existing system for Agents and build two parallel systems, one for customers so that they can make cruise bookings on their own and other for Call centres who can make bookings on behalf of calling customers.

Solution Provided by eBizneeds

The previous ACG platform was built on Web forms Technology and had to be switched to latest and more robust MVC model. Following tasks were executed to accomplish this – Migrated existing code to latest MVC architecture, migrated existing database and features into new technology and implemented new features and modules including Customer portal and Call center portal.
A stable web based version of the product was delivered for greater market reach, backed with robust architecture to enable high performance.
All the three portals were built with responsive design to cater to users operating through computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Conclusion
There are times when only custom software will provide the outcome an organisation needs.
eBizneeds have extensive experience building custom solutions for a wide range of industries including Tourism & Travel, Finance, Retail, eCommerce, Health and more.

We’d love to help you with Custom Software too! To connect with us for an obligation free chat please email and we’ll set up a time with you.

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