How Much Does it Cost to Outsource the Project to a Node.js Development Company?

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource the Project to a Node.js Development Company?

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 11:18 am

Node,js, a JavaScript framework helps developers create apps in a real-time environment. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Node.js can help you create a world-class, powerful, and high-performance app. It is one of the most awesome and popular web development frameworks which helps build a variety of applications for the web and mobile. No matter what you want to create a real-time app, online shopping, multi-media app, or any other, Node.js Development Company can help you with everything. A variety of popular apps in the market are developed on Node.js like uber, PayPal,eBay Netflix, Walmart, etc. Before we discuss about the development cost of the Node.js project, let’s know first why you should get an app developed with this framework.

Benefits of Node.js Development

Research reports say that 85% of web apps are on Node.js and 43% of large organizations use it to make flexible and high-performance enterprise apps. Below we have listed down all the features of NodeJS App Development that make it so popular and the best in its category.

Simple to learn

Since JavaScript language is already a hit among front-end developers, Node.js did not take much time to gain popularity then. Node.js allows the developers to use the same environment in the backend side with less effort. It further enabled the developers to use the same language on both ends, this helps make the system simple and ensures smooth running. It also reduced the size of a big team as fewer developers can handle it.


The other great benefit it offers is its scalability. Node.js apps can maintain the balance like a feature of node apps is a cluster module with which you can balance the load over various CPU cores. Hiring the NodeJS Development Services can help you build your app on node.js, turning your idea into reality.

Build applications faster

Node.js helps you build apps very fast and the apps developed on it are not very heavy. Therefore, they run fast and at the same time consume less space. Moreover, using this framework becomes way easier to create apps. This is why you can build real-time, multi-user apps and much more.


The biggest advantage is it suits your budget and can meet your needs effectively by designing a great app. It is an open-source platform and it is one of the most cost-effective solutions compare to other frameworks of Java.

Powerful technology stack

Node.js allows backend development for apps and it provides developers to use all the features of a full stack of JavaScript frameworks. Node apps are very productive, faster, and highly productive. Moreover, technical support is always available as it is an open-source framework and has a big community.

Node.js is a powerful framework that includes a wide variety of features. However, you need to have an expert to build a robust app on it. An expert can utilize all its tools and technologies in a better way. Now the next question arises that what is the best source to hire an expert? Of course, you can hire an expert for your node app development but it may cost you somewhat high. This is why most organizations go for outsourcing their project which has proven the best way to get talent at affordable prices.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of outsourcing Node.js development projects for your business:

1. Reduced Development Cost

The first and foremost benefit of outsourcing is to get the best development work comparatively at a low cost. Hiring an in-house team will cost you much as it will include the cost of the recruitment process, allowances, perks, and others.

It is also a good idea to outsource your project to remote agencies to reduce the development cost. The remote agencies can provide you with the best talent at lower development rates. Therefore, outsourcing facilitates you in providing the best quality work at lower rates.

2. Expertise

The knowledge of the latest trends, development tools, and technologies can help build the best product. The outsourcing agencies work globally and have a wide variety of experience, they have comprehensive knowledge of the latest tools and technology. Therefore, they deliver you the best quality products and that too at affordable rates.

3. Adequate Time Focus on Core Business Objectives

When you outsource the task, you can focus on other important things of your business. You stay free from the hassle of managing the development team and make use of your energy and time productively.

Outsourcing is a perfect solution when you want to turn your app idea into reality and want to stay stress-free at the same time. An outsourcing agency will help you build a powerful and engaging app, taking your business to the next level altogether and shaping your future.

How to Choose the Best Node.js Development Team

Now when you already know the benefits one can have of outsourcing the Node.js projects to off-shore agencies, let’s understand how you can choose the best Node.js development partner for your app.  It is true that every development team has its own strength and weakness as well. So, it’s essential to choose a team on the basis of some factors, we have mentioned them below:

Figure out your requirements

Before you get started with hiring someone for your task, you need to list down all your needs, the aim of the project, and more. Preparing a draft for all your requirement is always a good practice. This will help you decide better that what talent you are actually looking for and who has the potential to serve your needs better.  

