360 Degree View-School empowerment system


What is 360 Degree View

360 Degree View is a complete school empowerment system, which can be used to make the entire functioning of a school automated. The system comprises many features, which help all the stakeholders of school to get a clear picture.
In addition, the system has been designed keeping in consideration numerous factors, which decide the student performance. 360 Degree View helps in getting the clear picture of student performance and helps in identifying the gaps.

Our contribution

We have created three layers of users. A super admin keeps an eye on system and manage accounts, an institute admin manages the institute accounts and branch user for branches. Also, there is a parent module from where they can watch activities related to students.

1. Roles

a) Super Admin
b) Institute Admin
c) Branch Admin
d) Parent Login

2. Registration and Login

This is an internal system for the staff, therefore super admin will create the users for the portal and will provide the credentials to each staff. Then staff can login into the system using the given credentials.

3. Login

a) The primary step will be to login into the system by the given credentials.
b) A user can also login with the help of OTP.

4. Dashboard

After the login, the user will see the dashboard along with various other navigation like- admin, student, fees, reports, services, communication, enrolment, academic calendar, staff count and graphs of various activities.

5. Admin

This feature is for the admin to configure and manage the whole system. Under this, there are subfeatures like- session, roles, fee etc.

6. Student Management 

From here, admin can see the student details.

a) Search student- They can search student by name, class, section, status etc.

b) Quick add- Through this basic details of student can be added to the system at the time of registration.

c) Add details- All other details related to the student can be added to this section.

d) Student update request- This section is for admin, he can view student update request.

7. Fee

From this section, admin can see the fee collection listing and collect fee. On the listing page, students will be categorised based on lowest class arranged and in alphabetical order.
Status of the fee is also visible where green is for no due fee and red means due fee.

8. Reports

Admin can generate the reports which includes fees, student reports and transport reports.

a) Fee report includes- Daily report, Collection report, Due report, Refund report, Fee due bill report, Adjusted fee report, Bank CSV report.

b) Student report includes- Student status report and Transfer Certificate.

c) Transport report includes- Student Vehicle Report, Vehicle Report, Route Report.

9. Services

There are two types of services in this section.

a) Generate TC- Here, admin can generate  Transfer Certificate of students.
b) Promote Student- Admin can promote the student from this section.

10. Communication

Admin can manage the communication part of the system from this section, like phone log, appointments, broadcast message etc.

11. Enrolment

The system includes two options, Student listing and Bulk email.

a) Student Listing- This shows the list of all the enrollee and their status pending at the admin end.
From here admin can send the emails and can be able to edit the details of the student.
b) Bulk Email- From here, admin can send the bulk emails to the entire class at one go.

12. Academics

This is major section and subsection includes- Teacher structure, Timetable, Attendance, Academic Event Calendar, Academic Performance, Co Scholastics, Syllabus and Mark sheets.

13. Parents Module

Parent’s module has been designed specifically for parents to keep track of their child’s daily activities and overall performance. This module offers following facilities

a) Fee Due Information
b) Student Performance
c) Attendance Information
d) Appointments
e) Student Profile

This is just the beginning, there are many more features which are included and will be added from time to time.

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