Choose a type of hiring

When you are all set to outsourcing the Node.js project, there are two choices you can go for one is outsource it to the off-shore NodeJS Web Development Company or freelancers.

Offshore agencies are being considered more reliable for meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality products.  They have a team of experts to perform front-end and back-end development tasks. However, a freelancer handles all the development tasks independently.

In terms of cost, freelance developer delivers the project at more affordable price. Therefore, if budget is the concern, you can go for freelancers. You make sure to hire an expert and experienced candidate.

General concern and skills

Node.js is not very old technology, so developers with the experience of 2-3 years would go. Since it’s a JavaScript framework and java is one of the most popular languages, you will not have to face many problems to search for a developer with Node.js expertise.

When you are going to hire someone for your project, apart from programming skills, other skills such as logic, communication skills, and design thinking is equally important. Secondly, you must assess the candidate’s knowledge about the JavaScript environment, development process, integration and testing, and so on.

Programming Skills

It is very important that you check technical and programming language skills well before appointing someone. You are required to take care of this whether you are hiring a team from an offshore agency or a freelancer.

You can figure out one’s skills by going through their portfolio or previous work. If you do not possess any programming language knowledge, you can take help from someone you know.

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When Should You Choose Nodejs Development for Your Project?

Node.js is a dynamic and powerful platform to create outstanding software solutions. Let’s discuss some cases where node.js works perfectly and suits most. By getting a clear thought on what kind of software solution it suits most to bring the best out of this technology, delivering a remarkable solution.

1. Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Single-page applications provide a smooth browsing experience and real-time interaction which enhances user engagement. It is the reason single-page applications have become the latest trend in the market.

A variety of single-page applications are built on node.js because this framework makes the development process easy and fast for such types of apps. Node’s event looping feature makes things faster and allows apps to receive new data automatically, there is no need to reload the page to receive new data. Node.js is the perfect solution to develop SPAs, there are many popular SPAs that are built on Node.js such as LinkedIn.

2. Streaming Apps

Node.js is a perfect solution to create streaming apps as it includes a special Stream API. Stream API tool enables the streaming app to transmit content at the uploading time itself. It means when other components of the app are getting downloaded, at the same time the content is also getting downloaded.  Before the launch of Node.js, java and javascript language were in use for the development of streaming apps front-end and backend respectively. Now, most of the streaming apps are built on node.js including Netflix. With the use of node.js, the development process of streaming apps is streamlined.

3. Real-Time Applications

Node.js offers a real-time app development environment, so it is the best tool to develop real-time applications. A real-time application is likely to down with the server as millions of its users operate it at the same time. It may cause inconvenience to the user.

Luckily, using node.js real-time apps has overcome this issue. Real-time apps built on Node.js provide the seamless performance of the app; allow updating data quickly in real-time even when millions of users use it at the same instant. Node.js-based real-time apps example is UBER.


There is no denying the fact that Node.js is a very useful, robust, scalable, and fast processing web application development technology. It is one of the best frameworks for development, particularly for real-time applications development. It allows the development of a variety of web and mobile apps including video-streaming apps, single-page apps, and real-time apps such as Uber.

Choosing Node.js to develop a web app is a great decision; however, you should need to find out its advantages and cost. There are many factors that impact the cost of Node.js development including the type of your project, features you want to include, the experience of the developer, and more. When you outsource your project, you must take care to hire an expert with a proven track record for advanced, high-performance, and powerful web apps. And when reducing budget is the main concern, outsourcing the project to a Node.js development company is the right decision. The skills, experience level, the number of projects undertaken, and the location are some of the factors that have a direct effect on the cost.

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